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Like Valium

by nerds_assemble 3 reviews

How sorry I was to hear that you were suffering.

Category: Poetry - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-02-07 - Updated: 2013-02-08 - 229 words

I'd say you were coughing up butterflies
because the colors are so pretty
but the stench is too vile
we're past the generation of devastation
we're past the generation of desperation
we're deprived of our sorrows
and motionless when it comes to hate
I'd say you were a soldier
because you're marching in the desert
but you don't cry for those you killed
we're past the generation of identification
we're past the generation of innovation
we're lost
and stuck
so beat it
so be it
so bet on it
I can't say what you are
or where you are
because I don't know where beautification ends
or where addictions start
I'd like to auction you a song
but my vocal chords are compromised
You see
I've been screaming your name
through clear telelines
since noon yesterday
I know you're there
I can see your breath through the buzzing deadtone
exhale inhale exhale inhale
loud unconscious obnoxious
we're so far past your generation
we're so far past my generation
we're the generation of phantoms
we lack any breeze or light that will pass our lives in either direction
we're lost and in place at our technical race
so don't you breathe into me
not even one last time
because the cicadas take flight on your toxic lips
and I wouldn't want to be there
when you hear those melodic whispers
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