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Noah my saviour

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"Why do you live here?" Gerard asked. We had just left the woods. He asked to give me a ride and I said yes. The drive to the motel was awkward. Then again what was I supposed to expect? He lost his brother and I lost my best friend. Both in different ways.
"It's a long story. I'd rather not say." I told him flatly. My voice didn't really feel like showing emotion anymore.
"Let me guess. You found out your father was a vampire hunter, told him you were my friend, and then he kicked you out of the house." It wasn't a question. More like a statement. But how did he know?
"I have hearing powers Frank. I heard the conversation between you and Ray." He said. Answering my silent question.
"Well now you know. Thanks for dropping me off. Bye." I was about to go inside when........
"Wait." Gerard exclaimed. Now what?
"I want you to live with me. I swear I won't rape you or do any kind of nonsense. Please just accept my offer." He begged.
"Gerard I can't. I'm sorry. But thanks for the offer." I told him. His mouth converted to a frown.
"Why not?" He asked. He sounded like a five year old asking for candy. It was cute.
"I'm just not in the right position to be that close to you. Believe me if it wasn't for how things went down in the woods I would totally accept your offer, but I can't. At least not now." I explained. He seemed to understand and nodded his head.
"Ok well I'll see you later." He said and waved goodbye. I watched him walk to his car and leave with screeching tires.
I went inside my room and found Chewy still asleep. I'd figured it was a long day so I went to sleep too.
I whispered goodnight to Chewy and closed my eyes into a deep sleep.
The light hit my face softly as my eyes opened slowly. I smiled knowing it was going to be a good day. It didn't matter that what happened yesterday was tragic. I was starting anew.
I slid off under the covers and made my way to the bathroom. Chewy woke up at the sound of feet shuffling and followed me. The toothbrush from my luggage was already placed on the sink. As for the was free.
Once I brushed my teeth I began to walk to the dining room area. I know it's surprising, but this motel was actually kind of like a hotel. Except cheaper and a little less luxurious.
I left Chewy in the room. I would get him some sausages from the buffet for him to eat. I got a fruit salad, scrambled eggs, and some orange juice. I didn't want the sausage touching my food so I got another plate and placed it on there.
When I came back into the room Chewy was barking at me like I was an attacker. I was guessing he was just hungry, so I put down the sausage plate for him to eat. He seemed pretty content after that.
I dug into my plate, not caring that I might have looked like a crazy maniac on weed. I moaned in delight loving the fruits. They were so sweet and squishy.
I had finished my plate in just 15 minutes and I decided to take a quick shower before heading out to get a job.
I turned on the water and got in. The warm water enveloped me like blankets. About 30 minutes into the shower Chewy started to bark like crazy. What is going on with him today?
I got out of the shower, got my robe, and went to see what was wrong. He was barking at the window. I got him out of the way and opened it. No one was there until I turned my head to the right. I had come face to face with a gun.
"Stay quiet and I won't shoot." Said the man. He looked like a total deadbeat. Like a father with no success in life. I knew what those looked like for sure.
I backed away from the window as he went in. I had my hands at the sides of my head.
The man started to take my stuff and searched me for money. I knew it was too good to be true. Why do bad things keep on happening? Am I destined for bad luck?
He was about to leave when a huge force pushed him back into the room. That huge force was Noah. Wait?!? How did he find me?
Noah straddled the guy and started to punch him. I stood there motionless. Chewy just barked even louder than before. Noah started to punch him even more not caring that he was making the guy bleed to death through his nose. Literally.
"I wish son of a bitches like you would just drop dead!!! I'm gonna let you go and you're not gonna say anything. You're lucky I'm going easy on you because if I continued any longer you'd be dead!!! You understand me?!?" Noah yelled in the strangers face. Wow. I know this isn't the right time but he just looked so damn hot when he was mad. Dear lord that was sexy.
The man ran out through the door. Noah looked at me concerned. "Are you okay?" He asked. All I could do was nod.
"I suppose you are wondering how I found out you were here." He said. Again all I did was nod.
"I have sort of been stalking you. Don't be alarmed its not like I'm a perv or anything. I just wanted to make sure you were safe. You seemed so fragile when I first met you that I couldn't resist." He said slowly for me to understand.
"Oh." Was all I could utter. Despite the pounding he gave the man his mask was still perfectly in place. I couldn't lie, I was itching to take it off and reveal his face. His eyes were still black like the last time we saw each other. His hair was messy and he seemed to get more muscle since we last met. How is that possible in just a week?
"I'm sorry about your father. And your friend. And that guy you are in love with." He said while looking down.
"I'm not in love with him." I said firmly.
"Are you sure? Because I would completely understand why. He is a very handsome man." That being said Noah let a smirk spread his face.
"Well he is very good looking and his eyes-"
"Told you." He chuckled. Ok so I was in love with him. But only a teensy bit.
"Ok I love him. So what? Are you jealous?" I asked jokingly. But he seemed to take it pretty well.
"Actually no. If you are you happy, I am happy." His British accent seemed to be more thick when he said this.
We just stood there for a while staring at each other. We didn't know what else to say. He put his hands in his pockets suddenly remembering something. He took out a card and handed it to me.
"That is my number in case you need a job to afford It pays four hundred dollars a week. Do you want to take the job?" He asked.
"What kind of job is it?" I questioned.
"Oh silly me I forgot to tell you. It's a job to be a waiter. I have my own resteraunt and it's running low on staff so I was wondering if you wanted to take the job. You don't have-"
"YES YES YES!!!!! Oh thank you so much. I was actually going to go out to get a job but this is way better." I hugged him tightly and so did he. I had totally forgotten that I still had a robe with nothing underneath. My face went cherry red. Though he didn't notice. I pulled away while his hands still rested on my hips.
His eyes were on my lips when he leaned in for a kiss. Once my lips met his I couldn't help but feel how wrong it felt to kiss someone that wasn't Gerard. All that was ignored when his hand reached my groin. I moaned and kissed him back with passion.
We heard a little bark behind us. Chewy. I pulled away from Noah, picked Chewy up, and put him in the bathroom. It didn't feel right at first but I locked him in there.
Noah only smirked and began to kiss me again. I jumped slightly and wrapped my legs around his waist. He backed us up onto the bed.
At that moment I knew I was about to do something I'd regret for the rest of my life.
And that ladies and gentlemen (if there are any gentlemen) is what I'd like to call a cliffhanger in some weird way. So yeah. There it is.
awkward silence
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So yeah LATERZ
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