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Theory of Life and Death

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“I love you, too, Pete,” Kobra sighed, “More than words can describe.”

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| ZONE 3
| September 3, 2020

Kobra Kid woke up feeling happier than he ever had in his life. Pete was lying there, at his side, his arms wrapped around his bare waist. The smell of sex was very faint, and Kobra couldn’t help but smile. This was a reminder that what they had was very real, that it wasn’t some dream.

Kobra placed a kiss onto one of the hickeys he left on Pete’s shoulder and sighed. He really didn’t want to get up, but he did have work to do. Carefully, Kobra worked his way out of Pete’s grasp and grabbed the first pair of clean boxers he found in the drawer next to the bed. He slid on his pants, shirt, and jacket, cursing at the fact that one of the hickeys he had on his neck was in clear view, just like Fun Ghoul’s neck tattoo. Really, though, he didn’t mind… he just knew Missile Kid was going to ask about it, and he’d have to find a way to explain what it was without bringing up sex.

Pete had finally woken up as Kobra combed through his messy blonde locks. He stood up and wrapped his arms around his lover’s waist, not caring that he was still naked or that Ghoul, who happened to be walking by at the moment, had caught a glimpse of his package.

“Are you, um… are you gonna put pants on at some point, Pete?” Kobra asked, turning red.

Pete rolled his eyes and said, “You’re no fun, Kobra.” He let his lover go, put on a pair of boxers, and went right back to holding him. He pressed a kiss onto the back of Kobra’s neck and sighed.

“I used to think that this would never happen to me,” Kobra said, “I never thought anyone would love me enough to just hold me like this, much less fuck me. I believed everyone when they said I’d never be loved… but, you, Pete… you proved them wrong. You proved /me/ wrong.”

Pete had Kobra turn around so they were face to face. “Michael James Way, I’ve loved you for so long. You have no idea how much I’ve longed for this. And now that I have it, I can’t help but think that I’m the luckiest fucker in the world.” He pressed his lips to Kobra’s, letting him know that he meant every word.

“I love you, Mikey.”

“I love you, too, Pete.”

| ZONE 3

| January 4, 2021

Kobra woke up in the area the Killjoys dubbed the infirmary. He felt something warm on his left hand. He turned his head to see Pete, sound asleep. He was grasping Kobra’s hand with his own, and, from the looks of it, had been there the entire time he had been unconscious.

“You’ve been asleep for three days, Kobra.”

Kobra turned his head to the doorway, where Poison stood. He took a seat on the cot and gently pushed some of Kobra’s hair out of his face. “Pete refused to leave your side.”

Kobra could tell. Pete looked like he hadn’t slept until a few short hours ago. He gently squeezed Pete’s hand, letting him know that he was okay.

Poison kissed his brother’s forehead and sighed, “Ghoul thought you took a pretty nasty blow to the head or something. We’re not quite sure, though… does your head hurt or anything?”

Come to think of it, Kobra did feel a headache coming along. He used his free hand to touch the area that hurt the most and, sure enough, there was a bump. Kobra hissed at the pain, though he suspected that, had he been awake three days ago, it would’ve been much worse.

Poison assumed that Ghoul was right and said, “I’ll have Ghoul check to make sure that it’s not too serious. Until then, though, stay here. I really don’t want you getting hurt because of a concussion or something.”

Poison left Kobra and Pete alone after he filled his brother in on the events that occurred while he was in a mini-coma. Pete woke up soon after and immediately pulled his boyfriend into a tight embrace, pressing his to Kobra’s neck.

“Oh my god, Mikey,” Pete whispered, “I was so scared that you’d never wake up.”

“I’m okay, Pete,” Kobra murmured, kissing Pete’s cheek, “I’m okay.”

| ZONE 3

| July 5, 2021

Kobra registered the fact that he smelled heavily of alcohol, and that he was hung over. The entire station smelled of moonshine, which made the Killjoy gag in disgust. He hated moonshine almost as much as he hated /Murder Magazine/, but since it was the only alcohol they had access to at the time, he had no choice but to drink it.

Kobra tried to stand, but immediately felt nauseous and sat back down, leaning against the couch. He’s had plenty of hangovers before, but this one was ridiculous.

Being hung over is like dying of thirst
, Kobra thought, the only cure is to drink water, rehydrate yourself.

Kobra was about to stand once again and fight the nausea, but around that time, Pete walked in with some supplies. Pete immediately caught sight of his boyfriend and handed him a water bottle, which the younger gratefully took.

Pete had quickly gotten used to this routine- every year, the Fabulous Killjoys tried to drink their sorrows away with the help of homemade alcohol, but it rarely worked. After putting the supplies in a place where the fabulous four could clearly see them, Pete sat down beside his boyfriend and held his hand.

“You’re going to kill yourself one day if you keep doing this,” Pete whispered.

