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Sadie's Oneshot

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Vic and Sadie oneshot.

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“Missy!” I shouted at her. “Hurry up; I don’t want to be late to the gig!”

“Pfft. We’ve got plenty of time. The support act won’t even be on yet.” She said whilst brushing through her purple hair which she had recently dipdyed blue for God knows why.

“I know but you’ve been to loads of gigs before. This is my first one so I don’t want to miss a second of it.”

“We won’t!” She promised. “Look, we’ll get to the venue, let security check us and look at our tickets and then we’ll get lost in a mosh pit and have the greatest time ever.”

I grinned at her. I couldn’t wait for us to get to the concert. Standing up from my bed I decided to put on some music to get us more excited for the gig. Switching on my ipod and placing it in the speakers, Sleeping With Sirens’s music filled the air. Seeing them tonight was going to be the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I couldn’t thank Missy enough for getting us the tickets.

At the Venue

Once we had gotten past the security guards, Missy grabbed my hand and began pulling me through the crowd. We made our way around to the side of the stage before pushing past a few people to get closer. The support act were just leaving as we managed to get relatively close to the front. After another 20 minutes of waiting, Sleeping With Sirens stepped on stage causing the entire crowd, including myself, to go insane. I screamed as the boys began to play.

After a few songs they began to play Do It Now Remember It Later which caused a moshpit to start. Missy and I had managed to get ourselves dragged into it. We laughed and screamed as we swam through the sea of people. As Kellin sang the chorus of the song, things got a little rougher. Some guys started to grab at both me and Missy. As someone shoved me with a lot of force, I found myself falling back and tripping on my own feet. I braced myself for a huge face-plant to the beer and piss covered floor but instead I landed in someone’s arms.

“Are you ok?” a voice shouted in my ear as I was pulled upright.

I looked at my saviour and nodded. It was too dark to see him properly but I could’ve sworn I recognised this guy. He took my hand and we began to move through the crowd

We moved further away from the moshpit and managed to get to the barrier of the stage. I reached my hand up to the stage like everyone else around me who was hoping for Kellin to reach out to us. He crouched down at the front of the stage to grab some people’s hands one of which was my own. I screamed and grinned like a maniac until Kellin let go. The concert ended all too quickly for me. As everyone began leaving the room I was left with the guy who had saved me from the moshpit.

“Uh, thanks for earlier by the way.” I said.

“No problem.” I definitely recognised his voice. “What’s your name?”

“Sadie,” I replied as we followed everyone out of the room. “Yours?”


We stepped out into the lobby of the venue and I saw his face for the first time. Vic Fuentes was standing right in front of me. I couldn’t believe me eyes. He smiled at me as my eyes widened.

“Y-you’re Vic Fuentes.” I breathed. Every Pierce The Veil song was racing through my head as I looked at him.

“Yes” he chuckled slightly. “I’m guessing you’re a fan?” I nodded quickly unable to speak.

“Sadie!” A familiar voice called out to me. I saw Missy running towards me. “What happened to you? I completely lost you in that moshpit. Where did y-“ It was at this point she noticed Vic standing next to me and stopped mid-sentence.

“Hi,” Vic grinned.

She threw her arms around his neck and shrieked. “Oh my God. It’s you! I fucking love your band!”

Vic managed to prise Missy off of him and after a signing her t-shirt for her, he invited us to go and meet the rest of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. Obviously we agreed to this. Vic lead us through backstage where all the boys were waiting for him. Missy shrieked before rushing over to them excitedly asking Gabe for a hug which he agreed to. We chatted to all of the guys for a while before the Sleeping With Sirens boys needed to go back to their tour bus. Vic nudged me and pointed over to Gabe who was passing Missy a slip of paper and kissing her quickly on the lips before following the rest of his band. She squealed loudly before collapsing onto a bean bag chair next to Jamie.

“This has been the greatest night of my life.” She exclaimed. “Sadie, I need you to go to more concerts with me. You clearly are a magnet for band members.”

All of us laughed before the Mike said “It’s probably about time that we left too.”

“Uh you guys go on ahead I’ll just be a minute.” Vic said.

His band mates seem to grin and wink at each other as if they found something amusing, but they left anyway. Missy seemed to also have gotten the joke and stood up quickly.

“I’m just going to go and freshen up in the toilet.” She winked at me and I realised she was leaving me and Vic alone. “Won’t be long. Don’t have too much fun without me.” She giggled to herself as the door closed behind her.

Vic laughed slightly. “She’s really something isn’t she?”

“Yep. You should see Missy bringing out her sassy side. That’s something worth seeing.”

We both laughed before I said “thanks again for catching me tonight. If you hadn’t I probably would’ve been covered in beer and piss at the moment, and bruises.”

“Well I’m glad I was there to catch you in time.” He smiled at me.

Everything seemed to go quiet for a moment and I found myself becoming lost in Vic’s eyes. I was beginning to think I was in a little fantasy. This couldn’t be real. But then Vic leaned forward and pressed his lips to mine and I snapped out of my dream. He pulled away from me quickly.

“Um I shouldn’t hav-“ I cut him off by kissing him this time.

“Wow,” He breathed as our lips parted. He placed one hand on my pale cheek which contrasted his tanned skin. “I really don’t want to just leave you like this. I’d really like to see you again Sadie.”

I picked up the pen on the table that sat next to us and began writing my phone number and email address on a scrap of paper. I then handed it over to him before saying “now give me yours and we won’t lose touch.”

He grinned at me and wrote down the same details on another piece of paper. He stood up and made his way over to the door before turning back and kissing me again. “I’ll see you soon Sadie.”

I watched speechless as he left the room. “Best concert ever.” Missy’s voice said from the corner of the room.

“Sure was.” I replied.

“Did you see Gabe kiss me? He is really fucking hot.” Missy grinned as I stood up and we left the venue. Once on the train we made our way back to Missy’s house where I would be staying the night.

“So I got Gabe’s number, you got Vic’s and we both got autographs from everyone out of Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce The Veil. Not bad for your first concert Sadie.”

“Definitely won’t be forgetting this one anytime soon.” I smiled at her.
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