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We're forever spiraling down

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----------------------3 months later------------------------
"Ugh, why does this keep happening?" I lifted my head from the toilet bowl and flushed my vomit. This had been happening for quite some time. Gerard was worried, but I told him it would blow over just like the other times I got sick. Though this cold wasn't going away as easily as I'd expected. My legs were swollen, I kept puking every morning, and I was getting fatter. Whatever's going on in my immune system is a total mystery.
I stood up from the bathroom floor to open the door.
"Can I help-Dad?" Oh my goodness. This can't be happening.
"Frank. I came to look for you to say I'm sorry. I didn't mean to-"
"Look, I don't need this right now, so just apologize and leave. I don't want explanations for why you kicked me out." I told him sternly.
He gave me a worried look. "How are you, son?"
I sighed agitatedly. "I'm doing fine. Can you leave now?"
"No. I will not leave because I know you need me and your mother. She's been balling her eyes out crying for her baby to come back home. Meanwhile, I'm by her side regretting everything I said to you that day. So please, just come home with me and we can be the happy family I know you've always wanted." His face said it all and I knew he wasn't lying about regretting. The news about my mother made me frown. She wanted her baby back and I wanted my mommy back. It was a mutual feeling.
"Come in." I opened the door wider and he walked in with his head down. I closed the door and gestured him to sit on the bed, he shook his head.
"Tell mom she can visit anytime she wants. As for you I'll have to think about. Now is there anything else you have to tell me or did you just come for that?" He looked at me in the eyes and sighed. That was never a good sign coming from him.
"Well..............I've heard you playing piano on the radio and I think it's phenomenal. But I also think you can do better than that." He said the last part quietly. I could feel the awkwardness in the air already settling.
"What are you trying to say?" The moment I asked that question it made me repent.
"I'm saying you have Iero blood in you. Therefore, you're good for vampire hunting. I know you won't like it because of Gerard being your boyfriend and all, but-"
"How did you know that?" My eyes went wide and I swear I felt like vomiting again.
"We've been keeping track of him. I was assigned to spy on him for a night and I saw you guys kissing." His voice was blank. No emotion. No tone. Just a voice.
"Oh." I had nothing to say.
"Yeah. But ummm.............aside from that if you just give hunting one small chance then maybe, just maybe, you'll like it. So what do you say? You wanna join the agency?" This time he spoke with uncertainty. I didn't want to make a big deal out of what he just said so I decided to go with a simple answer.
"No." His face dropped into a frown. I walked over to the door and held it open for him. He got the idea that I wanted him to leave, so he slowly made his way out.
"Here's my card if you change your mind." He left a piece of cardboard paper on the vanity and walked out.
I slammed the door and threw the paper in the trash. I wasn't gonna call him for shit. If I did it'd probably be to congratulate him of his death. I couldn't believe he was suggesting that job when he knew about Gerard and I.
Everything was forgotten once I remembered I had work today. I was showered, clothed, and ready to go in 30 minutes. Today's a special day for the station because it's been 50 years since it was first heard on the radio. The station wanted me to do the fastest piano piece I could put together. I was excited to show them my work. It was the first time I was ever asked to write my own solo. Usually they would just give me a piece of someone else's work to learn.
Once I made it the studio I was rushed to play live. They didn't even bother to listen to what is made first. Apparently I came late.
I sat down and waited for my cue. The man behind the window counted down from three with his finger and when it came to one I started to play.
My mind was on the chords, but my vision was at the window. Normally, during the show Gerard would walk through the door and listen to me play behind the window. But for some reason it wasn't happening today. He didn't come at all. Not even to pick me up. I had to walk back to the motel.
I got my phone out and called him. He didn't answer.
"Looking for me?" A voice came from behind me. It was Gerard. I turned around and gave him a smiled.
"Hey honey. Where were you this morning?" I asked him. I was going in for a kiss when backed away with a grimace. What did I do?
"Ummmm.........any reason for that little face you made or did you not have much blood to drink?" His eyes got red all of a sudden. I knew he didn't like that question. So I stopped the sass.
"I know who he is." Gerard said darkly. What was he talking about?
"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about." I was really confused.
"I know who Noah is. I know what you almost did with him!!!! AND I KNOW THAT YOU USED TO LOVE HIM!!!!!"

Oh no.
So that my lovely readers is what I like to call the climax of the story. And just so you guys know there'll probably be a sequel. But then again my stories are really unpredictable. Even for me and I'm the one who writes them. I hope you guys liked this chapter and if you want can you please read my other short story that I wrote a month ago about frerard on Christmas? It's cuz I feel like no one likes it so read and review it's called Mistletoe. I'm not forcing you so yeah.
P.S the title was inspired by What you want by Evanescence one of my fav bands I the world.
Bye my precious viewers. I love you.
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