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“Yeah,” Poison said, “It really makes you take advantage of moments like these.”

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| ZONE 3
| March 4, 2020

Poison’s journal, March 4 of 2020.

Our war continues to rage on. I think that, this time, we might just win. I don’t want to get too confident, because I know that, when I do, everything will turn to shit. But I have a feeling that we’re actually doing something right.

I’ll keep this short and sweet- I fully intend on changing the world, even if I do end up dying in the end.

| ZONE 3
| September 3, 2020

The sight of Pete and Kobra snuggled together in the younger’s bed was adorable. Although, the fact that it was very obvious the two had screwed made Poison the slighted bit homicidal, he accepted the fact that the two were happy together.

(At least they weren’t “happy” in his bed. He heard from Patrick that it happened at their place, and it wasn’t Pete’s bed that they were making sweet love in.)

Poison was happy for his brother, really. But after breaking if off with Lindsey because he didn’t want her to be BLI’s target once again, he couldn’t help but feel a bit bitter.

When it came down to it, it really didn’t matter. Kobra went through too much shit in his life, so he deserved the happiness that came in the form of Pete Wentz. As long as they didn’t fuck in his bed, he could care less what they did.

| ZONE 3
| January 1, 2021

The new year was already quite explosive- literally.

The Killjoys had been in the middle of raiding a Ghost Station when the self-destruct protocol had been initiated. They had barley gotten out of the building when the explosion knocked the off their feet and sent them flying.

The night sky lit up in an explosion of flames. Sadly, Poison realized, that would be the closest thing to fireworks they’d get.

Kobra was lying next to him, motionless. Poison feared the worse as he frantically shook his younger brother. A groan escaped his lips- that was the only response Poison needed to know Kobra was going to be okay.

“C’mon, c’mon, get up!” Poison’s efforts were useless- Kobra was unconscious.

Poison was forced to lift Kobra’s unconscious form up into his arms and run back to the Trans Am, fretting about the younger’s condition.

| ZONE 3
| July 4, 2021

“Here’s to yet another year,” Poison sighed.

Kobra took another sip of the moonshine that Jet made, a look of disgust crossing his features. But, fuck it, he needed it. Everyone needed it. No matter how much anyone drank of the rather disgusting liquor, though, it wouldn’t be enough to make them forget. (Kill them, yes, but not forget.)

Nine years. It had been nine years since the Pig Bomb. Nine years since their world was turned upside down and inside-out.

Nine years since Better Living Industries took over.

Everyone, save for Poison and Kobra, had passed out from the amount they drank. Poison took this as his chance to do something he never did before- talk about it. He was done drinking away his problems, done drinking the bitter-tasting moonshine and watching as Kobra did the same.


Kobra looked up at his older brother, making eye contact. Poison could see every negative emotion in his hazel eyes. Fear, regret, anger, hatred, self-loathing, depression, disgust.

“I’m sorry… I’m so fucking sorry for dragging you into this.”

Kobra didn’t respond verbally. Instead, he stood, stumbled over to his older brother, and just pulled him into a hug.

Poison just held his baby brother in the silence of the room.

| ZONE 3
| October 23, 2021

Lately, attacks from BLI have been happening more and more frequently. The Killjoys were having a difficult time keeping up.

After a particular battle, Pete and Kobra got into another one. It wasn’t a physical battle, but arguably, much worse… a battle of words.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Dammit, Pete, what if that shot killed you?” Kobra demanded.

“Well, it didn’t,” Pete shouted, “And you didn’t get killed either!”

“…Would that really be such a bad thing?”

Pete was surprised by what just came out of his boyfriend’s mouth, and he wasn’t the only one.

