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No ordinary day

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It had been a week since I'd seen the boys. And to be honest I missed them. I didn't know why and neither did I want to find out why. Noah the mystery man. Gerard the romantic vampire. Ray the sweet werewolf. Man, my life is weird.
During the whole week that had past I was grounded for being out so late. While my mom was getting after me, my dad just stood behind her staring at me like I had three boobs. I couldn't help but feel like he knew something. I avoided him, not wanting to get close to him. I knew the consequences. I would give him love and trust and all he would was get drunk.
Right now I'm in AP statistics. My 6th period class. We were learning about Inferential Statistics. It was complicated but I knew I would get it soon.
The teacher was about to call me to go up to the board and get me to do a question but the bell rang.
Well what do you know..........god really does love me. I giggled at the thought and left the class. I made my way to my locker and when I opened it a note fell.
Dear Frank,
I will be gone for a while. My brother has gotten sick and yes you read right. I didn't turn my brother into a vampire. I will explain more when I get back. For now I need to take him to the best hospital the world has to offer. I won't be back until a few more weeks. Though I will be making visits back to New Jersey just to make sure you're ok. Oh and say hello to Chewy for me. I miss both of you already.
Lots of love,

"Well that sucks." Was all I could say. He missed me too. Along with Chewy of course.
I read the note again and again. The only part I couldn't believe was that he hadn't turned his brother into a vampire. Why? Didn't he want his brother to live an eternity with him?
'Save the questions for later Frankie.' I thought.
I put the note back in my locker and started to walk out of school. While everybody else was at class I was going to be out getting some tacos with my uncle. Yolo.
By the time I had made it to the taco place my feet were on fire and my face was as red as a cherry. I didn't even run.
"Hey Frankie!" My uncle greeted. He had a big smile on his shaved face. Wait. Shaved?!? He never shaves. Unless..........
"You like someone don't you!!!" I yelled in excitement. I was finally going to have an aunt. Something I've wanted since I was 11.
His eyes were wide eyed and his mouth in a straight line. The look made me laugh. It was as if he had just peed in his pants.
Next thing I knew I was being dragged to the kitchen with a hand on top of my mouth.
"Who told you?" My uncle asked once we were by ourselves.
"You shaved and you had a big smile. It's pretty obvious." I said in a simple tone. I couldn't help but giggle a little bit.
"Alright fine you caught me. Just don't tell your mother. She'll go crazy lady on me." He said in tense. Why was he so stressed? Was the girl that special?
"Yeah whatever. What's her name? And how does she look like?" I asked.
All he did was open the door and stick my head through it. He pointed at a woman sitting in one of the booths.
I had to admit she was really pretty. She had brown hair, hazel eyes, naturally tan skin, glasses and as far as I could see she was very leggy. She must be tall.
My uncle pulled my head back into the kitchen. "She's beautiful isn't she? Her name is Lizzy." My uncle sighed dreamily. He reminded me of a teenage girl thinking of her crush. It was............cute.
"Yeah she's very pretty. So when are you gonna ask her out?" I anticipated. I knew my uncle was a confident man, so if he has the balls to tell someone off then he had the balls to ask a woman out.
"I don't know. What if she doesn't like me? Then what'll happen?" He asked worriedly. Wow. Ok I guess he isn't such a go-getter.
"If you want to know what'll happen then just ask her out. It's easier to do it now then later." I told him encouragingly.
He looked at me as if I was his hero. I laughed. He passed by me and left the kitchen. I stuck my head out the door to see how he would ask her out.
He took off his baseball hat and held it in his hands. Haha. Next thing he did was sit down on the booth in front of her. She smiled and said "hi". I decided stop spying on him because I knew he was nervous enough and he didn't need me eavesdropping.
I came out of the kitchen and sat in the farthest booth from everyone. I wanted to think a little while my uncle made his moves. But for some reason I couldn't. It was like my mind just ran out of things to think of.
Everything in my head was blank. Why is it so hard for me to think? I was doing it in statistics, why not now?
I groaned and banged my head on the table. Then out of nowhere I heard a "Woohoo" come from the other side of the diner.
It was my uncle. He started to do a little victory dance and Lizzy just laughed and smiled. They'd make a great couple. Luckily, that'll come later in their love story.
"HE SCORES!!!!!" I laughed. We always did that when one of us succeeded in something. We didn't care if it was in public. It was actually very fun.
He hugged her and told her he would meet her later. Then he made his way back to my booth and sat down.
"Uh uh. Nope. I don't think so. You will not sit down just yet. I want you to make me my tacos and then come back." I told him. He laughed and left to do his duty.
These were the moments I longed for with my family. The only thing needed was happily married parents and someone special by my side. That would only happen in my dreams. But I wanted it to be in real life. Sadly, I knew it wouldn't happen.
My uncle came back with the food and I dug in. We talked more about school and how things were going. The whole time we talked his face glowed with happiness. I was glad for him. I just hope Lizzy treats him right.
Once I had finished my food I wanted to go home and take a nap. I told my uncle I would see him later on and left.
I came home to a very silent house. Well at least it WAS silent until my mom called me into the living room.
"What's up?" I asked.
"Frank me and your father have to tell you something. You may not believe us at first, but for our sake just keep an open mind." She said pleadingly. This is starting to worry me.
I nodded not trusting my voice to speak for me.
My mother took a deep breath breath and began to talk. "The reason your father left when you were little was because he was on a really long business trip."
"Business trip? A nearly ten year business trip?" I couldn't believe she was giving me lies. She's my mother, she's not supposed to do that.
"I know it seems hard to believe but you should know that your father doesn't have any ordinary job." She told me with care.
"What is he? An astronaut?"
"No. He is a vampire hunter."
Ok so I've been thinking and I came to a conclusion that maybe my story is more dramatic than needed but I don't know. Help me guys. I really don't know wether I should turn it down on the drama or keep it going. HELP !!!!!!! And RATE AND REVIEW!!! Please
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