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Big Brother

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Moments featuring our favorite siblings, from the day Mikey was born to the day they left Battery City. [Pikey, implied Gerard/Lindsey]

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Gerard was worried. He hadn’t seen his mother for the past two days, and it was starting to freak him out. His six-year-old mind told him that she was in danger, but his grandmother had told him many times over that she was fine, and that she’d be bringing a surprise home with her.

Gerard wasn’t stupid. He knew exactly what that surprise would be. But he pretended he didn’t know just so he could hear his grandmother Elena say it over and over again with a very happy voice.

“I know you’re going to enjoy this, Gerard,” she’d say. He trusted his grandmother’s statement.

The phone rang while Elena was in the middle of teaching Gerard a new song. She answered the phone with a calm, pleasant voice.

“Hello? Oh, Donald. How is Donna? Oh, that’s good. Poor Gerard was getting worried…”

Gerard listened from the other side of the room, a smile growing on his face. His mother would be getting out of the hospital soon, and that surprise that his grandmother had continued to bring up would be coming soon…

A few hours later, Donald stepped through the door with Donna following behind. In her arms, Gerard could see a tiny bundle of blue.

Gerard ran up to hug his mother. She smiled at him. “Gerard, I have someone that you should meet…”

Donna went to sit down, with Gerard following close behind her. Once she was seated, she showed Gerard the tiny being wrapped in the blue blankets.

The baby had pale skin, which contrasted greatly with the dark eyelashes. His tiny nose was slightly pointed. His eyes were closed and he was sleeping soundly.

“Gerard, meet Michael James Way… your baby brother.”

Gerard was speechless. He was now an older brother… he’d have someone to play Batman with and talk to (well… when he could start talking) and teach the songs that his- their- grandmother taught him…

He was, at this point, the happiest person alive.

“Mikey,” Gerard said.

Donna smiled. Mikey hadn’t even been on this Earth for that long and already he had a nickname. “Yes. Mikey.”

“Can I hold him?”

Donna carefully handed Mikey over to Gerard. And as Gerard held his baby brother for the first time, he thought that he’d enjoy being a big brother.

Typically, kids started talking before they turned three. But Mikey hadn’t said a word yet, and he was almost four. This worried Donna and Donald greatly, and they wondered if there was something wrong with Mikey.

But Gerard wasn’t worried. He figured he didn’t really have a reason to be so worried. Mikey was just a quiet kid. Even as a baby, he didn’t really cry much. He did have to admit, though, it was strange that Mikey hasn’t even said his first word yet.

“Well, a friend of mine’s daughter didn’t speak until she was five, and she was able to speak in complete sentences by then,” Elena would say to the fretting mother, “I’m sure Mikey’s just waiting for the right moment.”

A week before Mikey’s fourth birthday, Gerard was drawing a picture for his baby brother to give to him. It was a picture of Batman and Robin, two of Mikey’s favorite comic characters. As the ten-year-old drew, Mikey was playing with his stuffed Mickey Mouse toy. At some point, he stopped, looked at the strange mouse, to Gerard, and back to Mickey, pointed at Gerard, and let out a single word.


This caught Gerard by surprise. He and his grandmother were the only ones in the house at the moment, as his mother and father were out shopping for Mikey’s birthday. Grandma Elena’s voice wasn’t that high-pitched, so Gerard turned around to face Mikey with a look of disbelief on his face.

“Gee,” Mikey repeated again. He was looking at the mouse, as though he was communicating with the strange, inanimate creature.

Gerard was grinning now. Not only had he been the one to hear Mikey’s first word, his name (well, nickname) was that first word.

“Grandma Elena! Mikey said his first word! Mikey said his first word!”

At age six, Mikey finally started school.

It was a pretty scary experience for the youngest Way. He didn’t know anyone, and to a six-year-old, it was like the apocalypse.

Luckily, Gerard had Mikey’s teacher for kindergarten, so he knew that Mikey would be fine.

“But I don’t wanna go…” Mikey was still dead set against setting foot in that room, even after Gerard told him that his teacher was cool.

Gerard smiled, “Mikey, I’m in that room right across the hallway. And from what I heard, my class is supposed to be reading buddies with your class. You’ll see so much of me, you’ll get sick of seeing my face.”

Gerard knelt down to Mikey’s level and hugged him. “You’ll be fine, Mikey. Promise.”

Gerard took Mikey’s hand and led him into the classroom.

When he came to pick Mikey up later on, he was happy to see that Mikey had made friends with a kid named Pete Wentz.

When Gerard was sixteen and Mikey was ten, the Pig Bomb ended life as they knew it.

Mikey and Gerard had managed to find shelter with Pete, Patrick, Frank, Ray, and Bob when they were hanging out at Patrick’s house. As soon as all the explosions stopped, Mikey and Gerard ran to the house a block away- their home.

Their parents were dead. They hadn’t managed to get to shelter in time…

Gerard and Mikey were in disbelief. Their home was gone. Their parents were gone. Life as they knew it was over.

