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Gerard, for the most part, had a fairly normal life... until the Pig Bomb killed his parents and left his brother with severe nerve damage to his right hand. Now, Gerard must take on the world as P...

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| June 7, 1992

“No! Don’t wanna!”

The woman sighed as her young son continued to resist her attempts to take him to the car. She was six months pregnant, and she probably shouldn’t be doing this since she was well past halfway finished with her second pregnancy, but with her husband trying to load the moving van with a neighbor, she really had no choice.

“Gerard, don’t you want a safe place for your baby brother to grow up in?”


Gerard truly was her son- just as stubborn as she was. Technically, Newark wasn’t much better than Summit, but after finding a seventh dead body in the lake across the street, she determined that it wasn’t suitable for the child she was currently arguing with or the one she was carrying.

“Gerard… if you get in the car, I’ll take you for ice cream when we get to our new home. You can have whatever you want.”

Ice cream? That sounded pretty good to the three-year-old. “Even chocolate?”

“Yes, even chocolate. And I’ll let you get two scoops if you behave.”

Gerard didn’t need to be told twice. He crawled into his car seat and let his mother buckle him up.

“Don? Are you ready?”

“Good to go, Donna,” Don replied, “Is Gerard in his seat?”

“Yes, Don! We’re ready when you are.”

The neighbor jumped into the front seat of the moving van while Don took the wheel of the car. Gerard was in the middle of drawing in his new sketchbook, which, if his grandmother’s assumption was correct, would keep him busy for the ride to their new home.

When the car roared to life, Gerard took one final look at his old home before the car took off.


| September 10, 1992

Gerard and his grandmother waited patiently in the waiting room for his father to come out and tell him that it would be okay to come inside. However, every scream of agony and curse made Gerard wonder if it would ever be okay.

“Grandma Elena,” Gerard asked, “Is mommy okay?”

“Yes, child,” Elena said, “This is how childbirth works… one day, you’ll understand.”

Gerard decided that it might not be wise to ask more questions. Instead, he went back to drawing a picture for his mother.

Shortly thereafter, Don walked out into the waiting room.

“Is she okay?” Elena asked.

“Yes, she’s fine.” Don turned to Gerard and smiled. “Gerard, there’s someone we want you to meet.”

Gerard followed his father and grandmother into the room. On the hospital bed, he could see his mother holding a tiny bundle of blue.

Don lifted Gerard up onto the bed, where he crawled to his mother’s side.

“Gee, this is your new baby brother,” Donna whispered, “Stay quiet, now… he’s sleeping.”

Donna lowered the tiny child slightly so Gerard could see. Gerard was amazed to see that everything about the baby was… well, tiny. Gerard could fit several of the little baby’s hand into his own.

“His name is Michael James Way,” Donna told her son.

“No. Mikey.”

Donna chuckled, clearly amused. “Yes. /Mikey/.”


| November 13, 1999

A new town meant a new beginning. Of course, being only ten years old at the time, Gerard found it a bit of an anxiety-inducing experience. (Compared to his younger brother, though, he seemed perfectly fine.)

After walking Mikey to his classroom (which just so happened to be right across from his own), Gerard took a seat at one of the desks in his classroom. It had a card with his name neatly written on it, just like his old school.

On the bulletin board in the room, Gerard noticed a poster about an audition for the musical production of /Peter Pan/. He remembered what his grandmother said about trying new things and decided to audition.

After school that day, Gerard signed up for the auditions, which took place the next day. In a folder stapled to the wall was sheet music for the audition piece. Gerard grabbed a copy and, as soon as he and Mikey got home, started rehearsing.

Mikey was watching an old episode of SpongeBob Squarepants when Gerard asked if the younger would listen to him sing and give his opinion. After Mikey found out what the word opinion meant, he agreed, muting the yellow sponge that was currently grilling Krabby Patties.

After Gerard sang to him, Mikey gave it some thought. Finally, he said, “Good… sing louder.”

Mikey was never much of a talker, so a three worded response was probably the best he’d get out of the seven-year-old. After explaining to Mikey that, no, a grill wouldn’t work under water, Gerard went back to practicing.

Several days after the audition, Gerard was thrilled to have received the lead role in the musical.

| September 11, 2001

Gerard was only twelve when he saw the towers fall.

He and the other sixth graders in his class were in the middle of taking a test when another teacher ran in to tell his teacher something. Gerard recognized her as Mikey’s teacher.

“Children, please put your pencils down,” Gerard’s teacher said, “We… We’ll resume the test at a later time.”

Mikey’s teacher left the room for a minute, but came back with her students. The third graders were instructed to sit on the floor. Mikey raced over to Gerard and sat next to him.

