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Mia's OneShot

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While Mia's parents go on a night out, Gerard is left to look after her.

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“Are you sure you don’t mind looking after Mia tonight?” Frank asked as Gerard stepped through the front door, closing it behind him.

“Of course not!” Gerard grinned. “You and Missy deserve a night out together, I’m just happy to help out.”

The moment they walked into the living room, a dark haired girl sat on the floor sprang up and ran towards them “Uncle Gee!” she squealed.

Gerard crouched down on his knees and held out his arms to Mia, which she gladly ran into. He picked her up and balanced her on one hip and grinning at her. “Excited to see me then, Mia?”

“Yes!” She giggled.

Frank laughed then checked his watch and sighed “The taxi should be here in a couple of minutes. What’s taking your mother so long, Mia?”

“Making myself look my best for you.” A voice called out from the stairs. Frank’s wife, Missy, appeared in the living room wearing a black dress that hugged her figure before stopping just below her knees.

Frank smiled at her. “Well you’ve succeeded.” He says, taking her waist to pull her close to him and kiss her.

Gerard uses one hand to cover Mia’s eyes and cry. “Woah guys, wait until you’re alone please!”

The couple laugh and Missy goes over to her daughter to say Goodnight while Frank goes to pick up her jacket and bag. Missy kissed Mia lightly on the forehead before saying “Remember to be good for your Uncle Gerard, won’t you?”

“I’m sure I can handle everything.” Gerard chuckled. “Oh has she had dinner yet or should I make something for her?”

“No she hasn’t. There will be something in the freezer you can give her.” Frank said while placing Missy’s leather jacket on her shoulders. A car horn outside let them know that their taxi had arrived.

Gerard set Mia down on the floor and walked with her parents to the door. “You kids have fun tonight” He said to them.

“Same to you.” Frank replied, winking at Missy who giggled.

Frowning slightly, Gerard watched as they got in a taxi together before closing the door and returning to the living room, to find that Mia was no longer there.

“Mia?” Gerard called out. “Come on Mia.”

From the kitchen, Gerard could hear a faint rustling sound and noticed Mia had managed to open the freezer and was attempting to look through the drawers. As Gerard stepped into the kitchen a whole load of ice broke off the freezer and smashed along the floor. He slipped on a large chunk of ice, causing him to land flat on his back making Mia giggle loudly.

Gerard groaned, rubbing at his back. “Glad you find that funny. What are you doing?”

“Looking for tacos!” Mia grinned.

Scooping up the ice off the floor and trying to avoid falling over again, he threw the ice into the sink. Drying the floor with a towel he said “I’m guessing you want tacos for dinner then?”

Mia nodded her head excitedly. Gerard sighed and began rummaging through the refrigerator for tacos. He shoved enough for both Mia and himself in the oven and began looking for some drinks.

“Ok Mia, what do you think soda or-“ He turned around to find Mia wasn’t in the kitchen anymore. He sighed again “this is going to be a long night. MIA!”

Nothing in the living room. In Mia’s play room there was still nothing. Gerard wondered if she had managed to climb up the stairs by herself and made his way up to the second floor of the Iero house. As she wasn’t in her own room or the bathroom, he checked Frank and Missy’s bedroom to find Mia sitting on the floor, clutching an eyeliner pencil in one hand and using it to scribble on her face. Gerard couldn’t help but howl at the sight before him.

“Mia, what are you doing to yourself?” He said in between roars of laughter.

“Making myself pretty!” Mia chirped.

Gerard found a packet of makeup wipes in Missy’s bedside table and began clearing the black mess off of Mia’s face. “You’re already beautiful, Kitty.” Using the little girl’s nickname gave him an idea. “Hey, how about we give you some whiskers instead to make you a real cat?”

By Mia’s outburst of giggles and shriek, Gerard assumed she meant yes. Wiping the rest of her face clean, he took the eyeliner out of her little fist and began to draw neat whiskers onto her face. He lifted her up into his arms and carried her over to the vanity mirror so she could look at herself properly.

She clapped her hands before shouting, “Now you! Now you!”

Gerard gave a nervous laugh, set Mia down on the floor and then drew himself a pair of cat whiskers also.

“Happy now?” But before she could answer, he began to smell something funny in the air. His head snapped up and he quickly grabbed Mia before belting down the stairs and to the kitchen. He yanked the oven door open which caused the entire kitchen to fill with a black smoke. The pair both coughed and spluttered so much until Gerard had to open the window to give them air. As the smoke began to filter through the window, Gerard placed Mia on the work top of the kitchen and pulled the tacos out of the oven. He blankly stared at the blackened food on the tray and said to Mia, “Fancy having coal for dinner? Or would you rather we ordered in a pizza?”

“Pizza!” Mia cried out, excitedly.