“I know,” Kobra sighed. He let himself be pulled into Pete’s lap and buried his face into the crook of his boyfriend’s neck.

| ZONE 3

| October 23, 2021

When Poison pulled Kobra into a tight hug after Pete left, he wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it. He was about to ask when Poison whispered, “I’m so sorry.”


“Kobra, if I had any idea that you were going to suffer this much, we wouldn’t have left Jersey.” Poison pressed his lips to his brother’s forehead. “I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.”

Kobra returned his brother’s embrace and said, “You’ve nothing to be sorry for, Gerard. For all we know, we could’ve been in a worse position there than we are here. Please don’t blame yourself.”

Poison sighed, “Mikey, I’m supposed to know when you’re suffering… some big brother I am, right?”

“Don’t you dare say that, Gerard,” Kobra said. He buried his face into his brother’s shoulder and sighed. He just sat there with his brother for the longest time, remaining in the embrace. Kobra said all that he could through the simple action, so much more than what he could’ve said with words.

“Thank you, Mikey,” Poison murmured, running a hand through his brother’s hair, “You have no idea how much I needed this.”

| ZONE 3

| December 25, 2021

Kobra had been sleeping very well when he felt a pair of lips against his forehead. A small smile found its way to his face as he opened his eyes to see Pete was there, a warm smile on his face. Pete gently pulled him in for a proper kiss.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Pete murmured.

“Merry Christmas, Peter Panda,” Kobra mumbled back. He rested his head against Pete’s shoulder, a sigh of content escaping him. Kobra, being as observant as he was, didn’t miss the look he gave Poison, nor did he miss the nod of encouragement from his brother.

“Mikey,” Pete said, “I… I was going to wait until everyone was up to ask you this, but I seriously can’t wait any longer… I guess your brother’s gonna be the only one to witness it. I love you. I love you more than life itself, Mikey. You’re the only one I’d ever lay down my life for, and I know you feel the same way. At the risk of this sounding completely cliché and totally stupid, I want you to make me the luckiest man alive. So… will you marry me?”

Kobra’s vision was blurred by tears when he pressed his lips to Pete’s, letting his actions speak for him.

| ZONE 3

| February 20, 2022

Kobra was lightly coated with sweat as he and Pete caught their breath. The music in the other room was extremely loud, so whatever noises they had made were most likely covered by the music. The guys were probably too drunk to even notice that they had disappeared into Kobra’s room, and, judging by the amount of laughter in the room, they probably didn’t care.

“Fuck, Pete,” Kobra sighed, “I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of… of this.”

“I feel the same way, Mikey,” Pete murmured, kissing his lover’s forehead.

Silence settled over the two when Kobra finally said, “You think Poison will let us take Missile Kid and live in a different hideout?”

“Probably not,” Pete murmured, stroking his husband’s hair, “You know how much he loves her. Hell, you’d think she was his kid.”

Rather than snorting, Kobra sighed. “One of the drawbacks of a homosexual relationship is that we can’t have kids. At least, they won’t be our kids.”

“Well… we could use a surrogate. But that presents a couple issues.”

“Maybe it’d be worth it, Pete. Technically, they would be our kid, even if it’s only one parent’s DNA. We just need to-”

“Mikey, you know I love you, but I know what the tome of your voice means. You’re about to use a shitload of technobabble, and you know I can’t follow it.”

“Sorry. Habit,” Kobra said, “But… if we can find someone who’d be willing to part ways with a child they’ve been carrying around for nine months, which will be difficult for them… I’m willing to try it.”

Pete nodded and pressed his lips to Kobra’s. “Okay… I’ll look into it, beautiful.” A mischievous look crossed his face and Pete said, “They’re still at it. You up for round two?”

Kobra gave Pete an equally mischievous smile and said, “I could keep this up all night, Panda.”

| ZONE 3

| August 30, 2022

Kobra laid on top of his husband, tired, but not ready to sleep. Pete’s hand was threading through Kobra’s soft hair, the two perfectly content with just lying there. No sex, no words- just snuggling together on the bed and sharing a few kisses.

Lindsey was pregnant with Poison’s child. He was happy for them, really, he was, but he couldn’t help but feel jealous. Sure, they could use a surrogate, but neither of the two men brought up the topic, and it was a bit too late to ask Lindsey to be their surrogate.

Kobra knew better than to get his hopes up, though. That was the worst thing one could do in the desert.

However, as his eyelids slid shut and Pete pressed one last kiss on his lips, he couldn’t help but wonder if there was a chance at finding a surrogate.

| ZONE 3

| June 3, 2023

Kobra held his week-old niece in his arms. Poison had to leave for an urgent matter and left little Bandit in his care, promising to be back before dark.