“Mikey, do you know what’s happening?” Gerard asked. Mikey shook his head, but he did have a look of unease on his face, as though he knew it was bad.

The projector was switched on, and the children found themselves watching in horror as the towers fell.

Mikey said nothing as Gerard lifted him up onto his lap and held him. Instead, he just clung to him, like a koala.

Finally, Mikey whimpered, “I’m scared, Gee.”

Gerard buried his face into Mikey’s hair. “Me too, Mikey…”

| September 1, 2004

Gerard’s first day of freshmen year was far from ideal.

It wasn’t that people beat him up or anything… people just avoided him.

Gerard wished Mikey were here. But Mikey was still stuck in grade school, and he wouldn’t be going to his school until Gerard was a senior.

Still… being avoided was just slightly better than being beaten.

Gerard did have a few friends, though. None of them were really close to him, per se, but they didn’t hate him.

One of these friends was Ray Toro. Ray shared three classes with him, and they sat together at lunch. They simply spent those thirty minutes talking about music and eating whatever they were serving.

That’s what they did back in middle school, anyway.

Gerard noticed that Ray had a textbook on engineering. So, instead of asking if Ray saw Muse over summer break, he asked about it.

“I’m taking as many engineering classes I can before college,” Ray said, “I’m hoping to make it as a mechanic.”

Gerard nodded, “Cool, man. I could see you working as one.”

“You really think so?”

“Yeah. I can already see the grease in your ‘fro.”

Ray laughed. “So… what do you plan on doing?”

“I want to be an animator,” Gerard said, “Mikey keeps telling me to get into music, though.”

“Mikey’s your kid brother, right? The one who helped me with my algebra homework?”

“Yeah,” Gerard said, “I don’t know why he hasn’t skipped a few grades. He’s saved my ass plenty of times before because he knew what the quadratic equation was.”

Ray nodded, “Y’know… he’s never been wrong before. Maybe you could make it as a musician. Remember when you were Peter Pan?”

Gerard snorted and rolled his eyes. “I’ll think about it…”

| December 7, 2007

The first half of Mikey’s freshmen year was rough. Unlike Gerard, he was often shoved into lockers and tripped in hallways. Gerard would even find him outside, crying, with bruises and cuts marring his pale skin.

Almost everyone in his school seemed against poor Mikey. Everyone except for Gerard, Ray, and Mikey’s two friends since grade school, Frank and Pete.

Frank was smaller than Mikey, but could hold his own in a fight. Pete, though, was something of a monster. Really, the only people he could never hurt were Frank and Mikey.

Pete pushed Mikey to defend himself. After Gerard would finish bandaging his wounds, Pete would often ask him why he didn’t fight back.

“Can’t.” That was all Mikey would say. Pete was wise enough to know that would be the only answer he’d receive.

For a while, Mikey went to Pete’s house after school. Gerard wasn’t sure if it was just to hang out or if the two had feelings for each other, but what he did know was that he had to rescue Mikey less and less.

Gerard was in the dark until today.

When he got into the cafeteria, students were crowded in the center of the room. Gerard figured that the fight would’ve been interesting.

He lost all interest in it, though, when he a brute everyone called Johnny Christ repeatedly punching and kicking Mikey.

“What’s the matter-” kick “-faggot-” kick “-can’t you take-” kick “-a fucking blow?”

Johnny’s foot was raised above Mikey’s head. Gerard, in horror, realized what he was about to do.

As quick as a cobra, though, Mikey rolled out of the way milliseconds before Johnny’s boot hit the ground. It did, however, crush Mikey’s glasses, which had fallen off when he rolled away.

Mikey took advantage of Johnny’s disbelief to stand up. Gerard took note of Mikey’s bloody nose and a small cut on the side of his face. One of his arms cradled his stomach, which Gerard was sure would be terribly bruised.

“You,” Mikey hissed, “I’m tired of you. I’m tired of everyone picking on me and everyone else you deem subhuman! But you… you’re the worst of them!”

Johnny laughed, but everyone else was stunned. Mikey had never raised his voice. Even more surprising, he spoke more than three words.

“You think this is funny? That this is some kind of joke?” Mikey stepped closer to Johnny. “I’ll say this slowly, so your devolved brain can understand this. I’m. Not. Laughing.”

But it only fueled Johnny’s laughter. Everyone else joined in, with the exception of a few in the crowd.

The laughter ceased when Mikey’s fist collided with Johnny’s jaw. And, judging by the fact that Johnny had landed on his back, Mikey had put every ounce of rage he had bottled up for the past fifteen years into it.

A cheer came from someone in the crowd- Pete Wentz.

“It’s about time, Way,” Pete cheered, “If I weren’t your best friend, I’d be fucking terrified!”

