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Birthdays, birthdays how I hate them so.

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Birthdays, you ask,
What are birthdays?
Well, let me tell you,
Let me show you,
What birthdays really are.

Birthdays, I don't like them.
Why celebrate your life?
Just reminding you that you're getting older,
Reminding you, you're growing up,
And soon, you'll be out on your own,
Alone in that big wide world.

Sure, you get gifts, but some aren't what you want,
Like, sometimes, your own mother,
Gets you a fucking dictionary.
When, clearly, you wanted a CD, or even a video game,
But, nope, a fucking dictionary.
And you just gotta say thanks,
Because it's polite.

Sometimes you get fucking cash too, which is good,
Except for the fact, sometimes, someone spends it all for themself,
When it is your money,
Not theirs.
Jeez, how I hate that,
How I hate it so,
How, I just wish,
I wish they'd leave me alone.

Birthdays, oh birthdays,
You utter piece of shit,
Why can't birthdays be banned?
I don't wanna fucking grow up just yet,
I'm not ready to be shoved into the world,
I'd rather just be young forever,
Sleeping in a bed.

I really have no idea what this is.. Ash, this is what you recieve for me changing my style..
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