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A Kiss to Make it Better

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Mikey gets sick the day My Chem starts their new tour. Pete decides to take care of him. [PG for language.]

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Mikey Way was going to /kill/ Pete Wentz.

A few days before My Chemical Romance was set to go on tour, Pete had gotten sick. Mikey, being the kind and sweet boyfriend he was, took it upon himself to take care of the Fall Out Boy bassist. Mikey spent two days looking after his sickly boyfriend, making the soup his grandmother would make when he or Gerard got sick (and almost setting it on fire), rubbing Pete’s back as he vomited, and trying to get the other bassist to take his medicine.

Two days later, Pete was back to his old self. Pete thanked Mikey with a kiss (which was probably how he got sick in the first place). And so, a few days later, Mikey was stuck in his bunk on the tour bus with a fever of 102.3 degrees.

Oh, yes, Pete was going to die for giving him the flu.

Mikey had shown symptoms the day before, but he passed it off as a cold. Gerard had even offered to have Lindsey take his spot for the first show in order for Mikey to get some rest. Mikey insisted that he was fine and that he could still play.

Then, as if there were some god against him, he was in the bathroom at his apartment, emptying the contents of his stomach.

It was too late to call in Lindsey, since she promised to babysit one of her friend’s kids. But Pete, Mike, and Brendon were in town, so Gerard had a few options. Pete was his first choice, but the minute the words Mikey’s sick left his mouth, Pete said he’d be there to take care of his boyfriend. Gerard was about to tell him that he didn’t mean for Pete to come and take care of Mikey, but decided against it.Brendon wasn’t available, since he was on his way to a wedding, but he was sure to let them know how sorry he was about it. Mike was available, since Green Day wasn’t on tour and they wouldn’t start recording music for another week or so, stating he’d be there in an hour.

Pete showed up about a half hour after Gerard called him, so he assumed that the bassist had broken every speed limit in California after he dropped Bronx off at Gabe’s place. Mike showed up later, bass in one hand and sheet music in the other.

“We have a few hours before we even need to worry about getting ready. Mike, about how well do you know the music?”

“Billie drove me, so I’ve been practicing the entire time. I think in another hour or two I should have it down,” Mike replied.

“Okay, great,” Gerard said, sounding less tense. “Frank, your immune system is still shit, so you should probably stay away from Mikey. I seriously do not have time to find a rhythm guitarist on short notice. Mikey, please don’t kill Pete. I know he got you sick, but you didn’t have to take care of him.”

“Nice guys finish last,” Mike said with a grin on his face.

If looks could kill, Mike would probably be dead. The glare than Mikey gave the Green Day bassist was so full of venom, Medusa herself would probably turn to stone.

“We should probably start rehearsing,” Gerard sighed, “Mike, feel free to drop into rehearsal whenever you’re ready. Pete, make sure Mikey doesn’t try anything stupid.”

With that, the members of My Chemical Romance, minus Mikey, and the Green Day bassist left the bus.

“So, Mikey-”

Pete turned towards Mikey, only to discover that his boyfriend was starting to drift off. He gently ran a hand through Mikey’s soft blonde hair, receiving a content sigh in response.

“Thought you wanted to kill me, babe,” Pete said.

“Too tired now… maybe later…” Mikey slurred his words slightly, which made Pete chuckle and his smile grow wider.

“You look tired, Mikeyway. Get some rest, okay?” Pete leaned down to kiss Mikey, who dodged his lips.

“No kisses. Not while I’m sick, okay?” This caused Pete to let out a disappointed groan.

Mikey made no response. Instead, he had finally fallen asleep. Pete smirked- Mikey was likely in a pretty deep sleep, considering how tired he looked when he had arrived a little while back. Pete just pressed a kiss onto Mikey’s temple, since his lips were out of reach. He’d give him a more meaningful kiss later.

Mikey was still asleep when the guys returned from rehearsal a few hours later to retrieve their costumes. Pete was watching one of Mikey’s many horror movies when the guys came into the bus, laughing loudly about whatever happened at rehearsal.

“Hey,” Pete hissed, “Shut up! Mikey’s sleeping!”

“Shit, sorry!” Gerard promptly got the others to take their laughing down to a few quiet giggles.

“How is he, Pete?” Frank kept his distance from the younger way, knowing that he’ll catch whatever Mikey has if he gets too close.

“He’s been asleep pretty much the entire time,” Pete said, “I don’t know if his temperature is any better, but I plan on checking when he wakes up.”

“Right,” Gerard said, snatching his costume from his bunk, “Make sure Mikey takes his medicine when he wakes up.”

“’Kay,” Pete said. As the guys left the bus, he called, “Have a great show!”

Another hour or so later, Mikey had finally woken up. He took his medication without being shoved to the ground and having it stuffed in his mouth, like he had done with Pete when he was sick. He then joined Pete in watching horror movies in the silence of the tour bus, taking one of the comforters that had been on his bunk minutes earlier with him.

“You’re looking a lot better, Mikey.”

“Still feel like shit, though,” Mikey said. Mikey’s sinuses were still stuffed up, but Pete just thought it was cute.

“C’mon, let’s check your temperature.” Pete stuck the electronic thermometer into Mikey’s mouth and waited for the beep. It barley had a chance to beep twice before Pete had retrieved it.

“100.4 degrees. Well, it’s a lot better than earlier, right?”

“Yeah,” Mikey sighed. He snuggled up with Pete on the small couch that could barely fit the two of them. “/Texas Chainsaw Massacre?/”

“You know your horror movies, babe.”

“Damn right I do.” Pete smiled at Mikey’s stuffed up voice. He wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. Mikey rested his head on Pete’s shoulder and sighed in content.

“So… you’re not mad at me for getting you sick?”

“No… actually, this is kinda nice. Although I do feel like I’m letting the guys down.”
Pete laughed, “Hey, man, remember what Mike said? Nice guys finish last.”

“I guess,” Mikey said.

For a few minutes, it’s quiet. Eventually, Pete caught Mikey off guard with a kiss on the lips.
The look on Mikey’s face when they pulled apart almost made Pete burst out laughing.

“Pete! What the hell?”

Pete smiled and placed his forehead on Mikey’s. “It’s a kiss to make it better, babe.”
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