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5th Period Massacre

by XKilljoyParadeX 2 reviews

Inspired by the song by LeATHERMØUTH

Category: Poetry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Published: 2013-04-02 - 201 words

5th Period Massacre

Walking those empty halls
for one last time
seemed different somehow
I didn't feel anxious,
I wasn't in the way,
an inconvenience,
a speck of dust on the trophy cabinet filled with the same names year after year,

I smiled.
How long I'd been waiting for this
how long I'd put up with the looks
the giggles
the raising of eyebrows
in disgust

It was never anything big
there was no explosion
no fallout
no aftermath
just persistant erosion
of my patience,
the gradual wearing away
of my tolerance.

They should have seen it coming really
they should have known
that life has a way of biting back
of bringing shit to those who think
they're worth more than those sad lonely wastes of space

I didn't even blink
when I took out the gun
and shot them
in the science block corridor
just as the final bell rang
(An ironic forewarning
of their last moments)
and their brains covered the
newly painted walls
and we were swimming
in a sea of pure vengeance
and blood...

But I did notice
that when they were cold
and dead
they still looked
as perfect and pretty
as ever.
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