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Nighttime Worries

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Shayera woke up to the soft yet distinct sound of crying that echoed down the hall. Giving a tired groan, she pushed her upper body off of the bed and slowly swung her legs to the side. While she contemplated whether or not she should go back to sleep and hope the insistent wailing would come to a stop, a warm, strong, and muscular arm wrapped itself around her waist. A head gently lay itself on her shoulder.

"What's wrong Shay?" A tired voice mumbled against her neck, hot breath tickling her yet relaxing her at the same time.

"I think Rex is up again," She whispered back, grasping her husband's arm tightly. "Or could you not hear the sound of your own son calling out for us in the dark?"

A light chuckle escaped the man's mouth at her half-sarcastic reply. "You know me," He murmured, rubbing the sensitive spot between his wife's wings. He smiled as her wings and shoulders drooped slightly as she let out a relaxing sigh. "Dead as a doornail when I sleep, can't hear a thing."

"Yeah you're deaf to the things you don't want to hear during your beauty sleep," She retorted, leaning back into her husband's half-embrace as he kissed her bare shoulder. "I really think I should go see and make sure he's alright though," She finally said, wincing as the wailing sound of their son increased instead of ceasing as she had hoped it would.

She could feel his lips form a frown on her shoulder. "He'll wear out and eventually fall asleep," He assured her, tugging lightly on her waist as if inviting her to fall back into the soft, warm, comfortable wrap of the blankets. "You know how it is. It was the same with Emma, remember? J'onn told us to stop coddling her every single time or else she was never going to learn how to go to sleep by herself," He reminded her as he squeezed her waist briefly.

"Yeah, yeah, I remember exactly what he told us to do," She grumbled irritably, waving the subject away. "But Emma was such a trooper. She caught on real quick," She pointed out proudly. Her face fell as another cry burst out. "I'm worried that Rex is never going to settle down," She admitted as a troubled look spread over her face.

"So Emma and Rex are a little different, big deal," John said with a slight shrug. "Emma liked to sleep a lot. She still does." That made Shayera smile as she pictured their two-year-old daughter cuddling up with the stuffed bunny they got her last year, eyes closed and lightly snoring.

"He'll be fine," He promised, hugging her tight against his chest. She let out a soft sigh. "Stop worrying for once."

"Thank you," She whispered and John smiled at the back of her head. With another soft sigh, they both laid back onto the bed, with Shayera pulling his arm over her waist, content just to be together.
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