Mikey seemed to have cooled down, and upon hearing Pete’s comment, he turned red from embarrassment.

Pete approached Mikey and said, “C’mon, let’s get you to the nurse… that nose looks sore.”

Mikey apparently wasn’t aware of his bloody nose, as he gave Pete a questioning look before touching it. A frustrated sigh escaped Mikey’s mouth at the sight of the blood. Pete handed him a napkin from a bystander’s tray and escorted him to the nurse.

As it turned out, Pete had been giving Mikey self-defense lessons. Gerard stopped Pete on the way out of the nurse’s office to talk to him.

“Are you aware that they have to wire Johnny’s jaw shut?” Gerard asked.

Pete grinned, “Good. I think this school would be a lot better if he just shut up for a while.”

“How long?”


“How long have you been teaching him to fight?”

“Well,” Pete said, “It took longer to convince him rather than teach him. He’s had a killer right hook since day one, actually. I’m trying to convince him to take Kung-Fu, since punching people will only go so far, but I dunno if he’ll go for it.”

“Believe me,” Gerard said, “I think that he’ll consider it.”

| June 1, 2008

“We’re so proud of you, Gerard,” Donna said, a smile gracing her slightly wrinkled face.

“Thanks, mom,” Gerard said, “It’s a shame dad couldn’t be here.”

“He sends you his love, dear. He’s terribly sorry he couldn’t come.”

“It’s all good. I know how important his job is. Anyway, two out of three isn’t bad, right?”

Donna smiled, “That’s right.”

Gerard turned to Mikey. “It’s gonna be weird, y’know, not having to look over your shoulder.”

Mikey nodded, “You have to admit, though, I kinda stopped needing your protection when I punched Johnny Cunt in the face.”

“Michael James Way, watch your language!” Donna scolded.

“Sorry, mom.”

“He is right, though,” Gerard said, “My baby brother’s growing up!”

Gerard tightly hugged Mikey, whose face turned bright red. “Gerard, people are staring…”

“Shut up, Mikey, you’ll ruin the moment.”

Gerard had officially graduated high school… he wasn’t quite sure if he should laugh or cry.

| June 4, 2011

Gerard had barely made it to his plane in time, hot coffee had been spilled on his favorite shirt, and a kid had been kicking the back of his seat for the entire plane ride from New York to Belleville.

His day was brightened, though, when Mikey was standing at the gate, a Starbucks latte in each hand, with a tiny smile on his face.

“Hey, Gee,” Mikey greeted.

“Good to see you, Mikes,” Gerard said, pulling his baby brother into a tight hug. He accepted the latte Mikey offered him, taking a moment to take in Mikey’s appearance.

In the last three years, Mikey’s hair had grown a bit, but, as he remembered, it was perfectly straightened. Mikey still wore his glasses fairly low on his nose and kept his head up somewhat in order to see through them. (Gerard still didn’t know why he did it.) The eighteen-year-old was now slightly taller than he was, which sort of pissed Gerard off.

“Man, I can’t believe you’re officially graduating tomorrow… seems like just yesterday you were that little kid who came running to me every time you had a nightmare,” Gerard said. He could see the tiny smile on Mikey’s face grow wider.

“Yeah… I’m just so glad it’s over,” Mikey sighed, “No more homework. No more teachers. No more Johnny Christ.”

Gerard had to laugh at that last one. “Yeah. But I thought you were going to college with Pete...”

“I am,” Mikey said, “He’s studying art, and I’m studying engineering.”


“Why not? Ray taught me a lot about it, even got me to take intro to engineering… and it was the only class where people actually were okay with being around me.”

Gerard nodded. He remembered Mikey had won the science fair all four years in a row with all sorts of inventions. If Ray hadn’t taken him under his wing and taught him a few tricks, he was sure Mikey wouldn’t have found something he loved.

“C’mon,” Mikey said, “Mom’s waiting for us. She really wouldn’t like it if you were late to dinner.”

| July 4, 2012

“Mikey? Mikey! Where are you?!”

Gerard’s frantic yelling cut into the dusty air. Visibility was almost zero. The house Gerard grew up in was now nothing but debris.

Gerard’s mother and father were dead. If Mikey was gone, too, he’d-

A groan dragged Gerard out of his thoughts. Gerard looked down, seeing Mikey lying there, where his foot was about to be placed.

“Mikey!” Gerard began to clear the debris off his brother. Miraculously, he had survived. He had been quick enough to duck under a table. For the most part, the table had protected Mikey, but it did collapse under the weight of the ceiling.

Gerard helped Mikey into a sitting position. The younger’s face scrunched up in pain as Gerard propped him up against a large part of a wall that was somehow still standing.

“You okay, Mikey?” Gerard asked. Mikey nodded, but from the way he held his right hand, Gerard had to disagree.