Bandit appeared to like her uncle, as she hasn’t cried for the past hour or so. Of course, Bandit seemed to like everyone. She especially took a liking to Jet’s hair, and since she tugged on it when she managed to grasp it, he had since then wore in a ponytail around the newborn.

Kobra pressed a kiss onto Bandit’s forehead before setting her down in the cradle Gear and Cola built a few weeks back for her. With Bandit sleeping, the station was quiet, save for the music playing in the background.

Kobra didn’t really have much to do, considering the fact that it was his day to look after the kids, so he worked on fixing the kinks in the vend-a-hack until the silence was broken by the sound of the Trans Am. The sound woke Bandit, which resulted in the child screaming.

Well, there could’ve been something much worse (and disgusting) that could’ve awakened his niece.

| ZONE 3

| December 20, 2024

A month ago, the surrogate mother Pete and Kobra had chosen, Ashlee Simpson, had given birth to their son, Bronx. The couple was thrilled to have a child of their own, especially since they had wanted one for so long.

Kobra held Bronx in his arms, smiling as he babbled on and on in his made-up language. Pete’s arms were wrapped around his husband’s waist, his lips pressed to the side of his neck.

Bronx was a handful at times, but he brought a sense of normality to their life, a sense of normality Kobra hadn’t felt since he and Gear decided to stop their friends-with-benefits relationship.

“He’s beautiful, Pete,” Kobra murmured, kissing his son’s forehead.

“Yeah,” Pete whispered, “Just like you.” He pecked Kobra’s lips before adding, “Mikey, he might not have your genes, but he is your son. I want you to remember that.”

“I know… and I will.” Kobra rested his head on Pete’s shoulder and sighed contently.

| ZONE 3

| April 1, 2025

“This isn’t working… there’s too many of them, Poison!”

“That’s never stopped me before, Kobra.”

It started out as a typical firefight. Ray guns were blazing as the Killjoys and the Draculoids fought each other. Of course, things were a lot tougher, since Korse joined the fight.

“Shit!” Kobra barely managed to dodge several shots from a Draculoid. He scrunched one eye shut as blood dripped down from a cut about a centimeter above his eyebrow.

“You alright there, Kobra?” Poison asked as he shot another Draculoid dead.

“Yeah, just a cut,” the younger replied. He punched the nearest Draculoid in the face, a loud crack sounding from the creature.

The first casualty was Jet. Nobody was expecting it, not even Jet. Korse only fired one shot and there was suddenly a smoking hole in the middle of his forehead.

“Jet!” Kobra screamed. There was no use, though- a headshot meant instant death.

Kobra had no time to grieve, though. He had to move forward, even though his friend was dead. He had to-

“Kobra, look out!”


Kobra fell to the ground. His chest was on fire, his brain was panicking, and he knew what was going to happen.

Ghoul was at his side in moments while Cola and Poison tried to exterminate Korse. They failed, but didn’t give chase- they had to help Kobra.

Pete approached Kobra and promptly fell to his knees. There was just so much blood coming from his husband, too much blood.


Pete started to hyperventilate. Cola tried to get him to calm down, leaving Ghoul to treat Kobra’s wounds and Poison grasping his brother’s hand.

Silently, Ghoul took a small flashlight and shined it in Kobra’s eyes, studying them before gathering a mass of bandages and pressing down on the wound. It took everything Kobra had to not scream in pain.

“P… Poison…”

“Shh… don’t talk, Kobra,” Poison murmured. He ran a hand through his brother’s hair. “You’ll be okay… you’ll be okay.”

He wouldn’t be okay. Kobra knew it. He studied the desperate look on his brother’s face, knowing that he knew he wouldn’t be okay.

Kobra coughed violently, sending flecks of blood flying. Poison tightened his grip on his brother’s hand.

“Gerard…” Kobra whimpered, “K… keep them s-s-safe, okay? Don’t l-le-let them t-t-t-take Bronx. D-d-d-don’t let Pete g… get h-himself k-k-k-killed.”

“No… Mikey, don’t you dare do this to me,” Poison said, “Don’t you dare leave me… don’t you dare leave us! We need you!”

“I’m t-t-t-t-tired of ru-running, Gee. I’m s-so-sorry.”

Kobra saw Pete break free of Cola’s grip. “M-Mikey, please… don’t… don’t give up now. /Please/.”

Kobra shakily lifted his free hand up to wipe the tears that fell from his husband’s eyes. “Pete… I c-c-can’t… hold on a-any longer. I l-love you… and B-Bronx. M-make sure y-y-you take care of him. L-love him enough f-f-for the b-both of us.”

Kobra let out another cough, his body shaking the entire time. Ghoul, seeing that what he was doing was a lost cause, gently removed the bandages and sighed.

“I love you, Mikey,” Poison whispered, “When you go… please tell mom and dad that I love them, okay?”

“I l-l-love you, too, Gerard… and t-they al-already know.”

