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The Light Behind Your Eyes

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When Kobra doesn't return from searching for water, Poison grows worried. And when they search for him, they only find his helmet, motorcycle, and muddy sunglasses in bloody sand.

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They say that patience is a virtue. Gerard thought that whoever said that should be punched.

It had been hours since Mikey left to search for water. It was almost dark out now, and he should’ve been back by then.

“I’m sure he’s fine, Gerard,” Frank said, “Mikey can take care of himself.”

Gerard wouldn’t deny that. Mikey was strong enough to handle himself, of course, but his brotherly instincts were telling him that his younger brother was in danger. He had never ignored those instincts before… after all, those instincts tended to be correct.

“No… I have to look for him,” Gerard said, “It’s getting dark, and it’s a lot more dangerous to travel alone then than it is now.”

“I’ll come with you,” Frank sighed, grabbing his mask, “I mean, I don’t have anything else to do. And your kid brother’s a bit… um… accident prone.”

Again, Gerard couldn’t deny that. He couldn’t count the number of times Mikey’s set something on fire without the use of a lighter, match, Bunsen burner, or anything that produced a flame. But going for water or something shouldn’t have hurt him… right?

“Is Ray coming?”

“He’s in the middle of repairing his motorcycle. He said he didn’t want to be interrupted.”

“Right. Okay, let’s go. I really don’t want to wait too long to get to Mikey.”

Gerard and Frank took the Trans Am and headed in the direction Mikey usually took when it was his turn to find water. Gerard could see why Mikey chose this route- it had no BLI outposts, no Draculoid or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W patrols, and it was actually quite picturesque, even though it was in the middle of the desert.

The farther up Gerard drove, though, the more uneasy he began to feel. Scenarios started running through his head faster than Medusa’s motorcycle and he swore that if he didn’t keep himself under control, he would’ve crashed the Trans Am.

“There!” Frank pointed at something in the distance- Mikey’s motorcycle.

Gerard stomped on the brake. Had he and Frank not been wearing seat belts, they would’ve been sent flying. Gerard practically ripped off the seatbelt and jumped out of the car, not even bothering to open the door. He ran as fast as he possibly could to the fallen motorcycle.

There were fallen water bottles, with some broken and spilling out on the sand. Mikey’s sunglasses were on the ground, covered in sand and mud. Gerard saw blood (most likely Mikey’s), as well as the cherry red blaster that read /Deluxe/. His helmet, too, was on the ground, splattered with blood and grains of sand.

It was times like these that made Gerard hate being right.

Gerard could see drag marks and tire tracks, so it wasn’t a total loss… perhaps he could get to Mikey before… before…

“We need to get Ray, Frank. I don’t care if he gets pissed,” Gerard said.

Ray could tell something was wrong when Gerard and Frank came back without Mikey. So he chose not to chew them out when Gerard barged into the garage.

“Ray, we need to go. Now.”

“What’s up?” Ray had a feeling that he knew what it was, but he thought it’d be best to hear it from Gerard.

“It’s Mikey. He’s-”

“I thought so,” Ray said, “C’mon. Let’s go. The ‘cycle can wait.”

Mikey was aware that he wasn’t in the desert. He could hear the sounds of the city from outside the van that the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W- What was his name again?- shoved him into. He didn’t open his eyes… he wanted to make sure whatshisname didn’t figure out that he was conscious.

Battery City… just got past the gate… inspecting cargo in three… two… one…

There was a snort coming from an underling. “You caught one.”

“Yeah I did. Soon, Korse won’t stand a chance against me.”

“You shouldn’t talk like that, Sprawl.”

Sprawl? What kind of name is Sprawl?

“Whatever. I need to wake this guy up. I ain’t dragging his ass all the way to the interrogation cell. And he’s too tall to lift over my shoulder.”

And here comes the slap-


Okay, that hurt!

Mikey opened his eyes, groaning as he sat up. His hands were cuffed behind his back, and he felt something running down his face.

“Well, that didn’t take long, did it? C’mon, zone rat, I still have a quota to fulfill.”

The guy he assumed to be Sprawl was dressed in black. He had tanned skin and jet-black hair that hung over his eyes. He could see a few scars on his face as well. In one arm was a black helmet, with the black visor cracked, but not broken.

Sprawl grabbed Mikey by his hair and tugged harshly, earning a loud groan. He pushed Mikey towards the entrance marked /Interrogation/.

Gerard knew that Mikey had to be in Battery City. The outposts weren’t as secure, something he learned when Frank had been captured and taken to an outpost.

Under the cover of the night, the Killjoys were able to get in unseen. Gerard knew there was only one place Mikey could be… BL/Ind’s headquarters.

It was the biggest building in Battery City, so it wasn’t hard to find. And, since the back entrance had very little security, it was easy to get in.

The Killjoys entered through the door marked /Interrogation/, which was about to close, as someone had just entered. They were able to slip in unnoticed, sticking to the shadows.