After quickly phoning for a pizza, Gerard suggested they settle down to watch a film together. After choosing to watch the Corpse Bride, Gerard suggested that they bring through two of the massive bean bag chairs from Mia’s playroom. He dumped the huge bean bags on the floor, before looking at Mia with a wide grin. He picked her up quickly and gently threw her to land on the comfy chairs. She squealed with delight and begged for him to do it again. Gerard loved seeing her giggle each time she landed on the soft beanbags until he decided to try jumping on one himself. The bag burst open with a pop, causing beads that filled it to fly all over the living room. Gerard looked around the room and “oh sh-“ he had to bite his lip to remind him not to swear in front of Mia. He lifted her onto the beanbag that had not been burst and crouched down in front of her.

“Ok Mia I need to go and find the vacuum or something to help clean up this mess. Can you please, just wait here and not run off again?” Mia simply nodded, but Gerard wasn’t sure if the smile on her face was one of mischief or not. He left the living room and began searching through the cupboard under the stairs until he found the vacuum. He returned to the lounge and saw that Mia was once again gone. “Oh God” He muttered under his breath. He searched through the whole house once again but this time she was no where to be seen. The doorbell rang and Gerard remembered the pizza they had ordered. The teenager at the door handed him the large box before sticking his hand out for the money he was owed. Practically throwing the money at him and slamming the door shut, Gerard walked back into the living room quickly with the pizza box.

“Mia!” He called. “The pizza’s here!” It was then that he could hear a muffled giggling but he didn’t know where it was coming from. “Oh well then, I guess I’ll have to eat it all too myself.”

He glanced over at the burst bean bag and realised that he had better start clearing it all up. Placing the pizza box onto the coffee table, he got ready to turn on the vacuum, until he saw the bean bag move. His eyes widened as he heard the quiet laughing again. He had to cover his mouth with his hand to prevent himself from also laughing. Tiptoe-ing over to the beanbag he quickly lifted it off the ground, making sure that the large rip in it was facing up the way. Mia squealed loudly before popping her head out from inside the bag and grinning.

2 Hours Later

“It’s so nice getting the chance to relax.” Missy said while leaning her head against Frank’s shoulder. “I’m sure Mia won’t have been too much trouble for Gee.”

He smiled and kisses her head before wrapping his arm around her shoulder allowing him to pull her closer to him. “Yeah we should let him look after Mia more often, could even let him take her for a whole night.”

“What are you suggesting Frankie?” Missy said nudged her husband gently and looking up at him.

“Nothing particular. Just thinking that if we wanted we could let Gerard stay at ours with Mia while we go to a hotel for the night.” He grinned at her.

She giggled to herself. “I think I would like that.”

They shared a quick kiss as the taxi they sat in pulled up outside their house. Frank paid the driver and the couple made their way up to the front door. Once inside they walked into the living room to find white beads scattering the floors, pizza crusts lying in the box and the TV showing the credits to the Corpse Bride. The two stared at the mess with wide eyes and open jaws.

“What was that about letting Gee look after Mia more?” Missy said.

“Jesus Christ.” Was Frank’s only response.

“I’m going to go see if they’ve done any more damage.” She took off her jacket and placed it on the couch before leaving the room.

Frank sighed and lifted the pizza box off the floor to take it into the kitchen. In there he found a bunch of burnt tacos sitting on the work top. Shaking his head, he threw the blackened tacos and the remains of the pizza into the bin. Missy appeared in the doorway.

“Frank.” She said to make him turn around. “You really need to see this.”

She took his hand and lead him up the stairs to Mia’s bedroom. Thankfully this room had not been destroyed like Frank had been expecting. Instead he saw his daughter lying in her bed fast asleep and on the floor next to her was Gerard, leaning against the bedside table. His head resting on her mattress and one arm outstretched to hold her hand.

“Nice whiskers Gee.” Frank chuckled before squeezing Missy’s hand. They tiptoed out the room so as not to wake either of them up. Closing the door behind him, Frank then leant against the wall.

“Think we should probably get to bed too,” she said.

Frank wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him “So now you’re the one who gets to suggest these things?”

“Hey!” Missy playfully hit his shoulder.

“Well I don’t blame you. I obviously am very sexy.” Frank gave her a one sided smile.

Missy laughed again. “Wow Frankie, you really do love yourself don’t you?”

“Not as much as I love you.” He kissed her gently before lifting her off the ground. “C’mon beautiful” he whispered into her ear. He carried her into their own bedroom, leaving Gerard asleep by Mia’s bed.

Sorry for taking so long Mia! I know it took ages but I wanted take a little break from Ficwad to try and sort everything out. I'm still on my breather but I wanted to at least upload your oneshot for you. I wasn't planning on doing the ending like that but I don't know Missy and Frank seem really cute XD Anyway hope you enjoyed it!
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