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The tragedy that is my life

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I got out of the motel building and started to walk in the direction of the woods. I checked the time, it was 9:37 pm. I left Chewy in the motel to let him sleep. I was pretty sure he had a rough time being in the streets alone. It was humid outside and it looked like it was gonna rain soon. This little meet-up with Ray better be quick or else I'd be using him as my umbrella.
The walk to the clearing felt strange. I kept remembering of the time I caught Ray and Gerard fighting. That was when my world had changed drastically. I found out Ray was a werewolf at that same place. My best friend had been keeping this huge secret from me because he thought I couldn't take it. Ray was so nice and sweet. Werewolves were so dangerous and wild. I almost laughed at the irony.
Once I made it to the clearing I immediately recognized the ball of brown fur.
"Hey good looking." I yelled in a guido's voice. He turned around confused and laughed when he saw it was me. "How you doin'?"
"Haha I'm doing very good. How about you mister suave?" He laughed some more.
"I'm good. So you gonna show me what a wolf looks like?" I asked excitedly. I wanted to see him in wolf form. I didn't even care if I was gonna pee my pants if I saw him so scary.
"Hold up, beauty. You have to explain to me why you didn't let me pick you up at your house, before you get to see the beast." He said in a serious yet playful tone of voice. I sighed. I was planning on telling him after he showed me his other form. But I guess not.
"Ok. So you know how I haven't seen my dad in 11 years? Well he came back." I said.
"Frank that's great. Why would you move out of your house for that?" He asked confused. I sighed again.
"He's a vampire hunter. And the reason he left for so long was because he had a mission. My mom explained to me that he abused me because he didn't want me to miss him. According to her missing someone is the greatest pain a person can have. We were at the dining table when I asked him what his next mission would be. He said he had to kill a man by the name of Gerard Way. I told him he couldn't kill Gerard because he was one of my friends. My dad told me he didn't want me being friends with Gerard anymore. But I told him I wasn't gonna do it so he kicked me out. I asked my uncle for help but all he said was that I had to grow up. Now I'm staying in a motel." By the time I had finished my explanation I was close to tears. I didn't realize how much my life sucked until I said a little part of it.
Ray was quiet. His face was blank. It was as if he was processing everything in his mind like a computer. Suddenly his expression became ireful.
"Why do you always have to protect that blood sucker?" He yelled angrily.
"Are you serious? I just told you my dad's a vampire hunter and many other things but the only part you get angry about is where I protect Gerard?!? Really Ray?!?" I screamed.
"Face it Frank. All this wouldn't had happened if you just kept your mouth shut about being his friend. But no, you just had to protect the love of your life!!!!" He yelled even louder. I was getting hurt at this point. How could he? After years of being the best of friends he can't even show a little bit of sympathy.
"I don't love him like tha-"
"Yes you do Frank. Don't fucking lie to me." Once he said this his eyes were red and his fists were clenched.
"Ray calm down. We can discuss this in a friendly manner." I said silently. He didn't budge. He still had a really scary image.
"No. You know what?!? That is it. I am not going to be the person you lean on for help anymore. I hoped we could become more than just friends. I did everything possible. I even prayed 8 times a day when I was 13 just so god could give me your love. But all those years of praying never payed off. Somehow I wasn't good enough for you. So this is where it ends. Goodbye Frank. Forever." He gave me one last glance and turned around. He ran into the woods and disappeared from the clearing. From my life. That was when I just couldn't take it anymore. I broke down and fell to my knees with my hands covering the tears.
I couldn't stand the fact of not having a friend by my side anymore. I felt alone and cold. Why did life have to be so harsh on me? I was good. I did my work in school. I had a clean permanent record. I even listened to everything anybody told me to do. My mom was proud of me. My uncle was proud of me. Even my teachers and principles of all the schools I've been in were proud of me. I'm a good little catholic boy. Yet life still treats me like crap.
"Frank?" I heard a voice behind me. It was Gerard. I suddenly felt livid. I wiped my tears, turned around, and faced him.
"You. You're the one who made all this mess!!!" I yelled with fury. He looked confused.
"Frank, what are you talking about?" He asked. As if he didn't know.
"Don't play dumb with me. You are the one who took away the only friend I've ever had. The one who made me get kicked out of my house. The one who I'm starting to hate." I hissed at him. He looked offended. Good.
"I'm going to ignore all this because I know you're still hurting from what Ray said." He told me quietly. He was about to grab my hand when I pulled away disgusted.
"It's not about what Ray said to me. It's about you ruining my life. Why did you come back anyway? I thought you weren't going to be here until a few more weeks. Or was that just a lie?" By now he was fuming. His breath came in and out fast.
"It wasn't a lie. The reason I came back early is because my own brother is dead!!!!" He screamed in fury. Oh. My. God.
"What?" I whispered. My voice couldn't register.
"That's right Frank. My brother died in front of me. When I came back I was hoping to get encouragement from the man I love. But no, instead I get accused of ruining his life when all I did was made him get to know reality." He eyes turned black and his fangs were out. He was gritting his teeth. By this time I started to feel bad for him.
"Gerard.......I am so sorry. I didn't know. The conversation with Ray got me so jacked up. Today's just been so hard. I got kicked out of my house because of my father and now I lost the only friend I've ever had." My voice cracked when I said the last part. He started to calm down. Next thing I knew we were hugging. I was crying in his arms while he whispered sweet nothings to my ear.
"Please forgive me Gerard. I didn't mean it." I whimpered into his shoulder.
"It's okay sugar. I forgive you. Look on the bright side at least you still have me as a friend. Though I would like to be more." He got me from my waist and pulled me away from him gently. He looked me in the eyes and wiped the salty water in my face. I blushed. He smiled slightly.
He started to lean in closer to my lips. I stayed still. Afraid to mimic his movements. Our lips were about to meet when we heard a howl in the distance. Ray.
We pulled away and look at the hill. I saw a brown furred wolf bigger than a bear. I'll be honest, the wolf was beautiful. Especially since the moon was full.
The wolf looked right at me and that's when I knew our friendship was officially over.
Well that is it for today. I hope you loved the chapter. There will certainly be a lot of angst for the next chapters. So be prepared for the drama being released.
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