“He is the quiet one, Sprawl… it will take more than empty threats to get to him.”

Gerard could hear a woman’s voice through the steel door that read /Interrogation Room 004/. He assumed they were talking about Mikey.

“Look, zone rat,”
another voice growled (Gerard assumed this had to be Sprawl), “If you speak now, I won’t kill your friends.”

“Friends? They’re not my friends,”
Mikey said, /“They simply share a common interest. It’s every man for themselves in the desert… they’re not gonna miss me/.”

Gerard knew Mikey was lying. This was Mikey’s way of protecting his friends- pretend that he didn’t care, and BLI wouldn’t hurt them. Gerard had taught it to Mikey himself, and Mikey could do it a lot better, especially since he had one hell of a poker face.

“The girl would. You taught her to hack the vending machines, did you not?”

“I’m not heartless. I’m not going to let her starve.”

“So you’re not as cold-blooded as your namesake, are you, Kobra Kid? Shame… you’d make a great S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W.”

“I’m not like you… any of you.”

Gerard heard a shot in the room, as well as a scream of agony. He panicked, which caused Frank to grab him by the collar.

“Stay calm, Poison,” he whispered, “For all we know, that could’ve been a scream of surprise… even BLI employees know they shouldn’t kill or maim someone with information. If that’s what they want from Mikey, then I suggest you don’t make matters worse.”

“Why don’t we start off with something simple… what did you and your little posse do to our shipment?”

“Shipment?” Gerard didn’t know what Sprawl was talking about, and from the confused noise Mikey gave from the other side, he didn’t know, either.

“Our weapons. Three days ago, they were hijacked.”

“I never- aagh!”

“Mi-/mmph!/” Frank’s hand was over Gerard’s mouth.

“Listen to me. If they know we’re here, they might kill him. We need to wait. Ignore the screaming if you want to save him.”

Gerard gave Frank a pleading look. He couldn’t lose the only member of his family… not now.

“Trust me… they’ll keep him alive, especially if they want that information.”

Gerard nodded and attempted to ignore every scream of anguish that left his brother’s mouth. The entire time, he hated himself more than anything he’s ever hated.

Mikey was having a hard time staying awake. His shirt and jacket had been taken from him and set on the table across the room. He was chained to the wall, arms over his head, with burns from lasers and cuts from a knife.

“I guess you really don’t know anything about the shipment… oh, well…”

Sprawl was worse than Korse, in a way. He was far more sadistic, took pleasure in other people’s pain.

God, what had he gotten himself into?

“Tell be about Doctor Death-Defying, Kobie… where is he?”

“Not… not my place to… say…”

Sprawl got a sickening smirk on his face. He came incredibly close to Mikey and lifted his chin in his black gloved hand.

“Aww, is Kobra Kid getting tired? Blood loss getting to you? Well, sorry to tell you that I’m not done with you yet. Madame, if you could leave the room for a second…”

Oh god… please don’t leave me alone with him…

The Asian woman left the room, closing (and locking) the door behind her. Never before had Mikey ever been this afraid.

Sprawl, knowing very well that Mikey was weak, undid the chains. Mikey landed on the ground with a /thud/. He was kicked in the stomach- hard.

“This isn’t really my thing… but, I gotta say, you’re kinda hot when you’re a bloody mess.”
Mikey tried to catch his breath. God, this was worse than the Pig Bomb.

“Maybe now I’ll get some answers out of you,” Sprawl hissed, grabbing Mikey by his hair. He pinned Mikey down to the ground and straddled his hips…

Sprawl was about to say something else, but was interrupted by someone kicking in the door.

Mikey’s never been so relieved to see his older brother and the other Killjoys.

“Get off of him,” Gerard hissed, ray gun pointing at Sprawl’s chest.

Sprawl’s twisted grin didn’t go away. “I just want some answers, Poison… and one way or another, I’ll get them.” He pointed his ray gun at Mikey’s head. “One false move and I’ll kill him.”

“N…No… I’ll… I’ll talk… Just leave them alone…”

Sprawl smirked. “Well, good to see you’ve come around, Kobie. Now, about Doctor-”

Mikey gave Gerard a look. There was a message in the seemingly emotionless expression…

Gerard understood.

As quickly as he possibly could, Gerard shot Sprawl’s gun out of his hand. Sprawl screamed in pain and anger. With his good hand, he smashed Mikey’s face into the ground before going for his gun.

Frank, though, got to it first. He pointed both his and the S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W’s gun at the sadistic being.

“Contrary to popular belief, we /don’t/ have a moral code. We’re not afraid to kill you,” Ray said.

Sprawl gritted his teeth. He held his bloody hand close to his body. “Well… you know what they say… I suppose I’ll just have to run… live to fight another day.”

The S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W shoved Frank out of the way and left the room. Frank was about to pursue when Gerard stopped him.

“No… he needs us right now,” Gerard said, motioning towards Mikey. He knelt down next to his younger brother, trying his best to remain calm at the sight of his bloody and beaten form.

