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Trust ends it all

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Panicky mess, were the perfect words to describe me. Gerard found out about Noah. The one thing I didn't think would come up until later in our relationship. Especially because it was his brother. But did he know that?

"How could you, Frank? I thought you loved me." His eyes got even more red, if possible. It was then that I realized that he wasn't one to judge.

"Well you had Lindsey, so I guess we're even." I said more harshly than intended. He growled.

"She was just a toy. A blood donor. I was using her for my selfish needs. Meanwhile, he was the love of your life. The man you who gave you a job when you needed it. The same man who probably took your virginity." He said it all so darkly and furiously that I even heard growls coming from his chest.
"He didn't take my virginity, Gerard!!! You did!!!" I couldn't believe he was giving me all this bullshit.
"You're just telling me lies." He looked blankly at the floor.

"I'm not lying, Gerard!!! You took my virginity!!! And he's not nor was ever the love of my life. You are. Every time he kissed me I would always be reminded of how different you were to him. Sure, he gave me a job. But it was only out of kindness. Don't you see, Gerard? Noah was one of those boyfriends that would swoop you off your feet one day and then do something disappointing the next. He wasn't anything special. I love you and only you." Tears were staining my face. All those feelings I felt for him were just said. His, now green, eyes stared at me with mixed emotions. He didn't know what to feel or what to say. I understood.

A few minutes had passed until Gerard realized he had to say something back. Awakening from what I guessed was shock he said, " I love you too. I am so very sorry. I let my jealousy get the best of me. I knew I shouldn't have guessed what kind of guy he was until I'd at least seen his face of at least seen his face."
Well that was a big clue that he didn't know Mikey was Noah. But one thing still remains. "How did you find out about him?" I asked with my eyes closed. I heard a sigh coming from his mouth.

"I came into the restaurant you used to work at and ordered for a reservation. A young man asked me who my date was. I told him your name and he mumbled that you were a whore. I asked him why he would say that and he explained that you were dating the manager, Noah. Now here we are." I opened my eyes and wiped my tears. Everything was just so much to handle. I was beginning to think on calling my father. Gerard doesn't have trust in me. Jealousy my ass.
"I need some time alone. Can you leave now?" He looked hesitant. His hand was about to touch mine, but I backed away not wanting his company anymore.

"Fine. I'll be back tomorr-"

"No. Don't come back. If you can't have trust in me then how can I have trust in you? Face it Gerard, so many shit has happened between us in such a short amount of time that I don't even think we should be together anymore. I'm sorry to say this, but it's over." He gave me a pained look, mixed in with confusion. He knows what I just said is true. There was no denying. The only thing I kept from him was about Mikey. But that wasn't my secret to reveal.

"Frank please. I swear I won't doubt you ever again just don't end what we've fought so hard to have. Please I beg you." He was on his knees with his face buried in my abdomen. He suddenly looked up at me. His eyes a soft topaz as if startled.

"What's wrong?" I asked him. He stood up and backed away from me.

"This is impossible. It can't be." He mumbled and stared at me. What the hell is going on?

"Gerard, tell me what's happening. Why are you acting so strange?" He was starting to creep me out a little in all honesty. All of a sudden I felt a huge pain in my belly. "Oh god!!!"

I crouched in pain holding my stomach. Gerard stood there not helping at all. I felt the need to drink some blood for some reason. My face felt warm and my saliva was coming in quickly. I screamed in agony. I swear I felt fangs replace my teeth. The craving was over in millisecond. The worst feeling I'd ever had in my life left my system.

"Ok, Gerard. Tell me what the hell is going on before I get a stake and stab you with it." He knew what I was going through. I was going to find out what it was and I was going to know it now.

"You're pregnant."

I'm so sorry I took so long. I had writers block once again. The end of this story is coming soon and it will have a sequel. So be prepared for some real shit.

I love you
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