“Kobra, what’s that supposed to mean?” Kobra made no response. He was about to make his way to his room to brood, but Pete grabbed his wrist. “No! You’re gonna tell me! I’m fucking tired of you keeping everything locked up inside! How am I supposed to help if-”

“I’m tired of this shit, okay?!” Kobra responded, “I’m tired of living out here, I’m tired of fighting in this war, and I’m tired of losing to these tyrants! Death… death would be so much better than this. At least in death, they have no power over us. In death… you and I, we could be together without having to look over our shoulders, we wouldn’t have to worry about what they’d do to us. There’d be room for emotions. No pills, no S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S, no fear.”

Pete was in shock. Really, he had no idea that all of this was on Kobra’s mind, and from the look on Poison’s face, neither did the leader of the Killjoys.

“Was that a good enough response, Pete? Or do you want me to-”

Pete pulled Kobra into a passionate kiss, cutting him off. Kobra was obviously surprised, but he made no move to stop it.

When they finally pulled away, Kobra looked down, avoiding eye contact with Pete. Pete cupped Kobra’s chin and gently forced him to look up.

“Mikey… to answer your question… yes, it would be a bad thing. It would be fucking awful. I love you too much to let them kill you. I love you too much to see that you think it wouldn’t be a bad thing. If you died, I’d be a fucking wreck. I wouldn’t have the chance to make you mine forever. I… I don’t want you to go. Ever.”

Pete wiped a few tears that had begun to cascade down his face with his sleeve. He pulled Kobra close and sighed. “And… if I am gonna keep fighting and running, I couldn’t imagine doing it without you, beautiful.”

| ZONE 3
| December 25, 2021

“Hey, Poison,” Pete whispered, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yeah, sure,” Poison mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.

“I really need to know if you think Kobra would like this.” He handed Poison a small box. “I’m… I’m not sure if I should give it to him or not.”

Poison opened to box. His eyes widened and a smile appeared on his face. “Pete, I think he’ll love it. No, I know so.”

A grin sprouted on Pete’s face. “Great! God, thank you, Gerard. You have no idea how much I’ve been freaking out over it.”

Poison rolled his eyes. “It’s no problem, man. And, for god’s sakes, keep your voice down!”

“Shit, sorry!” Pete whispered. He snuck his way over to Kobra’s bed a placed a kiss on his forehead. Kobra, having become a light sleeper since leaving Battery City, stirred at the contact and opened his eyes. Pete just smiled down at the sleepy-eyed male before bringing him in for a kiss on the lips.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Pete murmured.

“Merry Christmas, Peter Panda,” Kobra mumbled back. He let his head rest on Pete’s shoulder and sighed contently.

Pete gave Poison a look. Poison nodded.

“Mikey,” Pete said, “I… I was going to wait until everyone was up to ask you this, but I seriously can’t wait any longer… I guess your brother’s gonna be the only one to witness it. I love you. I love you more than life itself, Mikey. You’re the only one I’d ever lay down my life for, and I know you feel the same way. At the risk of this sounding completely cliché and totally stupid, I want you to make me the luckiest man alive. So… will you marry me?”

Kobra’s eyes filled with tears of happiness as he threw himself onto Pete, kissing him. Poison couldn’t help but smile at the two of them.

| ZONE 3
| February 20, 2022

As it turned out, Lindsey was certified to officiate the wedding. She gladly accepted Kobra’s offer to officiate the far from traditional ceremony.

The wedding only consisted of a few people- Jet, Ghoul, Gear, Patrick, Brendon, the girl, Doctor D, Cola, Pony, and, of course, Poison.

Tradition pretty much flew out the window completely. Lindsey skipped the stuff that took a lot of time to do, such as reading religious scriptures, and just went on to the important stuff.

“Do you, Peter Lewis Kingston Wentz the Third, take Michael as your not-so-lawfully wedded spouse?”

“I do.”

“And do you, Michael James Way, take Peter as your not-so-lawfully wedded spouse?”

“I do.”

“By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you spouses. Kiss, goddamn it!”

And kiss they did. Applause rang out from the small group, and even a wolf-whistle from Gear.

