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Fria Oneshot

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“How could you possibly do that to me, Frank?” Mia screamed at her drunken boyfriend. “I’ve been calling you and worrying about all night while you’ve been drinking till your brain dead!”

“Screaming at me is hardly helping my head right now, sweetheart!” He snapped.

“Why do you keep doing this to me?” Mia sobbed. “What did I do to deserve this?”

“Oh I’m sorry I’ve made your life hell, Mia.” Frank glared at her. “I’m sorry I’m such a disappointment to you.”

“You know I love you, Frank.” Her eyes filling up as she spoke. “But I hate what you’ve become. You always go out and get drunk and then when you finally come back home all we do is argue…I just want my old Frankie back”

“I haven’t changed!” He roared at her causing her to flinch away.

Mia’s dark eyes widened at how loudly Frank had yelled at her. Tears filled in her eyes. “I don’t remember you ever being like this before.” She spat. “You’ve turned into a monster!”

As soon as the words left Mia’s lips, Frank’s hand slapped right across her cheek. When his palm came into contact with her face, he realised what he had done and seemed to snap out of his drunken state.

“I’m so sorry M-“ he tried to reach out to her but she ran out the front door and into the streets, with Frank quickly following her.

In the dark streets Frank tried to stop her from running too far. Mia was sobbing hysterically as she stepped out to run across the road. She was halfway across the road when a car came speeding down.

“MIA!” Frank shouted as he ran out to push her out the way of the vehicle. She fell to the ground and turned in time to see the car crash into Frank causing him to fly onto the bonnet.

“FRANK!” She shrieked as she jumped up and ran to the car where Frank lay. The blond haired man driving the car jumped out and clutched his head in his hands

“Oh shit” He said taking out his phone and calling an ambulance.

Mia began shaking Frank’s shoulder in an attempt to wake him up. “Frankie! Frankie please wake up!” She began to scream louder as she saw the blood beginning to drip down the bonnet of the car and onto the road. Even through the cracked window screen of the car, Mia could make out the figure of another girl sitting in the passenger seat looking paralysed with fear. She had pulled her knees up to her chest and had wrapped her arms around her self, eyes wide as she stared at Frank’s still body.

“I-I’m so sorry!” The blond haired man panted. “I w- I wasn’t focusing. I didn’t no-notice him.” He kept running his hands through his hair and biting his lips before looking back at the girl in the car. “FUCK!”

He pulled open the passenger door and crouched down next to the girl who was still staring at Frank. “Missy? Missy, please talk to me. Are you ok?”

Mia took a tight grip of Frank’s hand which she held until the ambulance arrived and even in the drive to the hospital. The driver of the car and his girlfriend had to join the in the ambulance for check ups in case either of them had been injured. The man sat with his head in his hands the entire time and as they arrived at the hospital, Mia began to sob as she watched Frank being taken away on a gurney. She sat in the waiting room for hours on end watching as patients, doctors and nurses passed her by. The blond haired man appeared in the corridor and sat next to her, introducing himself as Mikey.

“I am so, so sorry for what I did.” He said with a quivering voice. “I feel terrible for what I’ve done.”

“It’s my fault” Mia whispered. “I ran out into the road after a stupid argument. Frank saved my life.”

Mikey looked up just as the pale girl who sat in his car earlier appeared still with her arms wrapped tightly around herself. He stood up and walked over to her, pulling her close to him. She leant her head against his chest, her eyes still as wide as when Mia first saw her, except now there was black makeup smudged underneath them. She really was in some intense shock after the accident. Mikey took her hand and pulled her to sit down on the waiting room seats.

“Um Mia, this is my girlfriend Missy. She was in the car with me.”

“Yeah, I saw you in the passenger seat.” Mia mumbled. Missy still didn’t speak but nodded in acknowledgement of what Mia said. “Are you ok?” Mia asked.

“I think she’s just in shock.” Mikey said.

A nurse walked up to Mia and told her that Frank had woken up and she could speak to him briefly if she wanted. She stood up and Mikey called out to her, “Hey, umm if you like we could wait for you and make sure you get home ok?”

Mia nodded. “Yes, thank you Mikey.” She stepped into the room where Frank lay on a bed covered in cuts and bruises, with wires hooking him up to a machine. He slowly moved his head over to where Mia stood.

“Heya Kitty.” He croaked out with his dry throat.

Mia rushed over to his bedside and took his hand kissing it gently. “I’m so sorry Frankie, I’m so sorry.” She began to sob.

“Hey, hey calm down Kitty. I’m fine.” He murmured. “It was my fault. I shouldn’t have hit you. You never deserved that and I don’t deserve you. I regret hitting you but I don’t regret pushing you out the way of that car. Not for one second.”

He reached a hand up to move a strand of black hair from the sobbing girl’s face. “I love you Mia. Don’t you ever forget that.”

“I never did Frankie. I love you too.” Mia’s voice was nothing more than a whisper. She took a seat by his bed side and laid her head down next to him, allowing Frank to stroke her black curls. A few minutes later Missy appeared at the door and Mia heard her speak for the first time. She gasped as she first looked at Frank but managed to compose herself.

“Um the nurse says you need to leave now so he can rest and um the cab is here.”

Mia nodded and kissed Frank gently. “I’ll come back soon baby. I love you.”

“I love you too, Kitty.” He squeezed her hand quickly before she left with Missy.

“Are you ok now?” Mia asked.

Missy nodded. “Yeah, I just tend to get panic attacks a lot so that kind of set one off.”

Mia, Missy and Mikey all climbed into a taxi together. Mikey seemed to be the only one who tried to make conversation while Missy rested her head against his shoulder and Mia replied occasionally while staring out the window. As Mia began to climb out the taxi right which was now right outside her house, Mikey held her arm.

“Hey um, do you mind if tomorrow I was to come with you to the hospital. I mean I could give you a lift and I really do need to apologise to Frank.”

Mia nodded and smiled. “Yeah that’d be fine. Thank you Mikey.”

She stepped into her house and flopped down onto her bed, burying her face in the pillow. She cried softly. Not because of the earlier argument or because of what had happened to Frank, but because he was ok. That was all that mattered now.

Sorry Kitty for taking so long to upload this! I'm sorry but I hope you liked it and it was adorable enough. Byeee
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