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DETERMINE MY HOPE? LOST IN MY DREAMS OF STATIC STEAM? YOU CAN'T HURT ME. I'VE DONE THAT. Could you tell these fucking Xs and Os to get out of my head??

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Horror,Humor - Published: 2013-02-25 - Updated: 2013-02-25 - 282 words

so what can we do? all sea sights are stuck cuddling babies like hollow lullabies
so what is there to do? when your head is light and your stomach growls pain
oh so sick, sick, you're too goddamn sick
but the rifle licks your face and kisses your breath
“it's time,” you whisper, even thoughtlessly, you know what is the sky and what is the ground
a groan, a sweet whimper...pale eyes, deadbeat reflection
still beautiful
make me a willow, make me a poppy, slick like the street
softly lie to me, cherub blush
----make me a willow/sense my fear----
buy this heart, mon cheri
----make me a poppy! make me hollow/whole!----
drown the murmurs in my head?
Mister Jane
all crooked and vain
say, little soldier
I wanna see you sober
Mister Jane
died without going sane
say, beauty queen
I wanna feel you off screen
Mister Jane
I had nothing to gain
see, they've stuck me in the machine
with wires tugging at my throat
yeah, that's right i'm something you can obtain
old man, i'm sorry for what i wrote
so fucking predictable...precise, man, you've got to be precise.
oh, liar, it's like a disease in my pretty chest
concrete skies and McDonald's wrappers
won't you just noose the barbed wire?
----slick like the street!---
i'd love to take you to the cocaine desert
but people can be so mean
just know that all my stuttering lies in that which i despise
i want you to wish me luck
kiss my sorry ass goodbye
the bombs! fucking wastelands to the lovesick skies
give me a cry cry cry cry cry cry cry cry
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