After the ceremony, Gear and Jet had a drinking contest. Kobra was cheering for his ex, while Pete took Jet’s side. While everyone was preoccupied with the excitement, Lindsey and Poison decided to talk.

“Y’know… I always saw us getting married, Gee,” Lindsey admitted, “But I pictured that we didn’t have any worries. No BLI, no Killjoys, just you, me, and the wedding party.”

“Is it weird that I felt the same way?” Poison asked, “I mean… I kinda pictured us having a kid.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah… It’s funny really… Mikes always told me that if I ever had a kid, I should name him or her Bandit. In fact, he made me promise to name my firstborn Bandit.”

Lindsey giggled. “When exactly did he make you promise this?”

“His junior year, I think,” Poison said, “But… I agree with him. Bandit’s not your typical name.”

“No… it’s not.”

Without thinking, Poison kissed Lindsey. Lindsey kissed right back. And, under the cover of the screaming and laughing in the other room, made love under the stars.

| ZONE 3
| August 30, 2022

Poison and Lindsey were married for a few months when she told him.

“Gerard… I’m pregnant!”

He’s going to be a father! A real, actual father!

“Lindsey, that’s fantastic!” And he meant every word of it.

Of course, Poison had to tell Kobra. Once the announcement left his mouth, his little brother had to have been more excited than he was. Ecstatic, euphoric, excited, and just about any other word for happiness couldn’t describe how overjoyed the normally stoic Killjoy was. The only way he could think of it was a puppy on LSD that just received a new toy.

Kobra went on and on about how excited he was about little Bandit. It was rather adorable, especially since Kobra hadn’t been this happy since Pete proposed to him.

“It’s almost as though he’s the one having the baby,” Lindsey giggled when she and Poison were alone.

“I can’t blame him,” Poison said, “I mean, he and Pete can’t have a child of their own, for obvious reasons. I’m surprised he hasn’t taken Missile Kid and lived with Pete in another Zone.”

“Y’know, I heard that Pete was trying to find a surrogate mother. I know he and Kobra have talked about it once, but Pete hasn’t been able to let the idea go.”

Poison nodded. He was a bit uncomfortable that the surrogate would more than likely be someone he didn’t know, but he knew that if his younger brother and brother-in-law really wanted a child, it was the only thing they could do.

But, right now, the only child he was concerned with other than the girl he took in so long ago was the one they’d call Bandit.

| ZONE 3
| June 1, 2023

Poison held his five-day-old newborn child in his arms. Little Bandit was sound asleep in her father’s arms, looking so small in the soft, but worn, baby blanket.

“She’s so small,” Kobra whispered, looking at the baby in his brother’s arms, “Fragile, too. She shouldn’t be living out here.”

“Yeah,” Poison said, voice low, “But she can’t live in that hellhole of a city. They’ll brainwash her… make her like them. I can’t let that happen, Kobra.”

Kobra nodded in understanding. “How’s Lindsey holding up, Poison?”

“Ghoul said she should be fine. She’s gonna be a bit sore, and will not be fighting for a few months, but after pushing out a baby, I completely understand.”

Poison shuddered at the thought. Ghoul had told him a little about childbirth, since he had taken a course at Battery City’s medical school on childbirth. Ghoul told him that it was fucking brutal for the man, but a thousand times worse for the woman. He thought his friend was exaggerating… he wasn’t!

It was enough to make him not want to have sex again… but, still, he was elated to have a daughter.

“So, Kobra, did you ever find a surrogate?”

The look on Kobra’s face was comical. “H-how do you know about that?!”

“Lindsey told me that Pete had been looking for a surrogate mother. And, by the way, she thinks she knows someone that might be willing to help.”

For once, Kobra was just speechless. He had no idea what to actually say. Even his standard one-worded response wasn’t present.

“She said she was going to talk to Pete about it,” Poison said, “Y’know, when she was feeling better. But she wanted to make sure both of you knew before discussing it first.”

