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When Our Brothers in Arms are Gone

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Kobra Kid succumbs to radiation poisoning. Fun Ghoul and Party Poison desperately search for a cure... but will they succeed? [PG for language]

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Party Poison wasn’t a doctor. But he didn’t need to be one to know that there was something seriously wrong with Kobra Kid.

Poison first noticed that Kobra was getting paler than usual, and he seemed to have a hard time concentrating. He simply assumed that his brother may have been exhausted or just a little under the weather, that it would just go away in a few days if he rested. During that period of time, Kobra spent the time he was conscious throwing up anything that had been in his stomach for less than an hour and a pretty high fever. Those symptoms eventually went away, which led Fun Ghoul (who had a degree in medical science) to determine that it was a virus and that Kobra Kid would be back on his feet.

And, for a while after that, he was. Kobra went back to killing Draculoids and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S without any problems. Just when Poison thought he’d be okay, though, Kobra collapsed in the middle of a battle with a high fever and tremors running through his body.

It only got worse from there. Kobra was vomiting, he was weakening, and lost consciousness when he wasn’t vomiting or in pain. Poison had Ghoul check Kobra over while he slept.

“Poison… you’re not going to like this,” Ghoul said, after he finished checking Kobra. “You might… you might want to sit down.”

Poison did so, and Ghoul continued. “This could be many things, Poison. I’m convinced, though, that it’s most definitely not a virus. Right now, the most probable explanation for these symptoms would be… well… radiation poisoning. And at this point, if it is in fact radiation poisoning, it’s pretty severe.”

Poison’s world was turned upside down, even more so than it already was.

“Ghoul, can’t you-”

“Poison, I don’t have any medical supplies or technology to even confirm that it’s radiation poisoning. And even if I did have the supplies, there aren’t many ways to help him, especially since it looks like he’s had it for a while.”

Ghoul placed a hand on Poison’s shoulder. “I’ll try to get my hands on some medication, I’ll try to get one of my contacts in Battery City to arrange something to get him checked out, but I promise nothing. I’m sorry… but… until I know more, there’s nothing I can do. I know how much you care about Kobra, and I know he’s all you have left of your family, your only connection to them. Jet, Pony, and I, we care for him. Hell, Cola and Doctor D care, too. We don’t want to lose him, either… we hate to see him the way he is now. But we just… we can’t save him, not if we don’t know anything.”

Ghoul was able to get a contact in Battery City to use their far more advanced technology to scan Kobra for radiation poisoning. It was, in fact, confirmed to be radiation poisoning, much to Poison’s dismay.

The doctor was kind enough to let them smuggle medication out of the city, and she was able to promise more. She refused to take any of the Killjoy’s money.

“I’m a doctor. I’m supposed to help anyone, even if they’re not on our side.”

It showed Party Poison that not everyone in Battery City was heartless.

The medication helped, but it wouldn’t get rid of the disease. Poison knew that, but he was at least happy to see that Kobra wasn’t vomiting as much and wasn’t in that much pain.

The doctor had instructed that Kobra stay in bed until the symptoms were lessened greatly. Ghoul took it a step further and stated that Kobra had to go an entire twenty-four hours without vomiting before he was even able to leave the place they called home.

Eventually, that day came, but Poison and Ghoul both made it perfectly clear that Kobra couldn’t get into close combat until they were sure he was ready. Luckily, Kobra was their best long-range sharp-shooter, second only to Cherri Cola himself, so it wasn’t too hard for him.

But one thing was certain. The guys needed to find a cure, because eventually, Kobra would die. Poison wanted to deny it… but this was the real world, and very rarely were there any happy endings.

Kobra was sleeping in Poison’s bed as he and Ghoul tried to put together a cure. Ghoul’s connection sent him several medical supplies and a microscope, which Ghoul used to analyze a sample of Kobra’s blood. Ghoul combined a few liquids, placed a few drops in the sample, cursed, and repeated.

Combine. Drop. Curse. Repeat. It seemed like an endless cycle.

Until, eventually, Ghoul found something.

It only killed off about seventy percent of the radiation cells in Kobra’s blood, but it seemed to be working. Ghoul decided to leave it for a few hours and check back on it in the morning.

Poison slipped beneath the blankets and held his baby brother the entire night, hoping that this nightmare would soon be over.

