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Stranger with a mask

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'Uuggh why does my head hurt so much?' I thought.
'Am I dead? I hope not. I have a really big test this Friday that I'm hoping not to miss.'
I fluttered my eyes open to find that everything was dark. I couldn't see anything. If I hadn't known any better I'd say I was blind. Am I? Only one way to find out.
I took out my phone and turned I on. The light came to my vision. Proof that I indeed am not blind. I let the phone's light guide me.
All I saw was a marble white floor with black granite walls. Not to be a critic or anything but this is so not fashionable.
I kept pointing the phone in different directions trying to find an exit out of this cold and isolated room.
Just when I found the door it swung open and revealed a man.
He was about 5'9, jet black hair, skin as pale as the dead and eyes blacker than the night. That was all I could see. Nothing more and nothing less.
"I see you have awaken." The masked man said in a husky drawl. He was British. That much was obvious.
"Yeah, I guess. Not to be mean, but who the hell are you?" I asked the man. I looked him in the eyes. They were so mesmerizing. I could just melt in them like-
"My name is no concern of yours. Though, I would like to know who you are and what you were doing in that wretched alley." He told me almost forcibly. I don't know why but he kind of reminded me of someone.
"I'm not gonna tell you anything until you tell me your name and what YOU were doing in that alley." I told him with sass. I ain't giving away no damn explanations without having questions answered. Biotch.
"Well if you must know my name is Noah Brancato. I was passing by the old alley to get some coffee at a local coffee shop when I heard sobbing and cursing. I don't mind my own business when it comes to fights, so I went in and found a hoodlum beating you. I gave the man a surprise blow to the stomach and sent him rolling on the floor. Then I saw you were unconscious and decided to take you back to my home to heal you a bit. Now can you tell me your name?" He said all this as if it were an everyday thing and not a big deal. What a bastard.
"My name is Frank Anthony Iero. I was running after my dog when he escaped from my hands and came into the alley thinking my dog was there. Then some gangster showed up and beat me just because I'm gay. Albeit, I didn't know how he knew that. And know the rest since I wasn't really awake." I said all this in a rush. I wasn't too good at summaries.
"Well now that we know each others names and all why don't we get you cleaned up from the blood? I didn't do it while you were sleeping. I was afraid you'd wake up and think I was raping you." I nodded and looked him in his eyes. Despite the room being so dark his eyes glimmered like stars. Wait, what? Stars? Really Frank?
Mr. Brancato led me out of the room and into a candle lit hallway. The paintings on the wall were beautiful. The only weird part was that they had a woman hidden in them. And not even different ones. Just one particular woman who was very beautiful. Just like Da Vinci. But in these drawings you had to look closely though. The woman hides very sneakily in the paintings. But I noticed her in one simple glance. I was always very good with puzzles.
"Where did you get such beautiful paintings?" I asked him once we were at what I assumed was the bathroom.
"I got them at a little thrift store called my brain." He chuckled.
"You're very good at it." I complemented.
"Thank you."
"So are you Italian?" I asked.
"Yes, but I was raised with British people around me. And as if I couldn't get any weirder I'm not all that British. For example if I wanted to go to the restroom I don't say "the loo" I just say "toilet"." He said with a smile. It was glamorous. He had such a nice smile.
I smiled a little and let him do what he needed to do with my injuries.
"This will sting a little." He warned.
I hissed when the antibacterial liquid hit he cut on my stomach. I howled with pain and held on to his shoulder.
"Hold up. Just one more dab. And.............there. Now let's wrap some gauss around your abdomen to let it heal better." He said. I nodded.
It was kind of fun wrapping that medical thing on my stomach. Mr. Brancato made me spin in order to do it right. We laughed when I got dizzy and almost fell.
In all honesty I was having more fun than I ever did with Gerard. Was that wrong?
"I have to say Frankie boy you are quite the charmer." He said to me. I blushed.
"Thanks Mr. Brancato. You too." I told him.
"Oh no please. Call me Noah." He replied with a smile. Dammit. He's dazzling me again.
"What time is it?" I asked him. As much as I would have liked to hang around with him some more I had to go home eventually.
"It's 9:00pm. Why? Is there somewhere you have to go?" He asked. Oh shit. I am so dead.
"Oh no. Noah I am so sorry but I have to go. My mom is waiting for me at home." I told him rapidly. I started to run. But I stopped. I didn't know where to go or where the exit was. Being the awkward person I was I went back to the bathroom and asked him where I should leave.
"Oh ummm there is an exit at the room you were kept in. Let me lead you." He told me and I nodded.
We went back to the room I was kept in and he switched the light on.
Turns out the room was actually a basement. Boxes were everywhere. I saw another door at the far corner. We walked up to it and he opened it with a key. He beckoned me to go in first, so I did.
The door was actually the opening of a tunnel. The tunnel looked endless and haunted.
"How long is this tunnel?" I said awe struck.
"3 miles."
"Why can't we just go to the front door?"
"I want to get to know you."
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~1 hour later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'd never thought I'd say this before but the 3 mile walk was amazing.
Me and Noah got to know so much about each other. We had a lot in common. Like the fact that we both liked any type of music no matter what genre.
It seemed that the only thing we didn't have in common was our height. I couldn't help but think that he was a lot like Gerard.
"Here we are." He said all of a sudden.
"Where are we?" I asked confused.
"We are underneath a street called Belleville avenue. This is the middle of town, so it is easy to find your way to your house." He told me.
"I'm already at my house." I giggled.
"Pardon me?" He asked confused.
I laughed some more and explained. "This avenue is the street I live on."
"Oh." He said finally getting me.
"Yeah. So ummm thank you so much for saving my life. I really do appreciate it. Is there anyway I can repay you?" I asked gratefully.
"No. Your company is good enough." He said with a soft smile. I blushed.
"Ok well..........bye." I told him and climbed the small stairs leading to the sewer opening.
"Goodbye Frank."
Yay!!!!! Now we know who mystery man is. Just not his identity. So yeah. I really don't have much to say except for RATE AND REVIEW my beautiful butterflies of heaven. I beg you.
P.S. this is the link to Noah's mask.
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