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Save Yourself I'll Hold Them Back

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Gerard's worst lesson. Physical Education. Dodgeball. Will he mess up infront of his crush?

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Chapter 3;

"So today we're going to be doing a bit of dodgeball!" The large p.e teacher shouted.
I saw Josh,Mike and Lewis' eyes light up. They stared at the balls and got ready to attack me. We got put into two teams. Josh and Lewis were on the same team but Mike was on mine. So was Frank..
"Okay when I blow the whistle dodge!" She shouted once again. I took a deep breath,scared.
The whistle blew.
Everyone ran towards eachother,I just stayed back. I tried to miss all the balls flying but every so often one would hit me. A ball flew and I just about missed it. It bounced right next to me. Nobody ran to come and get it. I picked it up and looked round. Lewis had no guard. I picked up the ball and threw it at him,laughing a little as I did. He didn't feel the pain but he saw me and all three of the boys stared at me. Lewis ran towards me.
"You're dead Way!" He shouted and threw me on the floor. He hit me about 3 times. When the p.e teacher was bothered to look she called them away from me. I tried to hold in my tears as they all left laughing,heading for the showers. I ran back to the toilets,my nose bleeding and my lip. I got there and burst into tears. I looked in the mirror,my face covered in blood and tears and he was standing there. I shocked.
"A hello would have been nice.." I said still shocked.
"You're brave." He said staring at the blood.
"Yeah,well I have to be." I said and picked up some tissue.
"Well,I have to get back home. I can't do the tour so do you want to come to mine instead?"
"Erm.." Come on Gerard. This is what you want just say yes.
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