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Chapter 5

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Taking slow and careful steps, Mikey started to walk down the forest path to the house. He came to a stop as he noticed the large grave stones in amongst the trees. Shaking his head he continued through the forest until he was at the door of the house. He gazed at the blackened vines that wound their way up the dark walls. He opened the old yet beautifully crafted door and stepped inside. The house clearly hadn't been occupied for a long time as the cold hard floors were scattered with dead leaves that crunched beneath Mikey's feet. Dust clouded the windows, preventing any light from getting in. Cobwebs trailed across the banisters and the expensive chandeliers that hung motionless from the ceiling. Mikey shuffled through the leaves, breaking the silence of the house.

In the dining room Mikey set his files down on the decaying wooden table, before entering the kitchen. He crossed over to the object that slightly resembled a sink underneath the layers of dirt. Picking up a lantern that seemed more dust than metal, Mikey began to twist off the stiff glass cover to light a candle inside. A breath. Mikey turned to look in the direction that the breath had come from. The house was empty apart from him. Nobody was there to have drawn a breath, there were only shadows. A large thud in the sink caused Mikey to jump as the rusted metal tap had unblocked itself, resulting in a lot of foul smelling mud to come pouring out. Returning the lantern to it's place on the window sill above the sink, Mikey looked back to where he had heard someone breath. But there was no shadow this time.

Back in the dining room, Mikey unlocked the shutters and used all his strength to force them open to allow some light into the room. The sun shone itself onto three aging monkey figurines on the bookshelf. One covering it's ears, one covering it's mouth and the last covering it's eyes. Cobwebs had wound themselves around the monkeys and all over the shelf. Mikey found the cupboard under the stairs in which there was the large amount of paper work his firm wanted him to complete. With all of it laid out in front of him on the table, Mikey couldn't help but slump back in his chair and sigh. How he was going to finish it all by Friday was unknown to him.

He sorted through the papers for what felt like forever until he found a pale card with a painted lion drawn on the front, a child's birthday card it would seem. Inside it was written to a boy named Wayne. From a woman called Alexis. Perhaps an auntie of Wayne or another relative. What puzzled Mikey was why the boys birthday cards were kept hidden in amongst all of the paper work. Setting the cards aside, he picked up what appeared to be a death certificate. Name of the victim: Wayne Bryar. The boy who the cards were addressed to. The certificate stated that he drowned in the marshes, the ones that surrounded Eel Marsh House. Written next to that statement in neat handwriting it read "Body not recovered."

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