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Going back home

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"Look Frank, too much trouble has been caused in the short amount of time that you've been here. I'm really sorry but we're gonna have to go back to Jersey." Marc looked at me apologetically. I just nodded my head and went for packing. I honestly didn't know how I woke up in my bed again. I just know that the last thing I did before I knocked out was kiss Gerard.
Butterflies made their way into my stomach at the sudden thought of the memory. How could such a small thing like that make a person faint? Was I that sensitive with his touch? No, that can't be right. He kissed me before that and nothing happened. Must be something he did.
Anyways, I was already done packing when Marc started getting my things and putting them in the limo.
"Well, it was nice having you here. Even if it was just for a short amount of time." John gave me one of his dazzling smiles and I only scowled. He lost his privilege to talk to me. He looked hurt but I didn't give a shit. If he thought his gun was more important than me then that meant he didn't care about me. Therefore I don't care about him.
"Let's go already." I whispers to Marc. He nodded and led me to the limo.
I sighed, knowing this was gonna be a slow day.
------------------------8 hours later------------------------
"Oh my goodness, how are you, son? I've missed you so much!!!" My dad exclaimed. We were in his office.
"I'm fine and I've missed you too. But look dad I really need to ask you some questions." He looked concerned and instantly nodded.
"Anything for you, son. Ask away." He sat down in his swivel chair and I proceeded into the chair I front of him.
"I ran into Gerard Way. And he said that you were feeding me lies about my past. He also said that he never attacked me and it was all just a big plan to get me away from him. Is it true?" My father looked pissed. That was the moment I knew all that Gerard said was true. My father doesn't get mad easily. Only when his secrets have been spilled. And this was definitely one of them.
"Yes it's true. But it was only to keep you safe. You too were having a baby. A vampire baby. That thing could've killed you." I stood up from my chair and was about to leave, but then a question hit my head.
"What happened to my baby?" My father looked taken aback. As if he didn't expect me to ask that question. But he came out of his daze and walked over to his book cabinet. He took a book slightly out of its place and the cabinet started to move. Behind it was a small room filled with old slayer weapons and some other stuff. But what caught my eyes was a small glass jar with a little body in it. The body wasn't even fully developed. It was only three inches. My father grabbed the jar roughly and shoved it in my hands.
"There's your stupid baby. I had it ripped out of your womb and kept in this old glass container. I'd understand if you hate me. But just so you know Robin helped." I gasped. Robin couldn't have been part of it. He just couldn't. He was such a sweet person and wouldn't kill a fly. He only killed vampires for a living because they killed his mother. I felt tears make their way into my eyes and trickle down my cheeks. My whole life was a lie.
I ran. I didn't know where I was going but I just had to leave. I wanted to go to Gerard, but I couldn't do that. We would only see each other by pure coincidence. Besides, I didn't even know where he was at.
My feet suddenly made a stop when I hit a clearing in the woods. It was quite beautiful and familiar at the same time. I felt like I'd been here before.
"Frank?" I heard a voice behind me. It was Gerard. I suddenly felt livid. I wiped my tears, turned around, and faced him.
"You. You're the one who made all this mess!!!" I yelled with fury. He looked confused.
"Frank, what are you talking about?" He asked. As if he didn't know.
"Don't play dumb with me. You are the one who took away the only friend I've ever had. The one who made me get kicked out of my house. The one who I'm starting to hate." I hissed at him. He looked offended. Good.
"I'm going to ignore all this because I know you're still hurting from what Ray said." He told me quietly. He was about to grab my hand when I pulled away disgusted.
"It's not about what Ray said to me. It's about you ruining my life. Why did you come back anyway? I thought you weren't going to be here until a few more weeks. Or was that just a lie?" By now he was fuming. His breath came in and out fast.
"It wasn't a lie. The reason I came back early is because my own brother is dead!!!!" He screamed in fury. Oh. My. God.
"What?" I whispered. My voice couldn't register.
"That's right Frank. My brother died in front of me. When I came back I was hoping to get encouragement from the man I love. But no, instead I get accused of ruining his life when all I did was made him get to know reality." He eyes turned black and his fangs were out. He was gritting his teeth. By this time I started to feel bad for him.
"Gerard.......I am so sorry. I didn't know. The conversation with Ray got me so jacked up. Today's just been so hard. I got kicked out of my house because of my father and now I lost the only friend I've ever had." My voice cracked when I said the last part. He started to calm down. Next thing I knew we were hugging. I was crying in his arms while he whispered sweet nothings to my ear.

'What the hell was that?' I thought.
This time I one that it wasn't just a dream. I knew it was a memory from before the accident. I held on tightly to the jar that had my baby in it.
"Who's Ray?" I asked to no one in particular. Was he a friend? According to what I said in the memory, he was. Then I also said that my father kicked me out. And Gerard lost his brother.
"Wow. That must've been a really hard time for me." I murmured.
I couldn't help but feel it would only get harder.
That was the the chapter for today. I know it's short I'm just really sleep and tomorrow I will be charged completely for a big surprise in the next chapter.
Love youz. Bye
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