“Let me see, Mikey,” Gerard said. Mikey was hesitant, but slowly removed his left hand from his right.

“Shit!” Mikey’s hand was bloody and trembling. When Gerard touched it, Mikey barely managed to bite back a scream of agony.

“This doesn’t look good, Mikey,” Gerard winced, “I hate to say it, but we might have to get you to the hospital… if it’s still standing.”

Mikey gave a look of dismay, but nodded anyway. He knew very well that if his hand was left unchecked, it might get infected.

“Gerard! Mikey! You’re okay!”

Gerard turned around to see Frank and Pete running towards them. Pete had a bandage over his right eyebrow and a small cut on his nose, but otherwise looked fine. Frank appeared to have no injury.

“For the most part, yeah,” Gerard said, motioning towards Mikey.

“Let me take a look,” Frank said. Gerard moved back a little, giving the medical student some space. Frank had enough experience to be able to at least give them a vague idea of what they were dealing with.

“Gerard, do you happen to have a first aid kit anywhere? I brought mine along, but I don’t know if I have enough bandages for Mikey’s hand.”

“I can go check,” Gerard said. He and Pete began searching through the rubble whilst Frank inspected the wound.

Donna kept a first aid kit in both restrooms. Gerard searched the area that used to be the downstairs restroom while Pete checked the rubble of the upstairs restroom.

Both managed to find the kits in a reasonable amount of time. They met back up with Frank, who had a concerned look on his face.

“I can already see that there’s going to be nerve damage,” Frank said, “It might be permanent.”

“What?!” Gerard asked in disbelief.

“Gerard, were you aware that a sharp piece of rubble embedded itself into Mikey’s hand?”

“No… there was too much blood for me to actually see it.”

Frank nodded, “Yeah… and it’s small enough to go unnoticed. Mikey, we really need to get this removed.”

“Do it now,” Mikey said.

“What? Mikey, I can’t do it here! We have to-”

“Do. It. Now.” Mikey was completely serious. “Won’t be able to get it out tonight at the hospital.”


“More serious injuries out there… could be days until they get to it. I want it out /now/.”

Frank nodded. Mikey did have a point, though.

“Okay… fine. But this is gonna hurt like hell, and I don’t have anything to numb it or put you to sleep.”

“Just do it,” Mikey sighed.

Frank rummaged through the kit he brought and pulled out a scalpel, some rubbing alcohol, forceps, a roll of gauze, and suture needles and thread. He cut a piece of gauze for Mikey to bite down on. Gerard took Mikey’s other hand in his own while Pete knelt down at Frank’s side, prepared to help in any way he could.

“Ready?” Mikey nodded, since the gauze would not allow him speak.

Gerard wasn’t prepared for Mikey to grip his hand so hard when the scalpel cut into the hand. Mikey’s face scrunched up in pain, eyes shut tightly. Gerard refused to look at the hand Frank was working on, for fear that he might pass out if he even spared a glance. Right now, Mikey needed him to be strong.

Mikey’s scream of agony was muffled by the gauze he was biting down on as Frank removed the piece of rubble from the brunet’s hand. Finally, Frank said, “The worst of it is over now, Mikey.”

Frank began cleaning the wound, earning a few small winces from Mikey. Once the wound was clean, he began to stitch the elder’s hand. With the wound stitched and bandaged, Frank packed up the supplies.

“There… but we should still have it checked over at a hospital. A year’s worth of medical school will only go so far,” Frank told Gerard. Mikey looked like he was going to pass out, so Gerard and Pete had to help him up.

“Hopefully, we can get some morphine or something. It might help.”

Somehow, Mikey’s car survived the bombing. Mikey and Pete took the back seat, while Gerard and Frank were in the driver and passenger seats, respectively. They drove to the hospital, avoiding rubble and dead bodies along the way.

| July 12, 2012

A few days ago, the quartet discovered that Ray was alive.

Ray was at the hospital with a broken arm, but otherwise was fine. Ray’s house was still standing, so they now had shelter.

But there was only so much they could do in a decimated town. The hospital had no working technology to help with Mikey’s hand, but they were able to find medication for him. And with riots occurring all over the city, the future was looking bleak for them all.

That is, until Ray discovered that there was a place to go- Battery City, in the former state of California.

“If we leave tonight,” Ray said, “We should make it there in a few days. There shouldn’t be any traffic, because the entire country’s in disarray.”

“Perfect,” Gerard said, “We might be able to do something about Mikey’s hand.”

“Gerard, the damage to his hand is most likely permanent,” Frank reminded him, “There’s a chance he might not be able to use it again.”

“But we have to try,” Gerard said, “and in order to do that, we need to get to Battery City.”
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