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Social Experimentation

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Mikey never truly fit in. He was the preferred target of bullies and pretty much hated life. After the Pig Bomb left him and his brother without a family and nerve damage to his right hand, he left...

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| November 11, 1996

The four-year-old watched as his older brother meticulously went through the pile of comic books on the floor, looking for just the right one. While he didn’t know how to read many words just yet, he was able to make out a few, such as Batman and /Superman/, but that was pretty much it.

“Where is it?” His older brother was searching for a particular issue of /Captain America/, his favorite issue. It was the oldest comic the seven-year-old had in his collection, which, in his two years of collecting issue after issue, as well as receiving many from his father, now spanned over three hundred comics.

The younger knew what this particular issue looked like. Captain America stood tall and proud on the cover, almost putting Superman to shame.

“I lost it, didn’t I?” The older almost gave up all hope when he noticed the younger had picked up one of the comics. He approached his big brother and held it out to him.

There it was… the older accepted the comic with a grin. “Thanks, Mikey.”

Mikey simply nodded. He could speak, but he never really was one to use his words.

“Gerard, Mikey! It’s time to go!”

“Coming mom!” Gerard hollered. With his free hand, Gerard took his younger brother’s hand and led him out of the room.


| November 13, 1999

Mikey decided that he didn’t understand SpongeBob Squarepants.

For starters, why was there fire under water? Why was there indoor plumbing in the ocean? If they really had to go, couldn’t they have done it outside? And how did a squirrel build a tree dome?

The seven-year-old was brought out of his thoughts when Gerard asked him for his opinion on his singing.

“What’s an oponion?”

“/Opinion/, Mikey, not /oponion/,”the ten-year-old sighed, “It just means to tell me what you think.”

“Oh… okay.” Mikey agreed to listen to his older brother. He muted the illogical yellow sponge and listened to his older brother sing.

Mikey loved to hear his big brother sing. He sang the best lullabies… unless grandma was around. Grandma sang the best lullabies, but she did teach them to Gerard, so, by that logic, Gerard also sang the best lullabies.

Mikey did know, though, that nobody past the first few rows in the auditorium would be able to hear Gerard.

“Good… sing louder,” Mikey said.

Gerard thanked him. He was just about to leave when Mikey stopped him.

“Gee, would a grill work underwater?”


| October 13, 2000


Mikey looked up from where he sat on the swing. The eight-year-old had been alone for the better part of recess, but now, two other boys around his age were staring at him.

One was a few inches taller than he was, with brown hair and chocolate eyes. The other was shorter, with dark brown, almost black, hair and hazel eyes.

“I’m Pete,” the taller one said, “That’s Frankie. What’s your name?”


“Why’re you not playing with anyone else, Mikey?”

Mikey sighed, “Nobody likes me. They don’t want me to play with them.”


“Because I have no friends.”

Pete nodded. “Well, not anymore. Frankie and me, we’re your buddies now.”

The eight-year-old grinned. He had finally made his first friends in the town he had only been living in for a year or so.


| September 11, 2001

Mikey refused to let go of Gerard as the elder held his younger brother. The two were now safe in their home, but what they saw in school today haunted them.

Gerard was very well aware that Mikey would have nightmares for weeks. So, he let his brother stay by his side. He didn’t ask any questions when Mikey asked to sleep with him.

The nine-year-old was so shaken up, Gerard decided that singing a lullaby was the only solution to the problem. His grandmother had even taught him a new one by one of her favorite singers.

/You promised me the ending would be clear… You'd let me know when the time was now… Don't let me know when you're opening the door… Stab me in the dark, let me disappear…”/

Mikey had soon fallen asleep in his brother’s arms, still clutching his Batman t-shirt.


| September 1, 2007

Everybody’s watching… waiting for you to screw up.

Mikey kept his head down, avoiding eye contact with anyone. In an attempt to keep all attention off of him, he didn’t speak to anyone, didn’t do anything that might make him an ideal target, or even try to look in the general direction of anyone considered /popular/.

Luckily, Mikey wouldn’t be suffering through four years of hell alone. Pete was held back for failing every class except for music theory just so Mikey wouldn’t be alone, and Frank had skipped a grade. Two friends were better than none, after all.