The sample went from seventy percent to eighty percent. Though it wasn’t a cure, Poison was perfectly happy to have that many cells destroyed.

Ghoul sent the sample to his connection to have it analyzed. He also sent a sample of what Poison would hope would be a cure to have it tested on another subject.

Ten nerve-racking days later, Ghoul got the results back in the form of a letter.

Your treatment seems to work well… it’s strong enough that it won’t need more than a few milliliters to work. However, there are a few risk factors. If your friend experiences anything within the next month or so, stop giving it to him. This medicine, for the most part, is untested, and could kill him faster than the radiation. I’ll keep you posted, just in case the lab rats start experiencing anything. It should give you enough warning. I’ve included a solution that should neutralize the effects of this treatment should it fail. Also, for now, keep him on his current medication as well.

There seemed to be a glimmer of hope for Kobra… and Poison hoped that there would be a happy ending.

Everyone knew that the symptoms would still be present, and that they’d still hit Kobra at times. But Poison couldn’t help but panic a little when Kobra would have chest pain or a headache or start vomiting. Ghoul had to remind him that the disease wasn’t gone (yet) and that it would take time.

Poison watched as Kobra slept. It had been a week since they started the treatment, and so far, it’s only reduced the symptoms. Ghoul did take a few blood samples and showed him that it was working, but there was still damage.

“I don’t think we’ve found a cure,” Ghoul sighed, “But… we do have a good enough treatment option, should it happen to anyone else.”

The next day, Ghoul received another letter from his contact. He gave Poison his you’re not going to like this look.

He was right. Poison didn’t like this.

One of the lab rats died exactly seventeen days after being given the treatment. I have given the other the solution and it has already neutralized the effects. Give it to your friend immediately. He might not be showing signs now, but he will after the thirteenth or fourteenth day if he’s not given the solution.

While Kobra slept, Ghoul gave him the antidote. Their only hope was gone, and once again, they were back to square one.

There was no hope. Not anymore.

Even with care, radiation poisoning was still lethal. Fun Ghoul’s expertise as a medical student and the supplies smuggled out of Battery city wouldn’t save Kobra’s life.

“You’re going to have to accept it, Poison,” Ghoul said, “We tried everything. The only cure would’ve killed him in ten more days. He has at least another three weeks, if it helps… spend as much time as you can with him while he’s still here. The medicine will ease his pain, but at this point, that’s all it will do.”

Poison had no intention of telling Kobra how long he had. But Kobra seemed to be able to read his mind before confronting him.

“How long do I have?”

“Kobra, I don’t-”

“Don’t give me crap, Poison,” Kobra snapped. For the most part, he was able to stand on his own two feet. However, he was leaning slightly on the counter. “I know I’m going to die. I’ve known it since the day I learned what life is really like. I just… I need to know how long I have.”

“…Fun Ghoul estimates that you have three weeks, at the very least,” Poison sighed.

Kobra nodded. He didn’t say anything about it, but Poison knew he was thinking about it.

“Kobra… I-”

Poison was interrupted by Kobra pulling him into a tight hug. His younger brother buried his face into the crook of his neck, and he swore the younger was trembling.

It took Poison a minute to realize that Kobra was crying. He had his suspicions, of course, but it wasn’t until he heard Kobra let out a shaky breath that caused him to realize that the façade had broken down… Kobra was breaking down.

“Mikey…” The name that he hadn’t used in years came out of his mouth. It brought back memories. Memories of addictions and the Pig Bomb, of Mikey being beaten by the school bullies, which led him to learning kung-fu, of leaving Battery City with his brother and friends.

He was crying, too. He wasn’t ready to lose Mikey. He wasn’t ready to lose his only living family member.

“Mikey,” he repeated. Mikey looked up at him (which was funny, considering the fact that Mikey was taller).

“I’m not letting you go through this alone, okay? I’ll be by your side the entire time… I promise.”

He wiped away his younger brother’s tears. Mikey rested his head on the elder’s shoulder.

“Thank you, Gerard.” It came out small, but Gerard could hear it.

“That’s what big brothers are for, Mikey.”

Three weeks passed them by quickly, but, as Poison promised Kobra, he was there the entire time.

Poison had been preparing himself emotionally for this for those three weeks, but it wasn’t enough. The sight of seeing Kobra dying was just too much.

