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Bombilate With Care

by nerds_assemble 2 reviews

We need to see our mirrors. We really need to watch our eyes. We should just walk away from this disguise. But can you blame us?

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-03-12 - 234 words

don't you just wish your eye would glare like that?
don't you wish your tongue would loll like that?
it's always so low, everyone knows it when the story falls
Jenny's stealing the show with her bruised user
Tommy's left to sleep on concrete seas
why don't you talk a little louder?
why don't you stutter a little softer?
can't you see that hiss? can't you hear that mirror?
show me your thump
show me it all, ugly kid
such a sight! that's what makeup's for, darling!
smear on the grease, like a fucking mcdonald's beauty queen
bathe in the gutters, you can smell like the nation
be america, show yourself in complete oblivion
bite me, zombie queen
fetch that newspaper
tie my headlines in your hair
you're ready to flaw, flake
live this play
didn't you see? You didn't read? 'Til death do we part
you're only 200, dear, we still have the supernovas ahead of us!
Don't you worry your fucked up little head
smog will feast on us before the day is out
you're not rich, who would want to buy some tramp like you
all your children have dirty faces, all their hands shine their phalanges
reach up to the naked sky, praying for death death death death
oh, my darling dear, won't you take the blood from another hate crime
I think you need a little more lipstick
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