So, when Mikey caught sight of Pete Wentz and Frank Iero, he wasted no time racing over to his friends.

But, as luck would have it, he just had to run into Johnny Christ.

Nobody knew why they called him Johnny Christ. What they did know, though, was that he had been held back three times and was a monster. Johnny could get any girl he wanted, and could beat the shit out of anyone, save for Pete Wentz.

“Watch it, emo freak,” Johnny spat.

Mikey was stupid enough to ignore him. Ignoring Johnny Christ was a death wish.

“Hey, faggot, you deaf or something? I’m fucking talking to you!”

Just ignore him, Mikey.

Johnny grabbed Mikey by the collar and pushed him against the wall- hard. “Listen, faggot. I don’t know who you think you are, but when I’m talking to you, you don’t fucking ignore me.”

“Let him go, Antichrist,” Pete spat, “He’s with me.”

“Shut the fuck up, Wentz. This little fag should know better.”

Mikey wasn’t prepared for the punch to the gut. Johnny let go of Mikey’s collar and the younger fell to the floor, gasping for air.

Pete was seeing red as Johnny knelt down beside Mikey and grabbed him by his hair.

“Listen here, faggot… I’m going to make your life a living hell. And you know whose fault that is? It’s yours.”

Johnny punched Mikey in the face. This lead to Pete ripping the older off of his friend and throwing him to the ground.

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” Pete roared, as he began to punch Johnny’s face relentlessly, “How ‘bout you fucking pick on someone your own goddamn size for once?”

“Peter Wentz! You get off of him this instant!”

The engineering teacher, Mister Bennington, walked over at pretty much the wrong moment.

“Mister Bennington, this guy was beating up my friend,” Pete said, pointing at Mikey.

“It’s true,” Frank said.

Mister Bennington sighed. “Peter, while I do admire your loyalty to your friends, I do expect that you not try to put anyone in the hospital. Jonathan, you’ve been going to this school for far too long, and honestly, I’m surprised you haven’t been expelled. If this happens again, I’ll personally recommend to your parents to send you to military school.”

Pete got off of Johnny and walked over to Mikey and helped his friend up. Pete winced at the sight of a huge red mark on the side of Mikey’s face, knowing that it would become a nasty bruise.

“You okay, Mikes?” Pete asked.

“Y-yeah. I’m fine.”

Mister Bennington decided to be merciful in his punishment towards Pete, giving him a detention rather than sending him to the principal’s office like he did with Johnny. Mikey decided that he was his new favorite teacher.


| October 12, 2007


Mikey hadn’t been prepared to see Gerard outside. His older brother had a look of concern on his face.

“Mikey, what happened?”

Mikey lifted his head up, revealing a split lip and cracked glasses.

“Who did this to you?”

Mikey whimpered. Gerard wrapped his arms around his younger brother, being careful of the bruises he could see on his arms. The younger buried his face into his chest, sobbing.

“Shh… I’ve got you, Mikey,” Gerard murmured, kissing his forehead, “I’ve got you.”

“I h-h-hate this fuh-fucking place,” Mikey sobbed, “I h-hate almost e-ev-everyone here…”

“I know, Mikey… I know… but it does get better. Promise.”

“T…they… the call me a faggot. An emo freak. They say I’m ugly and t-that I should k-kill myself.”

Gerard pulled Mikey closer. He just sat there, with his younger brother clutching his shirt and sobbing into his chest.


| December 7, 2007

Mikey, Pete, and Frank were just sitting at their usual table at lunch, talking about seeing Green Day in a few weeks, when a familiar voice rang out.

“Hey! Faggot!”

“Oh, god,” Mikey sighed.

“Do you want me to take care of this?” Pete asked his friend.

“No… he won’t leave me alone until I do something about it myself,” Mikey said, “Thanks anyway, Pete.”

Mikey stood up from the table and turned to face Johnny, only to have the elder’s fist collide with his face.

Suddenly, there’s a crowd surrounding the two, cutting Mikey off from Pete and Frank. Johnny started to relentlessly kick Mikey in the stomach.

“What’s the matter-” kick “-faggot-” kick “-can’t you take-” kick “-a fucking blow?”