Gerard vowed that he’d protect Mikey from anything that threatened to harm them.

Leaving the wasteland that used to be New Jersey and evacuating to Battery City was a long and difficult journey. Scrounging what remained of their past lives only made it worse.

Somehow, Mikey’s Mickey Mouse toy survived. It was still missing its right eye from years of play and it had patches here and there, but it survived. Mikey had clung to it the entire time as Gerard drove them in the car that Frank managed to hotwire.

The journey finally ended days later, when they arrived at their new home, Battery City.

When Mikey turned sixteen and Gerard was twenty-two, Mikey told Gerard something that might’ve gotten him executed had he told anyone else.

“Gerard… I… I think I might be… um… not straight.”

Mikey had burst into tears as soon as those words left his mouth. He knew exactly what Better Living Industries did to anyone that wasn’t heterosexual.

“Oh, Mikey…” Gerard pulled him into a tight hug and kissed his forehead. In all honesty, Gerard had his suspicions. He’d seen the way Mikey would blush when Pete would complement him or the look on his face when Pete would help him with his bass playing.

It was the same look he had when Lindsey was around.

“Listen to me, Mikey,” Gerard said, “You can’t tell anyone you know you can’t trust. They’ll rat you out… and then… then…”

Gerard refused to finish that sentence, because there was no way that’d happen to his baby brother. He wouldn’t let anything hurt him, not while he was still alive.

“You… you’re not going to tell anyone?” Mikey seemed relieved when he asked that question.

“No… of course not. I’d never do that to you, Mikey… never.”

Gerard wasn’t surprised when, a few weeks later, Mikey and Pete started to go out.

When Mikey was eighteen, Gerard had an experience that showed him just how ugly the world around him was.

Someone told BLI officials that Mikey wasn’t like everyone else. Gerard didn’t know who it was, but he did know that it had to have been someone Mikey thought he could trust.

A S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W was sent after Mikey. He was attacked outside of his school, where he and Pete had been talking about the new line of blasters from the vending machines. Pete managed to get Mikey out of there and throw them off their tails by taking a couple back streets and secret passages.

Pete ran into the passage that led into the apartment that Gerard and Mikey called home, with an unconscious Mikey in his arms. Gerard, who was in the middle of drawing, threw down his pen and raced over to the younger teens.

“What happened?” Gerard asked.

“Someone figured out Mikey’s secret. They sent a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W,” Pete said,

“Gerard… he’s not safe.”

Gerard had Pete lay Mikey down on the couch. Gerard left the room and came back less than a minute later with medical supplies.

“Pete, call Ray, Frank, and Patrick. They’ll want to know about this.”

As Pete called their friends, Gerard began to treat Mikey’s wounds. Luckily, none of them were too serious, but they did look painful.

“I’m so sorry, Mikey… I should’ve been there.”

Two days later, everyone agreed that they needed to get Mikey out of Battery City. Frank and Ray both decided to go with the Way brothers, deciding that Gerard might not be enough when it came to protecting the baby of the group.

But not everyone was going to go.

“Pete, you and I could run away together,” Mikey said, “I know it sounds cliché, but… I really think it’d be great.”

Pete gave Mikey a sad look. “I’m so sorry, Mikey Mouse… but I can’t go. I… I just can’t…”


“Listen to me, Mikey,” Pete said, pulling his boyfriend into a hug, “I don’t want you to ever forget about me… about /us/. I promise, I’ll do whatever I can to help you guys out… I’ll try to send money or something. If I can find an excuse to get out of the city at any point, I’ll try to see you. I promise you, I’m not gonna do anything for anyone… I won’t try it. Not when I know that you still love me.”

Pete took out a small box. Mikey knew exactly what was in it.

“We can’t get married here… I know that. But when Destroya comes to save us, we’ll have these with us in the afterlife.” The ring was on a chain, which Mikey put around his neck.

“Oh, Pete…”

Gerard swore he could feel his heart breaking as he watched Mikey and Pete bid a tearful farewell to each other.

It would take time adjusting to the Zones. Gerard was very well aware of that. So he didn’t question Mikey’s decision to room with him.

The room they shared was fairly small. It was large enough to fit in two beds, a radio, and a bookshelf, but that was about it.

It was night at this point, and Gerard could hear Mikey’s soft sobbing from across the room. Gerard got up to comfort him, knowing that it wouldn’t ease the pain that they were feeling.

“I’m so sorry, Mikey,” he told his baby brother, “We… We should’ve just stayed in Jersey. This wouldn’t be happening.”

“Gee… if we hadn’t lived in Battery City, I wouldn’t have been with Pete, even for that short amount of time. Don’t blame yourself… you’re… you’re the best big brother anyone could ask for.”

He’s heard those words leave Mikey’s mouth many times before… but he didn’t realize just how much he needed to hear them today.

At some point, Mikey had finally drifted off and his head was now resting on Gerard’s shoulder. Gerard let out a small sigh before whispering, “And you’re the best baby brother anyone could ever have.”
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