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Today is December 10, 2012. It's our one month anniversary. And by 'our' I mean Noah and me. Time had flown by so fast I thought I was in a damn time machine. Everything was going so swell with Noah and I. The only thing that kept our relationship from being perfect was Gerard. He would show up two times every week to go on a date with Lindsey. Every time I got someone else to be their waiter they always requested for me. Noah didn't know this though. In fact every time Gerard shows up he suddenly disappears. Then when Gerard leaves he comes back. I asked him why he left during work and all he said was that he needed cigarette breaks. I didn't believe him. Cigarettes take fifteen minutes to smoke, not an hour.
As I was saying today marks my one month anniversary with Noah. I was pretty sure we were gonna take a day off from work. I was mostly excited because I had a feeling he was gonna show me his true identity. We still hadn't had sex because of that. The rule was: No face, no sex.
Right now I'm in the shower thinking of how it was gonna go. My eyes were focused on the tiles stuck to the wall. Would we have a good night? Would I even see his face? Does he love me?
"Frank? Are you almost done, my love? We have to go before its too late!!" I heard Noah say from behind the bathroom door.
"I'm going!!!" I yelled loud and clear. He left the room to wait outside in his car again. I still lived in the motel.
Once I was done with changing and preparing I went to the parking. I kissed Noah on the cheek and we drove away.
"So where are we going Prince Charming?" I asked playfully. He chuckled.
"We are going somewhere very private and far away. I guess you could call it wonderland, but then again you haven't seen it so we will we find out when we get there." He said huskily. It was then that I just knew it was going to be a sexually-tense drive.
------------------------6 hours later------------------------
The car was silent with only the noise of the a/c hovering in the air. I gave small glances at Noah and he did the same. There was just something suspicious about him now that I hadn't noticed before. Something dangerous.
"Are we getting close?" I asked.
"We're already here." He said smoothly with a smirk. We entered a deserted road. The cherry blossom trees on the sides of the road were beautifully curved. Sometimes the branches would hit the wind shield, but other than that the trees were a great view. I was surprised to see them so early in the winter. Usually these trees came out in the spring.
Then out of nowhere these gates with an NB in cursive marked on them came into the distance.
"Welcome to my winter mansion. This is where we will be staying for the next two weeks." He said with a smile.
"Two weeks? But who's gonna take care of the restaurant?"
"Todd will do that. I have enough trust in the guy." He said simply. Well this is great.
Noah kept driving and the gates opened automatically. His driveway was made of stone and there was a fountain in the middle of it. The car stopped and I couldn't help but stare at the mansion in front of me.
It was 3 stories high with a huge balcony coming from what I presumed was the master bedroom. The walls were colored a bright peach with vines covering its sides.
"If you think this is breath taking then you should see the backyard." He whispered in my ear. I turned and gave him a slow passionate kiss.
"This is perfect. Thank you so much for bringing me here. I really do appreciate it." I told him lovingly while covering him with kisses. He only smiled.
"You can show me how thankful you are with a little bit of making out." He said playfully. Though I knew he meant it by the way he pulled me closer to him.
"First we have to settle in and then we can make out. Deal?"
"Fine but as soon as we finish I will be kissing you all over." He said. I pulled away from him and got the luggage a from his trunk.
We went inside the house and I was left speechless. The house looked even more beautiful on the inside than the outside. The floor was made of wood and the walls too. Though it was a very beautiful type of wood. The stairs were coated with a white carpet. Meanwhile the second floor was made of marble and the third floor was made of wood.
"So what room will I stay in?" I asked politely.
"The master bedroom. With me." Noah said with no nervousness.
"Ok. Well then let's unpack."
This is the chapter for tonight. Today was really great. I got out of school at 11:30 am and then left with my dad to go eat pancakes and waffles. I gained about 5 pounds. Oh yeah and email me so you can tell me your guesses on who you think Noah really is.
Oh and I'll give you guys a hint.
It's not Gerard.
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