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Delayed Mind

by nerds_assemble 1 review

For anyone, for everyone, for no one.

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2013-03-04 - 402 words

harry's got it all.
a new skin, tight hair, cold grins.
a memory once told him not to worry.
told him he was alright, that saints do fall to earth sometimes.
he can remember who told him that.
he remembers bleaching her name in 'liar'.

it's june. his car won't even start. he's stuck out at a gas station in san juan.

another day of rain, another desert soaked in tears.

still nothing shows.

as the water kisses his feet and the air feels so soft,
he's tempted to stick his tongue out for a moment,
just to see if he could catch a lucky one.

of course, he doesn't do this. he's stuck, didn't i tell you?

in his head, he hears his own cry.
as a baby, his mother would shake him to sleep in annoyance,
but then worry would stick its' fucking arrow in her arm and she would rush over to the sweet baby harry
kiss him on his head.
"you're a good baby," she'd repeat through guilty hugs. "a very good baby."

harry won't question why he remembers this.
he shouldn't remember words.
words are for kids without homes.
words are for people who have problems.
words are for crazies, they're for all those sick bastards selling their lies through jukeboxes, they're for all the commands, they're for shipping you to war, they're for the fucking president and his wh----

harry won't question it.

he doesn't even need the car, right?
life wishes. he doesn't.
so, the car's a piece of shit, just like his life is.
but he can't complain.
there's a reason he's in the state he is.
he makes up the bottom of the pyramid,
millions and millions of others feed off the same wrappers.

someone has to.

he knows he couldn't go home. he knows he's not alone. more are far worse. he's alright, just a little sickly.

he won't say goodbye.
at least, not now.
maybe if he just tied his ears up,
cut his vocal chords off for a bit,
he can try and remember to listen to a girl named liar once in a while.

I know this is kind of shitty and incomplete, but whatever. I just wrote it, so! I'm trying to see how complete a story I can write in ten minutes. As you can see, I totally failed. Ah, well. It has a few recyclable lines.
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