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Love at its peak

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The two weeks spent with Mikey were quiet and awkward. That same day I found out about who he really was made me distant from him. The love I had for him turned into..........actually I don't really know what it turned into. There was very few moments where we would get back to being Noah and Frank, but then I remembered about Gerard and then we were Mikey and Frank. What had also happened in those two weeks was that Chewy grew into a very big dog. The motel called me and said they had to take him away to a pet shelter, oddly enough I was glad. I know you might think it's cruel but the shelter was giving him more care than I ever could. Either way I was still gonna be able to see him when I wanted. The shelter told me I could pay visits. I questioned myself if Gerard would be angry.
Gerard. I loved him. There was no hiding it anymore. His eyes made me melt. His porcelain skin made me think of beautiful death. His hair, oh goodness his hair, it was so damn messy and sexy that it reminded me of sex hair. Then last, but not least, his way of loving. It was so passionate and strong that you couldn't even believe there was a guy like him. Basically he's the perfect model for a dream guy.
At the moment I was in the motel room thinking my life through. Mikey understood that I couldn't go to work in the restaurant anymore. I still hadn't known how he even got the restaurant in the first place. But putting that aside I didn't know how to break it down to Gerard that I still loved him. Not only that, but I also had to figure out how to tell him why I was gone for two weeks with no warning. He probably didn't care anyway. He had his precious little Lindsey or as I'd like to call her "the wicked bitch of the west". I giggled. The name fit her so perfectly.
"Did you by any chance go to a mental hospital while you were gone? Because laughing by yourself isn't really normal." Said a deep voice from the corner of the room.
"Gerard, what are you doing here?" I questioned. He was supposed to be making out with his slut right now.
"I'm just checking up on you. I also wanted to apologize for the way I've been acting." He smiled smoothly as if that was gonna make me forgive him. And it did.
"It's okay, I guess. It's not your fault that you love your girlfriend so much." I said with a hint of jealousy. I flinched hoping he wouldn't have noticed the tone.
"I don't love her." He said quietly. His eyes were trying to look into mine. I stared at my bare feet.
"You're lying. I can see the way you look at her when you guys come into the restaurant." I was close to tears when saying this. The looks and kisses he gave her just made me wanna die. It was too much.
"That's called acting, Frank. I don't love her a single bit. The one I do love, however, is you and only you." I gasped. He walked his way swiftly to my bed and crawled to me.
Our faces were centimeters apart. He smelled like honey and cigarettes. His very own scent mesmerized me, not to mention the way his eyes were filled lust and love. The moment was too precious. Too perfect. It felt like a dream.
"Why were you gone for so long? I desperately missed you." He growled lustily. It was then that I knew he was gonna get wild.
"I'm sorry, Gerard, but it's none of your business." I told him harshly. He looked hurt at first, but all of a sudden his face turned to jealousy.
"Were you with another guy? Because if you were I'll find out who he is and kill-"
"I wasn't with a guy. I was alone. I needed some time to think. Time to be away from all the things going on through my mind. I went to a little town in Delaware and relaxed. At the same time I discovered something about myself. You know what that is?" I was lying through my teeth about being alone. The only truth about what I'd just said was discovering something about myself and being in Delaware.
"No. What did you discover about yourself?" He asked impatiently. I decided to tease him a bit.
"I discovered that I'm not afraid of love. In fact the way I knew I wasn't afraid of love was because of a special someone. Do you know who that is?" I asked while hooking my finger the top of his shirt. He shook his head indicating a 'no'.
"Well this special someone happens to be a man. He's a very passionate guy with the most confusing eyes anyone can have. One day their gray and another day they're a bright green. Right now they're green, but I'm pretty sure they'll be gray again later on." I started to kiss his neck. He gasped in pleasure.
"I love this man. His name is Gerard." I pulled away from his neck and looked at him in the eyes. "Gerard Way."
"You love me?" He asked astonished.
"Yes. Very much." I smiled at him.
He looked at me like I was a gift from god. I couldn't help but chuckle at his cuteness. He leaned in slowly to meet my lips. Once our lips touched, passion was released. All the lust we had for each other was let loose. My arms snaked their way to his neck forcing him more into my mouth. I felt his tongue beg for entrance. I parted my lips letting his tongue attack my mouth.
Our tongues were fighting for dominance. Gerard won, of course, making me moan in ecstasy. His hands started to roam its way to my crotch. I thrusted into his hand wanting more. Clothes were removed. Our skin mingled with each other, making us sweat with pleasure.
My breath started to come in soft gasps. Gerard was driving me to the edge and I loved every minute of it. Kisses were given to my neck and chest. He nibbled on my nipples making me moan his name. His hands made their way to my ass. He grabbed both cheeks and sneaked his finger into my hole. I whimpered uncomfortably. I was used to things coming out not going in.
"It's okay, baby. You'll get used to it." He murmured in my ear with lust. I knew he was right. Soon the unnerving feeling would leave my body and fill me with bliss.
He soon added two more fingers, stretching the hole to make it bigger. I quickly got accustomed to the fingers and moaned loudly in Gerard's ear making him growl wildly. He slid into me with no warning whatsoever. He groaned and stayed in the same spot inside me to let me adapt to the sensation.
"Just move, Gerard. I'll get used to it." I begged. He followed my command and thrusted more into me. I squealed in pain. All of it was just so new to me. So painful.
He thrusted a few more times. I was no longer getting an uneasy feeling. I whined in pleasure. Gerard was on top, moaning like a complete whore.
"Gerard, go faster, baby." He did as said and made me scream in delight. He was practically an expert. I tangled my hand in his hair and forced him to kiss my neck like he had done earlier.
He nibbled on my soft spot and I moaned his name provoking him to thrust even faster than before. Vampire speed had its benefits even in sex.
The bed was creaking and it's backboard was breaking into two pieces.
"I want you to scream my name, Frank. Scream it good." Gerard said. I did what he told me to do.
"Gerard!!!" I yelled.
"Louder!!!" He screamed.
"Gerard!!!" I was reaching my orgasm. Just one more scream would hit my peak.
"Scream louder bitch!!!!" He said harshly.
"GERARD!!!!" And just like that my climax was reached.
"FRANK!!!" He spewed cum into my prostate. Though I was too tuckered out to moan for that.
We relaxed on the bed and let the recent events kick in. I'd just made love to the man of my dreams. Not many people get to do that.
He covered our bodies with the blankets. I laid on my side and hugged him.
"I love you." I murmured into his chest.
"I love you too." He gave me one last kiss and we fell asleep in each others arms.
I hope you guys love this scene. Or at least like it. I don't really know if I did so good with this. I'm only fourteen which means I'm still virgin and I don't really know what it's like to have sex. But other authors haven't had sex and they know how write a sex scene so I guess this halter is worthy enough. But I dont know. It all depends on how you review and rate.
So I leave you with this.
Bye my beautifuls. I love you
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