Kobra nodded. “I… um… tell her I said thanks.”

Poison smiled at his younger brother and brought him in for a hug, being careful of the tiny child he held in his other arm.

| ZONE 3
| December 20, 2024

The woman that agreed to help Pete and Kobra, Ashlee Simpson, gave birth to a little boy, who they named Bronx. Now, already a month old, Bronx had quickly grown on everyone.

Even little Bandit seemed happy to have a playmate, even if Bronx stole quite a bit of attention away from her.

Ashlee, of course, was allowed to visit Bronx. She had quickly made friends with the couple, with the three of them finding a common interest in music.

Meanwhile, Poison and Lindsey were in the other room, talking.

“Kobra seems so happy,” Lindsey said, “It’s sweet.”

“He never had that many good things in life, babe,” Poison said, “In high school, the greatest day he had was graduation.”


“But now, he had a family of his own. For the first time in a while, he’s actually happy. It makes me proud, Lindsey.”

“And it should, Gerard,” Lindsey murmured.

| ZONE 3
| April 1, 2025

If this was a joke, /it wasn’t fucking funny/.

There was so much blood. Too much for it to have been coming out of one person. Poison wanted to believe it was the blood of a Draculoid or a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, but as always, it’s never that simple.

Ghoul looked sick as he tried to stop the bleeding. Pete was hyperventilating, leaving Cola to try to calm him down, even while he looked like he was about to faint. Jet wasn’t too far away, lying motionless with a shot to the head.

That left Poison grasping the hand of his younger brother as the life slowly drained from a shot to the chest.

“P… Poison…”

“Shh… don’t talk, Kobra,” Poison murmured, running his free hand through Kobra’s golden locks of hair. “You’ll be okay… you’ll be okay.”

He was more or less telling himself this to keep from going insane. Deep down, he knew Kobra wouldn’t be okay. Even if Ghoul were to stop the bleeding and treat the wound, they still didn’t have the technology to keep him alive. If Kobra didn’t die now, he’d die from infection.

Poison gave a look of desperation to Ghoul, who only shook his head.

Kobra coughed up blood, which caused Poison to grip his brother’s hand tighter.

“Gerard…” Kobra whimpered, “K… keep them s-s-safe, okay? Don’t l-le-let them t-t-t-take Bronx. D-d-d-don’t let Pete g… get h-himself k-k-k-killed.”

“No… Mikey, don’t you dare do this to me,” Poison said, “Don’t you dare leave me… don’t you dare leave us! We need you!”

“I’m t-t-t-t-tired or ru-running, Gee. I’m s-so-sorry.”

Pete slipped out of Cola’s grasp and crawled over to Kobra. “M-Mikey, please… don’t… don’t give up now. /Please/.”

Kobra lifted his free hand up and cupped Pete’s cheek, wiping at the tears that cascaded down his face. “Pete… I c-c-can’t… hold on a-any longer. I l-love you… and B-Bronx. M-make sure y-y-you take care of him. L-love him enough f-f-for the b-both of us.”

Another cough escaped from Kobra. Ghoul moved away, taking the useless bloodstained bandages he had been using to stop the bleeding with him. Poison lifted his up slightly before pulling him into a hug.

“I love you, Mikey,” Poison whispered, “When you go… please tell mom and dad that I love them, okay?”

“I l-l-love you, too, Gerard… and t-they al-already know.”

Kobra took in one last breath… but the exhale never came. Poison held his younger brother tighter, tears splattering on the red jacket and blood staining his blue one.

Tears spilled from Pete’s eyes, but other than that, his face was blank. Ghoul, too was crying, and trying his best to console Pete.

“Pete, I-”

“He’s gone… he’s… he’s really gone,” Pete whimpered, “He’s fucking gone, Frank.”

Ghoul nodded. “I’m so sorry, Pete. I… I couldn’t save him.”