He was sick of it. He was sick of Johnny terrorizing him, making his life hell. He was tired of everyone calling him a fag, an emo, a freak. He was tired of being told that the world would be better off if he just killed himself.

Mikey rolled out of the way of Johnny’s foot, which was about to step down on his head. He did hear a loud /crunch/, though, and saw his glasses on the floor.

Mikey picked himself off the floor, wincing in pain. He held his stomach, which was currently screaming in pain.

“You,” Mikey hissed, “I’m tired of you. I’m tired of everyone picking on me and everyone else you deem subhuman! But you… you’re the worst of them!”

Frustration and anger filled Mikey as Johnny laughed. For the first time, he felt like he was going to lose it. “You think this is funny? That this is some kind of joke?” Mikey stepped closer to Johnny. “I’ll say this slowly, so your devolved brain can understand this. I’m. Not. Laughing.”

But he wouldn’t stop laughing. He wouldn’t stop, and neither would the rest of the crowd. Finally, Mikey lost it.

Mikey’s fist collided into Johnny’s jaw. He heard a satisfying crack and instantly felt better, like he was on top of the world.

Johnny landed on his back. A cheer erupted from someone in the room- Pete. “It’s about time, Way,” Pete cheered, “If I weren’t your best friend, I’d be fucking terrified!”

His best friend approached him, snatching a napkin from a bystander’s tray. “C’mon, let’s get you to the nurse… that nose looks sore.”

Mikey touched his nose and felt something wet. He pulled his hand away and looked at it- it was covered in blood. Mikey groaned and accepted the napkin from Pete. He tilted his head up and let Pete guide him to the nurse’s office, with Gerard and Frank not far behind.


| June 5, 2011

“And now, for our valedictorian… Michael Way.”

Mikey honestly felt like dying right now. The most hated kid in school was valedictorian… how did that work?

“C’mon, you can do it, Mikes,” Pete encouraged, “I’ll be right here the entire time, I promise.”

Very rarely did Mikey dare to leave his friend’s side when it came to things like these. But he really didn’t have any choice.

Mikey sighed, approached the podium, and glanced at the notecards he prepared.

“Today, we officially part ways. Friends and enemies alike go their separate ways, following their dreams,” Mikey said, “As of today, we are no longer just a group of teenagers… we’re adults. We leave behind our childhood, this institution of learning, and go off into the big, scary world we know as reality.

“We will no longer see the world through playground eyes. We will no longer see each and every one in this room… a few, yes, but not everyone. They say that, out of the friends you have today, only a few will remain by your side. The ones that left pursued their own dreams, so don’t feel bad about it. You know what they say- if you love something, set it free. Chances are, they may never come back. In fact, you shouldn’t keep telling yourself they will. Just keep moving forward… in time, you’ll make new friends.

“A man by the name of Bob Dylan once said, ‘He not busy being born is busy dying.’ I was once asked by my music theory teacher what I thought that quote meant… at the time, I took it literally. But, over the years, I think that it means more than that. To me, it means to get up and do something with your life. Don’t be afraid to try the most insane thing, especially when you know you have nothing to lose and something positive to gain.”


| July 4, 2012

“Mikey? Mikey! Where are you?!”

The voice slowly dragged him out of unconsciousness. Mikey was aware of a sharp, nearly overpowering pain in his right hand, as well as some sticky substance. His head hurt, too, and he felt like he had been hit with a ton of bricks.

A groan escaped Mikey’s lips.


Mikey felt weight being removed from his back, bringing some relief to the pain… but not to his hand.

Gerard had relief shining in his eyes as he gently helped Mikey into a sitting position. But he wasn’t even truly aware of the face that his brother was helping him… in fact, he was only focused on his hand.

“You okay, Mikey?” Gerard asked, concern evident in his features. Mikey nodded… but, of course, Gerard didn’t believe him.

“Let me see, Mikey.”

Mikey was hesitant. Slowly, he moved his left hand from his right, revealing a bloodied mess.
The younger suddenly felt nauseous- he knew something had happened to his hand, but he didn’t think it was that bad.

“Shit,” Gerard whispered. He touched the bloodied hand, causing a sudden flare of pain to course through the appendage. “This doesn’t look good, Mikey. I hate to say it, but we might have to get you to the hospital… if it’s still standing.”