“Kobra,” Gerard avoided using his real name, “Can you stand?”

Mikey nodded. The tried to lift himself up off the ground, but his arms gave out beneath him. Gerard quickly caught him, concern evident on his masked face.

“C’mon, let’s get you out of here.” Gerard helped Mikey up off the ground, supporting him.

“Ghoul, you take the front. Jet, the back. If possible, get out unseen.”

“Understood,” Frank said. He tossed Mikey’s shirt and jacket at Gerard. They didn’t have time for Mikey to put either on, so Gerard just held on to them.

The Killjoys moved fast enough to keep some distance between them and any Draculoids or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S, but slow enough for Mikey to keep up. There wasn’t anyone in the hallway at that point, and Gerard was thankful. There were, however, guards outside of the door. But Frank and Ray kept them at a distance with their guns and were able to get to the Trans Am with only a few cuts.

Frank took the wheel and Ray rode up front, while Mikey and Gerard sat in the back. Mikey had finally gotten the chance to put his shirt and jacket back on when they escaped the city. He was trembling, though. Gerard wasn’t sure if it was from the cold or the fear, so he just held Mikey the entire time.

Eventually, the car was stopped. Ray went to go retrieve Mikey’s motorcycle, which, surprisingly, was still there. The gas hadn’t been siphoned, either, which they were all grateful for. Before he started up the motorcycle, Ray handed Mikey his sunglasses and helmet, which he accepted with a small nod of thanks. Ray put the surviving water bottles into the trunk and started up the motorcycle before heading in the direction of the place the Killjoys called home.

At some point on the ride, Mikey had fallen asleep. His head rested on Gerard’s shoulder, and Gerard kept an arm around his younger brother. From the looks of it, Mikey wouldn’t be going out for a few days, but Gerard knew it could’ve been much worse.

Ray was already there waiting for them when they finally got back. Gerard decided against waking Mikey up, thinking that he’d already been through enough and deserved some sleep. Instead, with Frank’s help, he lifted Mikey up in his arms and walked the short distance between the car and the little shack.

Once Mikey was settled into his bed, Frank left to retrieve the first aid kit he kept in his room. While Frank was gone, Gerard gently ran a hand through Mikey’s blonde hair.

“I’m so sorry, Mikey. I should’ve been there sooner.”

Frank came back with the first aid kit and began to treat Mikey’s wounds. Gerard helped Frank remove Mikey’s jacket and shirt in order for him to be able to get a better look at his wounds. As gently as he possibly could, Frank cleaned each cut and burn with the little bottle of rubbing alcohol that Cherri Cola had managed to smuggle out of Battery City.

After the more serious wounds had been inspected, cleaned, and bandaged, Gerard asked, “Will he be okay?”

“Yeah,” Frank said, “He should be fine. That cut on his head was pretty deep, though, and the fact that his face was smashed into concrete didn’t really help matters. He’ll probably have a concussion… or, y’know, a really bad headache. We just need to make sure he gets a lot of rest.”

Gerard nodded. “Okay… Thank you, Frank.”

“No problem, man. I’ve gotten used to taking care of your kid brother’s injuries,” Frank said. He helped Gerard get Mikey into a clean shirt before leaving the brothers alone.

Gerard pulled the tattered and worn blanket over Mikey’s sleeping form. Once he was sure that Mikey would be comfortable, Gerard got up and moved to the other side of the room and onto his bed. He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

Some hours later, Gerard woke to the sounds of Mikey mumbling things in his sleep.

“/No… stop…”/

It took a moment for Gerard to realize that Mikey was having a nightmare. He rushed to his brother’s side and shook him.

“Mikey, wake up! Mikey!”

Mikey’s eyes finally opened, tears forming. He buried his face into Gerard’s chest, his breathing ragged.

“Shh… You’re okay, Mikey… you’re safe…”

Mikey’s quiet sobs filled the tiny room. Gerard knew that he was trying not to wake anyone else, and he could guess that the younger felt guilty for waking him up. But he didn’t mind… Mikey needed him. Gerard would be fine losing a few hours of sleep to make sure Mikey was okay.

“Do you want to talk about it, Mikey?”

Mikey shook his head.


“N-no… Not now, anyway…”

Gerard nodded. “Fine. Tomorrow then, okay? It’s obvious that this is bothering you, and I really don’t want to see you going through this shit.”

Mikey nodded.

“Do you want me to stay here?”

Once again, Mikey nodded.

“Okay… scoot over a little,” Gerard said. Mikey did so and the brothers were soon lying on the bed, with Mikey’s head resting on Gerard’s chest.

Gerard began to sing softly to Mikey. Mikey remembered the song from when he was younger and they didn’t have to worry about anything in the world.

“/Be strong and hold my hand, time becomes for us, you’ll understand…”/

Soon enough, Mikey was sleeping once again. Before Gerard drifted off, he kissed Mikey’s forehead.

“I’ll keep you safe, little brother… promise.”
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