“Mikey,” Gerard whispered, grasping his younger brother’s hand. Mikey’s grip wasn’t strong, not like it used to be. It only made Gerard feel worse. “God, Mikey… I’m so sorry…”

“Sorry… f-for what, Gee? You ha-haven’t done anything w-wr-wrong…”

Mikey was having trouble staying awake. Gerard wasn’t sure if the younger was in pain or not- he couldn’t tell if the morphine that Frank had given him was easing the pain.

“Mikes… are you… are you in any pain? I can get Frank to-”

“I’m f-fuh-fine, Gee… except for… y’know…”

Tears were sliding down Gerard’s face. He wasn’t ready to lose his brother… he wasn’t ready.

“I love you, Mikey. You know that, right? You know that if I could save you, I would, right?”

“I know, G-Gerard.” He lifted a shaky arm up to wipe away Gerard’s tears. “I… I don’t want you t-to mourn… P-please, don’t hold y-yourself responsible for this.”

“But I was the one who dragged you into this, Mikey. I-”

“Stop, Gerard… It’s n-not your fault…”

Frank stepped into the room silently. Mikey looked over to his direction, which caused Gerard to look up.

“Frank…” Gerard looked absolutely helpless, something Frank wasn’t used to seeing. This wasn’t a pleasant way to separate the brothers- arguably, having either one killed by a bullet or in a fight was better than having their life slowly slip away.

Frank pulled Gerard into a hug. Gerard only wrapped one of his arms around the shorter male, as his other hand was still gripping that of his baby brother. His face was buried into the crook of Frank’s neck. Frank could feel tears landing on his skin and shirt, but he didn’t care. He was too busy trying to stay strong for the Way brothers.

Gerard lifted his head off of Frank’s shoulder. “Where’s Ray?”

“He went to go respond to an emergency about a mile away. He told me to stay here, since I was needed to help take care of Mikey. He knew you wanted to be with Mikes, so he didn’t ask for you to come along. He’s with Show Pony and Cola, though, so it should be okay.”

Gerard nodded. He knew they wanted to be there, too, but the civilians came first. At least, that’s what Mikey always told them.

Frank and Gerard let go of each other. Frank leaned over to hug Mikey.

“I’m gonna miss you, kid. It’s gonna be weird, not having to keep an eye on you and have to check you for broken bones every other day.”

Mikey let out a small sigh and nodded.

“I’m sorry… I almost found a cure, and life fucks us-”

“Frank, t-there’s no reason t-to apologize…”

Frank nodded. He wiped at the tears that slid down his face. He kissed Mikey’s forehead. “Don’t fucking freak out the Phoenix Witch when you join her, okay? You have a way of freaking people out.”

Mikey smiled and rolled his eyes. “P-promise…”

Frank let go of Mikey, whose eyes were starting to slide shut. Frank glanced over at Gerard.

“This is it, Gerard…”

Gerard nodded. “Mikey, I love you so much… I promise, I’ll never forget you, baby brother. Never.” He kissed the back of his younger brother’s hand. “Say hi to mom, dad, and grandma, okay?”

“I will, Gee… and I love you, too. Y-you’re the best big br-brother anyone could ask for.”

Those were the last words Gerard heard from his baby brother.

Within the next year, Ray was killed in action. At this point, it was just Gerard and Frank left to protect the girl.

Gerard didn’t smile or laugh as often as he used to. He often spent time talking to Frank, and Frank would just listen as Gerard continued to talk about how much he missed his little brother.

“I don’t know if I can keep doing this, Frank… I don’t think I can…”

Frank was busy trying to get the girl to take her medication. She was sick once again, and Gerard was hoping it wasn’t radiation poisoning or cancer. He was seriously not ready to deal with another death.

The girl’s illness got worse, and Gerard kept thinking. It wasn’t worth it… maybe being a Killjoy just wasn’t for him.

So, that night, Gerard left the place he had called home for so long. He took his old motorcycle and headed towards Battery City.

Blasters and other weapons were pointed at him as he made his way to the BL/ind headquarters. He ignored the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S and Draculoids trying to shoot at him and just kept walking.

He stopped in front of BLI’s top S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W, Korse. He threw down his blaster, put up his hands, and said in a quiet voice, “I surrender.”
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