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The young girl never understood the burning buildings, but now she does.

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I was five years old when the news report came on, during September 2001. The things I saw, I never understood. Buildings were falling, fires licked away the remains of lifeless souls, but, I never understood why. I remember seeing Mommy crying, she looked sad, but I didn't know why. I just wanted Daddy to come home from work..


He never came home, my Dad. He worked in the same building they bombed. He'd gone down in the almighty flames that blackened him as he had his life drained from him. Those monsters, they took my father from me, and many other fathers, sons, uncles, even husbands from innocent people. On the screen, on the screen it showed the massacre. The broken city sky as the fumes poisoned the air. Like butane on my skin, yet I was too young to know exactly what had happened. And, in that mere matter of minutes, my father was stolen from my eyes.

Inspired by Skylines and Turnstiles, the song that started it all.. I was actually alive during 9/11. I think I was about one years old maybe. Anyway, I have Skylines and Turnstiles on my phone, and have decided, on the date of 9/11 this year, I will be playing that song aloud. Remembrance. (Did I spell that right? Oh well, close enough) Rate and Review! xo Sadie
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