Mikey hated hospitals… but he knew that they were better than infection. So, he agreed.

“Gerard! Mikey! You’re okay!”

Relief coursed through Mikey at the sight of Pete and Frank running towards them. Pete had a few minor injuries, and Frank looked relatively unharmed… Mikey had to admit, he was jealous.

“For the most part, yeah,” Gerard said, motioning towards Mikey.

Mikey swore that he saw fear flicker in Pete’s facial expression, but it was only for a second… and maybe it was only imagined. He did feel like he was about to pass out, after all.

“Let me take a look,” Frank said. The medical student gently took Mikey’s injured hand. “Gerard, do you happen to have a first aid kit anywhere? I brought mine along, but I don’t know if I have enough bandages for Mikey’s hand.”

“I can go check,” Gerard replied. He and Pete left Frank to inspect the wound.

“How have you not passed out, Mikey?” Frank asked.

“That’s a good question,” Mikey mumbled.

“Hopefully, this isn’t as bad as it looks. Maybe- wait, what’s this?”

When Frank moved to touch what he suspected to be a fragment of glass or something, a gasp of pain escaped from Mikey.

“Shit, this isn’t good,” Frank said, “I can already see that there’s going to be nerve damage… It might be permanent.”

“What?!” Gerard asked. He had returned with a first aid kit. Pete wasn’t far behind with the second kit that Donna had kept.

“Gerard, were you aware that a sharp piece of rubble embedded itself into Mikey’s hand?”

“No… there was too much blood for me to actually see it.”

Frank nodded, “Yeah… and it’s small enough to go unnoticed. Mikey, we really need to get this removed.”

“Do it now,” Mikey said.

“What? Mikey, I can’t do it here! We have to-”

“Do. It. Now… Won’t be able to get it out tonight at the hospital.” Mikey was in no mood to wait to get the object out of his hand.


“More serious injuries out there… could be days until they get to it. I want it out now.”

Frank looked reluctant to remove it, and with good reason.

“Okay… fine. But this is gonna hurt like hell, and I don’t have anything to numb it or put you to sleep.”

“Just do it,” Mikey sighed.

Mikey watched as Frank removed a few supplies from the first aid kit. Frank handed Mikey a piece of gauze, which he stuck in his mouth to bite down on. Gerard took his brother’s free hand in his own and Pete knelt down next to Pete.

“Ready?” Frank asked. Mikey nodded.

Mikey wasn’t expecting the removal of the object to be so painful. He expected it to sting, of course, but it felt like acid was being poured over the wound… Frank did tell him, though, that there was nerve damage.

The scream that wanted to escape him was muffled by the gauze. Mikey was sure that he was hurting his brother’s hand, but Gerard didn’t say a word about it, so he paid it no mind.

Finally, after what felt like eternity, Frank said, “The worst of it is over now, Mikey.”

Frank, as gently as he could, began to clean the wound. The alcohol burned, but it was much better than the feel of the rubble being pulled out of his hand. The medical student then began to stitch the wound shut before wrapping it in what remained of the gauze.

“There… but we should still have it checked over at a hospital. A year’s worth of medical school will only go so far. Hopefully, we can get some morphine or something. It might help.”

Mikey felt light-headed as Pete and Gerard helped him up. Somehow, his car survived the bombing, so Pete helped him into the back seat, while Gerard took the wheel and Frank sat in the passenger seat.

Then, and only then, did Mikey let the world go dark.


| July 12, 2012

“There… that’s the last of it.”

Pete handed Mikey the bass case while he took the younger’s duffle bag. Mikey was thankful that his prized possession had survived the bombing… the guy at the shop was right when he said that case was nearly indestructible.

“Thanks, Pete,” Mikey said, slinging the strap of the duffle bag over his shoulder and taking the bass case by the handle.

“No problem, man,” Pete said, throwing an arm over Mikey’s shoulder, “Someone’s gotta be there to help you with your shit, especially since your hand’s messed up.”

Mikey rolled his eyes. Pete was right, though- his right hand was virtually useless, now. He could barely move it without pain shooting up his arm.

“We should probably go,” Mikey sighed, “We’re supposed to leave for Battery City any minute now.”
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