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Final goodbye........for now

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Gerard was freaking out. He came back from the pharmacy seeing Frank's blood splattered on the bed and walls. It was like a meat factory without the meat and just the blood. He had to resist the urge to lick the blood of the walls.

"I see you've come back." A voice came from behind him. It was Frank's father. His face was filled with disappointment for some odd reason. Gerard growled. He wasn't really in good terms with this man. Especially because he was almost killed by him.

"What do you want? Where's Frank?" Gerard knew the slayer knew where Frank was at and he was going to find out.

"That's the thing. I don't know either. I came to see him again to see-"

"Wait a minute, again?" Gerard asked confused.

"Yes, again. Didn't Frank tell you I visited him? Well I guess he didn't, but anyways I came to see him again to see if he was doing good. Apparently I came too late. Some men were cutting his abdomen and some others were punching him. I didn't count how many but there was a lot and next thing I knew when I tried to stop them they were gone. Frank was no longer on the bed." Frank Sr. said all this so sadly and Gerard believed him. He shouldn't have for this man couldn't be trusted.

"Do you think they were vampires?" Gerard asked shakily. He was worried about Frank and the baby more than needed. His breath was coming in fast pants. He didn't need the oxygen but when he got nervous he couldn't help his human instincts.

"I suspect they are. But in order to find out I will need your help. I know that I haven't really been involved much in both your lives, but I would like to make an effort now. You and I can find the ones who took my son and destroy them. What do you say? Wanna help?" Frank held his hand out for Gerard to shake. Gerard hesitated for a while, but after what seemed like eternity he shook the other's hand.

"Okay. I'll team up with you guys. But only until we find Frank." Gerard was only going with the plan to find the love of his life. He needed every bit of Frank back in his arms as soon as possible.

------------------------Frank's POV------------------------

"What's going on?" My voice rasped out. I couldn't see anything except black. A sudden white light came from an opening, a door to be exact. I tried to stand up and with some difficulty I stood up to walk my way to the door. It led to a laboratory of some sort. In the light I could see I was wearing a hospital gown. My stomach felt sore.

"How are you feeling, Frank?" A voice behind me said. I turned to see that it was a brown haired man with unusually black eyes. I had to admit he was very handsome.

"Ummm.......are you talking to me?" I didn't even know my name. Basically I can't remember anything at all.

"Yes I am talking to you. Though I'd doubt you remember. That vampire hit you pretty good." The man said. It was then it came to me. I was on a mission when all of a sudden a vampire attacked me and got me unconscious.

"I'm starting to remember. But ummm do you happen to know the name of the vampire that attacked me?" I asked him curiously. He grinned mischievously. Was the name of the vampire funny? Or was it the man that was a creepy guy?

"His name is Gerard Way. You've always hated him because of the innocent lives he's killed." The things this man was telling seemed interesting.

"Tell me more about this Gerard guy." I told him. He left for a minute and came back with a chair. He beckoned for me to sit down. I sat down carefully.

"This is very complicated information, so listen carefully................"


That is the end of this story. The sequel will be up next week. Tell me any ideas you guys have for the title. I love you and hope you loved this chapter.

Bye, my loves
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