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One Smile Makes the Difference

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A/N: Set shortly before Chapter 19 A Change in Fate.

It was one of those days when John was miserable and cranky. There was no other way to describe it. He was just plain old cranky.

So the first reason he was cranky because he hadn't had enough sleep.

No matter how much reassurance she gave him, John wouldn't stop fussing over Shayera every five seconds. No matter what she said he was still worried that she would get hurt somehow or that she could go into labor at any second. And worrying about her cost him sleep.

And then his first coffee of the day had burnt his tongue and it was still hurting. Every time he opened his mouth it stung.

He had previously hurt his right shoulder and arm on a mission the day before so both his shoulder and arm were very sore. The bandages made his arm itch and he felt sluggish still and it was almost midday.

He'd gotten chewed out during a monitor duty shift that wasn't even his, as he covered for Shayera, for being inattentive. But was it his fault that he had to worry about his pregnant wife during every waking hour of the day? Was it his fault that he needed to pass out during the monitor shift because he hadn't slept in days?

Of course it wasn't his fault.

Then he was called off for a mission. He thought it would be simple but no. Halfway through the mission it had begun to rain, basically a torrential downpour, and he had gotten drenched. The dripping sounds had annoyed him even more than before. The water dripped down his already soaked back and made him flinch every time another drop of cold water found its way under his collar.

People he usually got along with fine irritated him. He found himself snapping at Stargirl in the elevator and then at Vigilante when the cowboy accidentally bumped in to him. Even Wally's usual cheery attitude didn't seem as refreshing as it usually was.

Then he couldn't concentrate on the current monitor shift he was on, which he had gotten early to and was originally one of Shayera's once again, and it irritated him further. He stood and paced but only ended up banging his knee on the monitor desk. Needless to say this irritated him further.

"Shouldn't you be at home relaxing John? I told you not to worry. I've got this covered."

Then he heard her voice. He turned his head. There she was standing there with her hands on her hips, looking a bit disappointed to find him there when she wanted him to have some relaxing, alone time at home. Her emerald eyes were wide and showed the myriad of emotions she was experiencing on a daily basis from having way too much estrogen and progesterone in her body. She looked fatigued but the smile on her face made her glow and it warmed his heart at the same time.

He turned to fully face her and suddenly his day couldn't have gotten any better.
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