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The Snow Pales in Comparison to You

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Frank Iero never knew anyone that was as beautiful inside as they were out... until he met Mikey. [Frikey]

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In Frank Iero’s eyes, very few things were actually beautiful.

Hollywood was physically beautiful, but it only got that way through plastic surgery and cleansing diets. Not many of those actors and actresses were as beautiful inside as they were out, and their outer looks were, for the most part, fake. A face lift here, some Botox there, a few breast implants and liposuction was all it took and you were deemed better than anyone else.

“Nature” was about as natural as the faces or the breasts on an actress. Very few places were as pristine and untouched as, say, Antarctica, and very few places were as beautiful as the forests in storybooks. Humans shaped it, broke it, and suffocated it, making nature as natural as sticking a needle in your face for cosmetic purposes.

Music wasn’t as pure as it was, either. There were very few bands out there willing to speak their minds, and instead chose to say the same thing for every song. Frank wouldn’t have had a problem with this… had the song not been about breaking up with some guy for the /hundredth time/.

But, there were beautiful things in this world… Frank just had to look harder for them.

The one thing that could make the plastic of Hollywood look genuine and make cities look like a forest was snow. It blanketed everything in white, pure white, untouched by mankind until the plow turns it black with its tires or some stupid kid takes a piss in it.

The snow made him feel like a kid again, like everything would be fine. Which, he guessed, was why he loved it so much, why he thought it was beautiful.

Frank never thought there would be anything more beautiful than snow, both inside and out, until he met the boy that would keep him awake at night just thinking about him.

Frank had been friends with Gerard Way for a long time, and he was aware that he had a younger brother, but he never actually met him. So, when he did get the chance to meet him, it felt a lot like Christmas.

The meeting only lasted a few minutes, since Mikey was leaving for his bass lesson. Though it was a short meeting, it was enough to make Frank go head over heels.

Mikey was incredibly shy, but adorably so. His hair hung over his eyes, his glasses drooped a bit, and he was quite tall and thin. (Frank wouldn’t have said it out loud, but it was almost scary how thin he was.) His voice was rather quiet, but it only made Frank think he was all the more adorable, especially since he blushed this light shade of pink when he looked at Frank.

Frank never felt this way before… he loved it!

Of course, he couldn’t tell Gerard. He was very aware that the brothers were very close, and that Gerard tended to be very protective of Mikey. But Frank didn’t blame him in the least. Gerard had told him about how his father got extremely violent when he was drunk. Mikey was, more often than not, the preferred target for those bouts of rage, since Mikey /never fought back/. It eventually got to the point where their mother got sick of it and filed for divorce, as well as full custody over her children.

Mikey was no longer subjected to being beaten, but because of it, he was often very quiet, very shy. While Frank hated that it was Mikey’s father that caused him to be this shy, he did find his shyness to be one of his favorite things about the younger Way.

Frank’s feelings for Mikey slowly took over his mind. When he was in class, he often thought about Mikey and how beautiful he was in every sense of the word. He thought of ways to make Gerard’s shy younger brother happy, maybe even get him to come out of his shell. He wondered how Mikey’s lips would feel against his, how it would feel to cuddle with him on a cold, winter day.


Frank snapped his head up from the page in his composition book that was full of doodles to look at Gerard. Gerard seemed awfully amused, as he had a rather large smirk on his face as he glanced at the page of doodles.

Frank quickly shut his composition book, but forgot about one tiny detail- the cover had a giant heart with MW+FI in the center.

“Who’s /MW/, Frankie?” Gerard asked, a knowing smirk on his face.

“I-I can’t tell you that, Gee,” Frank said.

“Why not?”

“Because you’d fucking hate me!”

Gerard’s face turned serious. “Frank, do you really think I’d hate you because you like-like my baby brother?”

Frank’s eyes widened. “How did you-”

“It’s not that hard to see, Frankie,” Gerard said, “Really, you make it so fucking obvious, I’m surprised Mikey hasn’t seen it. I’ve seen the way you look at him, with love in your eyes. /True love/, not the kind of love I often see in many people’s eyes, the kind where they just wanna get laid. Frank, I can see that you wouldn’t hurt Mikey, not intentionally… so fucking go for it, before someone else claims him as their own.”

Frank smiled. “Thanks, Gee.”

It was snowing when Frank decided to tell Mikey how he felt. Frank would’ve stopped to admire the falling white flakes, but because he was so bent on making Mikey his lover, he forced himself to not stop and roll around in the white, icy substance.

Mikey often came to this secluded area when he didn’t want to deal with the bullies or decided that skipping class was better than giving a report in a certain subject. Frank was aware of it because Mikey himself showed him this spot. In fact, the only other person that knew about it was Mikey’s best friend since the third grade, Pete Wentz.

“…I think you two would make a cute couple, actually.”

Pete was there with Mikey, lying on his back. Frank could see from where he stood that Pete had been making snow angels in the area.

“Pete… what if he doesn’t like me back?”

Mikey’s hair hung in his eyes, with a light blush decorating his face.