“No… you couldn’t,” Pete said, “But, then again, neither could I. Gerard couldn’t do a thing. Jet and Cola couldn’t help him. None of us could save him, or Jet.”

Pete moved closer to the brothers. Poison looked up at Pete, nodded, and slowly, almost reluctantly, handed Kobra over to him.

Pete buried his face into Kobra’s blonde hair. A sob escaped his lips as he held him close. He was like that for a few minutes before he finally moved down to Kobra’s bloodstained lips, where he placed a final kiss. The bitter taste of copper was there, and it killed Pete.

Pete laid Kobra back down on the ground. He placed a hand over his eyes and slid them shut. Had there not been a bloody hole in his chest, Kobra would’ve looked like he was sleeping.

Sadly, though, that wasn’t the case.

| ZONE 3
| September 10, 2025


Happy birthday, baby brother.

I miss you. Since you and Ray were killed, none of us have been the same. Pete smiles less, Frank’s not as confident in his medical skills, and I’ve been having the worst nightmares in history. Bandit and Bronx miss you, and so does Missile Kid. She’s old enough to understand the concept of death, Mikey, and that scares me. She knew that when you were lying motionless in Pete’s arms, you weren’t sleeping. She knew that no amount of calling your name would wake you up.

Bandit recently said her first word- Kobra. I guess she knew that you were important, because she didn’t say it in a playful tone. She was completely serious.

Pete wears the ring he gave you on a chain around his neck. It serves as a reminder to all of us, but especially him, what we lost.

I’ve enclosed a picture of Bandit, Bronx, and Missile Kid. I know you’d like to see it. Cola told me that it would help your soul find its way, that the Phoenix Witch would make sure you’d get it. I’m a bit skeptical, but, if nothing else, I guess it’ll make me feel a little better.


| ZONE 3
| December 25, 2025

Christmas was anything but peaceful in the Zones.

Since Kobra and Jet were killed, the Killjoys had grown weaker, losing their most rational member and their mechanic. The Draculoids took advantage of this, allowing the Killjoys to impulsively attack without a plan. This resulted in several gunshot wounds and a bloody nose for Pete.

Due to the lack of help, Patrick and Brendon were forced to join in the fight. This left Gear to babysit the kids with Lindsey and Ashlee.

Poison, for the most part, had been as level-headed as ever… until a certain bald-headed S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W came into view.

Korse. The one that tortured Kobra years ago, even though he didn’t get any information out of him. The one that fired the shot that killed Poison’s only reminder of his life before the Pig Bomb…

“This isn’t working… there’s too many of them, Poison!”

“That’s never stopped me before, Kobra.”

Memories flashed through his mind at high speed.

“Shit!” Kobra barely managed to dodge several shots from a Draculoid. Blood dripped from a cut to his forehead.

“You alright there, Kobra?” Poison asked, shooting yet another Draculoid.

“Yeah, just a cut,” the younger replied. He punched the nearest Draculoid in the face, a loud crack sounding from the creature.

Poison was seeing red as Korse smirked vilely. Tears of anger threatened to spill from Poison’s eyes.

“Kobra, look out!”


Poison was seeing Kobra fall to the ground again. He was seeing the blood all over again as he shot at Korse.

He was lucky when he hit Korse’s shoulder. But that was it. He didn’t kill him, and he wasn’t killed. Poison failed to avenge his brother’s death.

And so, Poison spent the hours after the battle sitting by his brother’s makeshift grave, the one with a large plank of wood with KOBRA painted on it.

“I’ll get him next time, Mikey. Promise.”

| ZONE 3
| April 9, 2026

Poison stared at the ray gun given to him by Kobra years ago. The weapon’s colours were slightly faded from years of use, but were still distinguishable. It was much different compared to his younger brother’s ray gun, which was a dark red colour.

The emotional wounds that remained since a little over a year ago stung at the thought of his late brother. A year and eight days ago, Kobra died in his arms… something that shouldn’t have happened.

Kobra was right about this being suicide… /he was always right/.

