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Chapter 2

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After being briefed on his next case, Mikey sat at the train station waiting, while his boss's words rang in his ears. "This is your final warning." He was sympathetic to Mikey's slight depression since the death of his wife, but as he pointed out he worked for a law firm not a charity. Work needed to be done. The selling of the house of the recently deceased Jennifer Bryar was his last chance. Mikey's future at his firm rested on Eel Marsh House.

Mikey watched as a little girl and her mother became reunited with her father. She ran into his arms and he held her close. He then stood up to kiss his wife. They each took one of their daughters hands and began walking down the platform. Mikey then took out his watch and flipped open to check if his train would be arriving anytime soon. Inside his watch was a faded photograph of Veronica. Her smile made his heart ache as every time he looked at this photo as he realised he would never get to see it again.


Mikey paced the hallway as the screams of his wife came through the cracks in the door. His child was being born. Veronica was in agony. All the while Mikey had no idea if either of them would survive the torture they were going through. Veronica's cries were cut off and after another 5 minutes or so of silence, Helen, the nanny, appeared from the room carrying the new born baby in what looked like hundreds of blankets. Helen then whispered "It's a boy" and handed him over to Mikey

A pair of wide eyes looked up at him and he smiled. But his face turned blank as the doctor came out of the room wearing a grim look. "I'm sorry" was all he said before leaving.

Lying on the bed was Veronica. Her normally shining hair and turned tangled and messy. Her glittering eyes were dead and staring at nothing. Her peachy skin was now a sickly white shade. Helen had returned to Veronica's bed side and was lifting the thin white sheet over her still body. But seeping through the sheet was blood.
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