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Gerard wondered how he ended up with an angel of a little brother. [Waycest]

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Gerard wasn’t quite sure how he got so lucky.

Mikey was snuggled up against his bare chest, fast asleep after the exhausting final performance of their Black Parade tour. His hair was still a bit wet from the shower he had taken less than an hour ago. His younger brother barely managed to make it to the bed before collapsing onto the mattress, mumbling what Gerard thought was a goodnight before drifting off.

Gerard joined his brother moments later, pulling him into his arms and tugging the blankets over them.

Gerard didn’t fall asleep right away. Instead, he just watched his brother sleep.
Mikey looked like an angel when he slept. More often than not, his hair would fall into his face and his lips would be parted just a little. Soft snores would escape his pink lips and his pale skin glowed in what little moonlight poured in from the window. His black eyelashes ghosted above his beautiful snowy skin and his eyelids would twitch occasionally in his sleep. Mikey’s long limbs were brought close to his thin frame, almost curling into a ball as he slept.

Gerard’s lips brushed against Mikey’s forehead. “My angel,” he whispered, “My perfect little angel.” He gently kissed his brother’s forehead, his hand ghosting patterns over his shoulder.

As much as Gerard hated to admit it, he had the Paramour to thank for this. It had broken his brother’s spirit and nearly shattered his mind, but it also brought forth the feelings he had for Gerard- those feelings Gerard had for Mikey since the later part of the revenge era. Gerard remembered holding his brother tight while he cried after a visit to yet another doctor about what they suspected to be manic depression. He remembered Mikey pulling away for just a second before he brought their lips together. He remembered Mikey apologizing when they broke the kiss, causing Gerard to silence him with another.

“I don’t give a damn it it’s wrong,” Gerard told his brother that day, “I’ve felt this way about you for so long, Mikes… I just… I never thought you’d ever feel the same.”

Gerard remembered clearly that Mikey’s recovery, after that day, didn’t take much longer. It was still just as difficult for the younger, but it appeared that he was more confident to face his fears and finally was able to talk about his problems and feelings, something he wasn’t willing to do much of earlier.

Gerard remembered how nervous Mikey was the day he went for a psychiatric evaluation. He was well-aware that if he didn’t pass, My Chemical Romance would either need to find a substitute bassist or have to postpone their tour. Luckily, though, Mikey passed, and was cleared to go on tour. He did, though, have to take medication for his manic depression.

Gerard was brought out of his thoughts by Mikey shifting closer to him. With a smile, Gerard kissed the top of Mikey’s head.

“I love you, Mikey,” he whispered, “Sleep well, my little angel.”

As he finally drifted off, he heard Mikey murmur, “I love you, too, Gee.”
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