Poison tried to stay strong, if nothing else, for Bandit, Bronx, and Missile Kid. For the most part, he can go a day without completely breaking down. He could say the same for Pete, who had to raise Bronx without the love of his life there by his side.

“He’s not going to hear Bronx’s first words,” Pete would tell him, “He won’t see him take his first steps or be there to give him advice. He’s not going to be able to tell him all about high school or what life was like before the Pig Bomb.”

The subject of Kobra’s new family was also a kick to the teeth. He had only been married for three years, was able to be with his surrogate son for less than a year, and was only there for the first year or so of Bandit’s life. They wouldn’t remember him, which is what really hurt- Kobra was an amazing person, and they wouldn’t know it.

Lindsey said nothing when Poison locked himself up in his room, understanding that today was not a good day… Poison would live another year, when his younger brother would not.

| ZONE 3
| October 31, 2026

Poison stared in horror at the sight before him.

The graves of Kobra and Jet had been defiled, the corpses missing from the plots. Kobra’s headstone had been completely destroyed, broken into several pieces, while Jet’s was only snapped in half.

Very few people had the balls to even try to do such a thing. Poison was very loyal and protective of his friends, Kobra in particular. Whoever did this had a death wish.

The first person that came to Poison’s mind? Korse.

“We need to go to Battery City,” Poison said, “If I’m correct, they’ll be there.”

Ghoul, Cola, Pete, and Poison wasted no time infiltrating Battery City. They had taken the time to make a plan for this. Thankfully, it went off without a hitch.

Cola had hacked the security system with Kobra’s vend-a-hack after making a few adjustments to the programming. They were even able to use it to track down Kobra and Jet’s whereabouts- the main laboratory.

Surprisingly enough, the lab was empty. Poison assumed that the scientists were either on break or went home for the night. Whatever the reason, though, they had to work quickly.

But the biggest surprise had nothing to do with the lack of scientists- it was the fact that Jet and Kobra weren’t decomposed in the tubes they had been placed in.

Determined to find some answers, Cola hacked the system. Poison couldn’t help but think the Kobra would’ve done it much faster, but now wasn’t the time.

“Found something,” Cola said, “Poison, you might want to see this.”

Poison approached the console. On the screen was quite a bit of information on what was happening.

Subject: Kobra Kid, real name unknown.

Age: Approximately twenty-two years of age at death.

Subject was killed by Killologist Korse on 1 April 2025 from a shot to the chest. Evidence shows that death was rather slow and painful, as traces of oxygen have been found in semi-decomposed lungs. Subject excavated from grave on 28 October 2026. Decomposition was incomplete due to not being exposed to desert heat- therefore, regeneration and reanimation is possible.

Regeneration of all body systems have been complete as of 30 October 2026. Repairs to right hand insufficient due to degree of nerve damage- replaced with electronic limb. Reanimation progress: 99% complete. Subject will remain in a coma until taken to the reprogramming tubes, where all useless emotions will be removed.

Poison couldn’t believe what he was reading- Better Living Industries was trying to bring Kobra and Jet back. They were going to use them as weapons!

“I think I can rewrite the program to ensure he won’t be in a coma after the reanimation is finished,” Cola said, “But, from what this thing is telling me, I’ve only got five minutes to do it.”

“Do it,” Poison said, “I can’t let them do this.”

Cola moved as quickly as his fingers would allow to rewrite the program, with the time going by quickly. Cola had managed to finish it ten seconds before the process was finished.

Reanimation process complete. Have a better day.

Cola punched a few buttons, which opened the tubes that held Jet and Kobra. Kobra fell face-first out of the tube, but thankfully, Pete was there to catch him. Ghoul did the same for Jet, but due to him being so short, he nearly fell over.

A gasp escaped Kobra, followed by a few coughs. Pete was quick to calm him down, instructing him to breathe.