Pete sighed as he picked himself up. “Mikey, I thought the same thing about Patrick. Look at us now! We’ve been together for almost an entire year. You know why?”

“Because Gerard got tired of you going on and on about how cute you thought Patrick was and dragged you over to tell him?”

“Well, yeah,” Pete said, a blush on his face, “But, I did tell him… even if it was with your brother’s so-called help. So… just tell him you like him. He’s not the kind of guy to let something like that get in the way of your friendship.”


“No buts, Way,” Pete said, throwing an arm over Mikey’s shoulder. “Now, you march your skinny little ass over to Frank and you tell him that you love him. Got it?”

Frank’s heart nearly stopped. But… surely this was some other guy who just so happened to have the same name. Surely it couldn’t have been him…

“I… I can’t, Pete,” Mikey sighed, “I mean… I literally can’t. You’re the only person other than my brother I can actually speak to without passing out or having an anxiety attack. I can’t tell Gerard about this because I’m in love with his best friend and the last thing I want to do is, y’know, make it awkward between them. What if Frank and I do go out and then we break up? What if that ruins their friendship? I don’t want that, Pete.”

Pete nodded in understanding. “Okay… that is a problem… but I don’t think it’ll be that bad.”

“What makes you say that?” Mikey asked.

Pete gave a knowing smirk. “Just turn around, Mikeyway.”

Mikey gave his best friend a confused look, but turned around, anyway. He was caught by surprise by Frank’s lips colliding into his.

Frank pulled away, a small smile on his face. “Mikey… I… I came down here to tell you that I loved you. I just… I didn’t think you’d feel the same way.”

Mikey looked speechless. “I… I don’t understand…”

“What don’t you understand, Mikey?”

“Why would you ever feel anything for me?” Mikey asked, tears forming in his hazel eyes, “Why would you fall for someone as ugly as me?”

“Mikey,” Frank said, as he gently wiped a tear from Mikey’s cheek, “Why would you ever think something like that? Why would you think I wouldn’t fall for someone like you?”

“Everyone says-”

“They’re idiots, Mikey,” Frank said, “I fell in love with you the moment I laid eyes on you. I fell in love with the way your hair fell over your eyes and that blush that never seems to leave your face. I fell in love with your beautiful hazel eyes and your geeky little glasses and your smile.”

Frank leaned over to kiss Mikey’s nose. “I fell for you because you’re beautiful, both inside and out. They can’t see what I see… they can’t see the real you. And you know what? That just means there’s more of you for me. I know it’s hard for you to see that you’re better than them, but I can. Pete sees it, your brother sees it, and soon, you will, too.”

Frank placed a hand over Mikey’s heart. “I always thought the most beautiful thing in the world was snow. It made everything look better by covering it all in a pure white blanket. But the only thing it can’t do that for is you, Mikey. The snow pales in comparison to you, love. In fact, you make the snow look so much better than it already is.”

Frank pulled Mikey in for another kiss. He gently ran a hand through Mikey’s soft, brown hair, making the older smile into the kiss.

“And by the way,” Frank murmured, “Your brother’s the one who told me to tell you how I felt. If he has that much confidence in me, I doubt that our relationship would hurt my friendship with Gee.”

Mikey smiled. He let his head rest on the shorter male’s shoulder and sighed.

“I love you, Frank.”

“I love you, too, Mikey.”

Frank smiled down at his husband, who was sound asleep in the bed they shared. Mikey’s brown hair had been dyed black and cut shorter a few weeks ago, and he had recently undergone Lasik eye surgery. Frank admitted that he missed the way Mikey’s hair would get in his face and his geeky glasses, but he didn’t mind the change too much. It wasn’t like Mikey went through plastic surgery or anything that extreme- he knew that Frank thought he was beautiful, both inside and out.

It was snowing lightly outside, reminding Frank of their first kiss. It brought back the memory of proposing to Mikey, who had tearfully accepted it. He remembered their first time, when he discovered that Mikey was not as innocent as he thought and was really fucking amazing when it came to blowjobs. He remembered the wedding, when he slipped the wedding band over Mikey’s ring finger with a shy smile on his face. He remembered the honeymoon that started only hours later, with the two falling asleep in each other’s arms, not caring if anyone in the next hotel room had heard them.

Frank was brought out of his thoughts by Mikey stirring in his sleep. Mikey snuggled closer to his husband, a small sigh escaping his lips. Frank smiled at his sleeping lover before leaning over to kiss his temple.

Mikey’s eyes opened, revealing sleep-filled hazel eyes. A smile stretched across his face as he pulled Frank down for a proper kiss.

“Happy anniversary, love,” Frank murmured, kissing Mikey’s nose.

“Happy anniversary, Frankie,” Mikey said, burying his face into the crook Frank’s neck.

Frank smiled as Mikey sighed contently, his breath tickling the younger’s neck. The sleepy-eyed male snuggled closer to his husband.

“Frank… it’s snowing,” Mikey murmured.

“I know, Mikes,” Frank murmured, “And it still pales in comparison to you.”
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