Poison, as gently as he could, lifted Kobra up for a hug. At last, Kobra let death take him in the safety of his brother’s arms.


| October 28, 2025

Tears splattered down onto the picture Mikey held in his hand. The picture showed Missile Kid, Bandit, and Bronx together, a birthday gift that his brother sent through the Phoenix Witch’s mailbox.

Mikey had been watching over his friends the past year. Pete hadn’t found anyone else, which was bittersweet to Mikey. Bandit said her first word. Bronx was growing up quickly. He wasn’t there to witness it, though.

“It turns out I was wrong to take you, boy.”

The voice of the Phoenix Witch echoed around Mikey as he looked up to meet her gaze. “What do you mean?”

“You’ll see what I mean soon enough. I can tell you, though, that you’ll be back sooner than you think.”


| October 31, 2026

Kobra gasped, fresh oxygen filling his newly formed lungs. After not breathing for so long, coughs racked his body. Kobra felt a hand on his back.

“There we go… in and out, just like that,” Pete murmured, tears in his eyes. Kobra followed Pete’s example, taking in deep breaths.

Finally, Kobra asked, “Pete, what happened? I… wasn’t I…”

“Shh,” Pete said, “You’ll ruin the moment, babe.” Pete gently wrapped his arms around his husband’s body, his warmth comforting the younger.

Poison made his way over to the couple and wrapped his arms tightly around his brother.

“I missed you guys so much,” Poison said, “We all have. Did you happen to get the letter I sent you a while back?”

“I… I did, actually,” Kobra said, “The Phoenix Witch… she’s real, Poison. She told me that it wasn’t my time… I’m starting to wonder if she had something to do with this.”

“Maybe she did,” Poison sighed, resting his head on top of his brother’s, “But, had we not arrived here in time, you’d probably be a Drac or something. BLI was trying to regenerate and resurrect you… the report said they would ‘/remove all useless emotions.’/”

“We should get out of here,” Cola said, “They’ll eventually figure out that I hacked their system.”

“Right,” Poison said, “Kobra, can you walk?”

When Kobra tried to stand, he immediately fell back down. Pete opted to lift his lover up into his arms instead, fully prepared to carry him back to the Trans Am.

“Ghoul, you take the rear. I’ve got the front,” Poison said, removing his gun from its holster.

The Killjoys made it out without any problems, as the stuck to the shadows. Once they were safely on their way, Pete filled his husband in on what had happened after he died.

“Wait ‘till you see Bronx, love,” Pete murmured, “He’s shot up like a fucking weed.”

Kobra smiled sleepily at the thought of seeing Bronx again. Pete took notice that his husband was obviously tired and pressed his lips to Kobra’s. “Go to sleep, baby.”

And that’s exactly what Kobra does.

| ZONE 3

| December 1, 2026

Pete pressed his lips to the scar on Kobra’s chest, a reminder of the day he lost his beloved husband. They were both spent, having gone at it three times, since they hadn’t done it in so long.

Kobra and Pete had the station to themselves, with the kids with Gear and the other Killjoys at a concert. The scent of sex was strong, and their skin stuck together… they had missed it.

“I love you,” Pete whispered, “So much… I love you so much, Mikey.”

“I love you, too, Pete,” Kobra sighed, “More than words can describe.”

“I can tell,” Pete joked, running a hand through his husband’s hair. “God… that was probably some of the best sex we’ve ever had.”

Agreed,” Kobra said, “Oh, god… if the kids were here…”

The couple laughed at the thought of little Bandit asking about sex. It brought back old times, back when they were in high school.

Eventually, laughter was replaced with soft snores. The two fell asleep in each other’s arms, not even bothering to clean up.


| July 4, 2027


Kobra watched as his brother was shot in the throat by Korse. He heard a gurgle escape the leader before he finally died.

Anger quickly took over. Kobra began to shoot mercilessly at the Draculoids and S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/S, not caring if they didn’t wake up.

However, Kobra’s barrage of lasers were soon ended when Korse shot his arm. Kobra dropped his gun, but before he had a chance to grab it, another laser hit him.

It was a lethal shot.

The last thing he heard was Ghoul screaming his name. His last thought, though, was about Pete.

I love you.


| July 4 [Unknown Year]

“…Kobra Kid was considered the genius of the Fabulous Four. He was also considered the most rational; however, judging from Poison’s writings, he was also highly accident prone. Kobra was also the only homosexual within the four, which was dangerous, considering Better Living Industries’ view of homosexuality. In spite of the fact that he was risking his life in the name of love, he was married to Pete Wentz until the day he died.”

“Professor Bellamy, if Kobra Kid was gay, then how did he and Pete have a kid?”

“…Honestly, Benjamin, I think that is an answer you can figure out yourself. Now, who can tell me the name of Kobra Kid’s most well-known invention?”
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