“There we go… in and out, just like that,” Pete murmured, tears in his eyes. A smile graced his features as Kobra caught his breath. Pete, once he was sure Kobra was okay, wrapped his arms tightly around the younger.

“Pete, what happened? I… wasn’t I…”

“Shh,” Pete said, “You’ll ruin the moment, babe.” Pete just held Kobra in his arms. His hair wasn’t blonde anymore, but that could be fixed later.

As Jet came to, Poison made his way to his younger brother. Pete relinquished his hold on his newly-resurrected husband to allow Poison to hold him.

“I missed you guys so much,” Poison said as he pulled his baby brother into a hug, “We all have. Did you happen to get the letter I sent you a while back?”

“I… I did, actually,” Kobra said, “The Phoenix Witch… she’s real, Poison. She told me that it wasn’t my time… I’m starting to wonder if she had something to do with this.”

“Maybe she did,” Poison sighed, resting his head on top of his brother’s, “But, had we not arrived here in time, you’d probably be a Drac or something. BLI was trying to regenerate and resurrect you… the report said they would ‘/remove all useless emotions.’/”

“We should get out of here,” Cola said, “They’ll eventually figure out that I hacked their system.”

“Right,” Poison said, “Kobra, can you walk?”

Kobra attempted to stand, but he fell back. Poison figured that he must’ve been too weak at that point.

Pete lifted Kobra up into his arms while Cola helped Jet, who was able to stand.

“Ghoul, you take the rear. I’ve got the front,” Poison said, removing his gun from its holster.

| ZONE 3
| December 3, 2026

Kobra had fallen asleep in Pete’s arms on a rather quiet evening. Pete had no intention of moving, especially since Bronx had crawled in the sleeping parent’s lap.

In Poison’s opinion, it was a sight to behold. Their little family was together again, even though BLI had something to do with it.

This was the only time Poison would ever thank them.

Jet and Kobra had slowly, but surely, gotten used to living again. Kobra had a nasty scar on his chest, just as Jet had on his forehead. They were reminders of just how dangerous this life was.

They also reminded Poison to watch his friends closely… he didn’t want to lose any of them.

Poison sat down next to the couple and the child. Poison brushed back a few locks of recently-dyed blonde hair out of his younger brother’s sleeping face.

“I can’t even tell you how much I missed this,” Pete whispered, “Not being able to hold him like this was the hardest part of losing him.”

“Yeah,” Poison said, “It really makes you take advantage of moments like these.”

| ZONE 3
| July 4, 2027

“Breaking news here in Battery City. The four rebels, known primarily as the Fabulous Killjoys, infiltrated our fair city and broke into Better Living Industries HQ. In a battle that ended in the tragic deaths of many employees, including field officers, Draculoids, and administrators, the Killjoys continued to mercilessly massacre many staff members until they were shot down, as seen in this security video.

“What could only be assumed as backup for the Killjoys arrived seconds after the four were killed by S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Korse. This backup did not stay long, and there were no other casualties. Better Living Industries has promised that, now that the Killjoys are no longer a threat, the city will be safe. Back to you, Tom.”

| July 4 [Unknown Year]

“Many years ago today, the Fabulous Killjoys, a four-man banger cell, were killed in what used to be Battery City. Their deaths inspired many other Killjoys to come into existence. This exhibit here, in particular, tells us about their leader, Party Poison. Poison, along with his brother Kobra Kid and longtime friends Jet-Star and Fun Ghoul infiltrated Better Living Industries and were shot down in a blaze of glory.”

“Do we know anything about them, Professor Bellamy?”

“Yes, Chris… there were people that survived to tell the tale of the Fabulous Four. Pete Wentz, Brendon Urie, Patrick Stump, Lindsey Ballato-Way, Ashlee Simpson, and Gabe Saporta all had stories to tell about their fallen friends.”

“They knew the Mad Gear?”

“Most definitely. Kobra Kid had a relationship with him for a short while. Now, pay attention, because this will be on the test…”
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