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Demise of a young soul

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"You're pregnant." Frank's father heard Gerard's voice say. The microphone installed in the card he gave his son was letting Frank Sr. eavesdrop on the argument. He wasn't pleased with the fact that a stupid blood sucker got his son pregnant. It just wasn't right.

"Steve", he called to his co-worker, "Send me the whole crew. Oh and tell them to bring.........special tools for the mission I'm about to propose." He smirked when referring to the tools. He knew what he needed them for and it was gonna be a bloody mess when he used them.

"You called for us, sir?" A young man with brown hair and black eyes said. A very attractive team of 6 vampire slayers right behind him. They all looked ready for a hunt. But this was no ordinary mission Frank was gonna send them on.

"I need something from you men. I'll bribe if I have to. You just have to do it before midnight." He looked at all the men in the eyes making sure they all heard perfectly.

"Yes, sir. But the bribe isn't necessary. We'll do what you want for free." The brown haired man also ( a.k.a Robin) looked determine to do anything for his boss. If vampire slaying was a religion this man would convert to it in an instant. Frank grinned mischievously and walked over to the guy to whisper the plan in his ear. The young man's eyes went wide in terror. The plan was horrid and evil. Robin shook his head knowing the whole situation was too cruel.

Frank grimaced. "You wouldn't want to let your boss down would you, Robin?"

"N-no, sir-"

"Well then I suggest you do what I say or your fired. Got that, pretty boy?" Robin nodded. "I'm glad you agree. Now get on with the plan, it's two hours until midnight."

The whole crew moved along to get their supplies. Frank looked back at the muted voice monitor. He pressed play and let the argument continue.

"-can't be too sure. Go get at least 10 pregnancy test from the drugstore please." Frank's sons voice came from the computer.

"Fine. I'll be back in an hour. Lay down and relax. Vampire babies hate movement." Frank Sr. smirked on the perfect timing. Everything was working out very well so far.


"Alright men. The blood sucker will be back in 30 minutes so let's make this quick. Hustle, hustle, hustle!!!" The group of slayers made their way quietly through the window in which led to Frank's room, who was sleeping soundly on the bed. Robin sighed, knowing sleeping would make his job easier.

The men set up the tools for the procedure. The names for the tools were cannula, curette, forceps, and a syringe with a spinal needle. Then there was the gas mask which would make Frank numb from his whole body.

"Alright, boys, time to do this." Robin put his face mask on and a battered apron. One of the guys put the anesthesia on the pregnant teen.

Frank opened his eyes for a small bit of time only to see a strange man in an apron look down at him. He didn't remember anything else because he closed his eyes immediately and slept some more. But before he slipped into unconsciousness Frank touched his stomach and said, "I love you, baby."


"We have brought what you wanted, sir." Robin carried a small box in his hands. Some part of his clothes were bloody though not too noticeable.

"Let me take a look." Frank Sr. got the box from the mans hands and opened it.

There in front of him laid a bloody figure known as the fetus Frank held inside him. It was only three inches in size. Fingers were barely forming on the creature. The string that was attached to the belly button was small. Frank Sr. chuckled evilly.

"We also brought your son as requested. Shall we put him in the amnesia box?" Robin gestured at the boy curled up on the floor with a bloody mess on his stomach. The man in charge of sewing the skin back together was in a hurry and didn't do a very good job.

"Yes. Put him there and replace his memories with these new ones," Frank handed Robin the micro chip,"Oh and get a slayer suit for him. He'll be apart of the agency once you put the memories in from the chip in his head."

Robin nodded and carried the boy away to the experimental room where the box was held. Frank Sr. looked down at the fetus once again and closed the box. He put it carefully next to all his awards. He smiled at the perfect spot he put it in.

"God, I love my life. My son will be in the agency soon. Not only that, but he's away from that retched blood sucker. This is going exactly as I planned. What a beautiful life indeed." Frank said to himself. He walked away to the lights and turned them off. He left his office with confidence. He was going to the motel where he knew the vampire was probably crying for his darling to come back.
That is the last chapter I'm posting today. I'm officially going to sleep because I have a long day tomorrow. Oh and sorry if u hate the ending. It's just so cool to surprise you guys like this.

Love youz. Bye bye
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