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Mikey's Babysitting Service

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Gerard forgot to get a babysitter for Bandit... luckily, he knows someone who might be willing to help.

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“Look, I know this is on really short notice, Mikey… but do you mind babysitting Bandit for a few hours?”

Mikey sighed heavily, which prompted a nervous laugh from Gerard’s end. “Gerard, I’ve been up for two days straight-”

“Mikey, please. It’s just for a few hours, I promise,”
Gerard said, sounding desperate, “I know you’re really busy with Electric Century right now, and I’m really sorry that you’re already busy enough, but Lindsey’s on break from the tour and I promised her we’d go out. I, uh, I forgot to get a babysitter, and you’re my only hope!”


“She’ll kill me! C’mon, Mikey, please do this for me. You don’t want your brother to die, do you?”

Mikey sighed, rolling his eyes. His brother had always been quite the drama queen. “Okay, fine. Seriously, though, I really can’t stay more than a few hours. One thing I have to ask you, though.”


“/Please/ tell me that you have coffee.”

“Yeah, bought some this morning. Thanks so much, Mikey, I owe you one.”

“-and most importantly, do not let her watch Blue’s Clues before bed. She’ll /never /go to sleep if she watches that beforehand,” Gerard said. He handed Mikey a small stack of papers. “Here’s her allergy information, the name of her doctor, her-”

“Gerard, you’re more of a mother than Lindsey is,” Mikey deadpanned, taking a sip of his coffee. He rubbed at his eyes and sighed. “And I’ve babysat Bandit before, you know.”

“Well that was before-”

“/Before she could walk, talk, and go to the bathroom on her own./ Gerard, /I know/. She’ll be fine… I mean, I know how to do this stuff. I sometimes babysit Frank’s kids.” He pushed his older brother towards the door. “Go, have a good time. I’ll see you at nine.”

“Okay, okay… sorry.” Gerard knelt down to Bandit’s level and said, “You be good for uncle Mikey, okay?” Bandit nodded. Gerard kissed her forehead and added, “I love you, baby girl. I’ll see you later.”

“Bye, daddy,” Bandit called as Lindsey dragged Gerard out of the house, “Bye, mommy!”

Mikey closed the door and sighed. He looked down at his niece and asked, “What do you wanna do, kiddo?”

Bandit smiled and motioned for Mikey to follow her upstairs. Mikey inwardly groaned, but humored his niece anyway. He followed her up the stairs and into her room, where she has started to go through her toy chest. She pulled out a Barbie doll that sort of resembled Black Widow and a Captain America action figure. She handed Mikey the action figure and simply said, “Avengers.”

“So, how have the comics been going, Gerard?” Lindsey asked, looking through the menu.

“You don’t think he’s set anything on fire, do you?” Gerard asked worriedly, completely ignoring Lindsey’s question. “I mean, Mikey really is clumsy. He probably accidentally set his shirt on fire while making ice cream.”

“Gerard, honey,” Lindsey deadpanned, “He’s not going to set anything on fire… especially ice cream.”

“Sorry, babe. I’m just… worried, y’know?”

“Gerard, you asked him to babysit-”

“I mean, he’s been up the past two days recording-”


“-he’ll probably fall asleep while making dinner-”


“-or he’ll forget that Bandit’s in the bathtub-”


“-or maybe he’ll slip and-”

“/Gerard Arthur Way!/”

Gerard stopped talking, prompting Lindsey to continue. “It’ll be fine. Mikey’s not as clumsy as he was back when we started dating, honey. The house will still be standing, Bandit will be okay, and Mikey will probably be asleep by the time we get back.”

“What if he-”

“Gerard, shut up and order your food.”

“Uncle Mikey, can we watch a movie?” Bandit, after playing Avengers for the past hour, grew bored with the game.

“Sure, Bandit. What movies do you have?”

“Can we watch /Rocky Horror/?”

Mikey’s face turned red. How did Bandit even know about “Rocky Horror,” anyway? “Uh… you wouldn’t like that movie, Bandit… it’s… it’s… uh…”

“Is it boring?”

“W-well, no… it’s just… it’s not for four-year-olds.”

“I’m almost five!”

“Bandit, sweetie, we can’t watch that.”

Bandit pouted, then gave it some thought. “Can we watch /Ted/?”

“Lindsey, I really think we should just take the desert to go.”

Lindsey folded her arms. “Gerard, they’re /fine./”

“He’s probably watching Rocky Horror or Ted or-”

“Gerard, this is the reason why everyone thinks we’re getting a divorce.”

“I don’t get it, Bandit.”


Mikey shrugged, “Like… why? Why is there so much singing in Disney movies?”

Bandit shrugged, “Daddy says it’s because Disney ran out of tricks long ago.”

“Oh, you have no idea. When I was your age, Bandit, Disney was some of the best sh- er, I mean, stuff out there. I’m not a big fan of the Disney princesses, but even I have to give credit where it’s due. I actually quite liked the older stuff… I really liked Mary Poppins.”

“…Mary Poppins?”

“Are you telling me that Gerard never introduced you to Mary Poppins?”

Bandit shook her head. Mikey took out his phone and made a memo to get Bandit a copy of it for her fifth birthday. “Your father’s gonna get an earful for this. He loves Mary Poppins.”

Bandit giggled. She got up from the couch, left the room for a moment, and came back with Lindsey’s make-up bag. “Daddy said that you guys used to wear this. Can you teach me?”

Mikey chuckled. It had been a long time since he had even applied eyeliner, but surely he could remember it. “Okay. But if mommy asks, we used daddy’s make-up.”

“He’s not answering his phone, Lindsey.”

“Gerard, he probably took Bandit to the park or something. He probably can’t hear you." Lindsey sighed, “Or maybe they went to the movie theatre to watch the new Muppets movie.”

“Or Mikey’s phone died and they’re in the middle of nowhere! Oh, what if there’s a serial killer out there?!”

Lindsey rubbed her eyes. “Gerard, that’s ridiculous, /even for you/.”

“I’m sorry, Lyn… I just can’t help but worry. Actually, I can’t decide who I’m more concerned for. Bandit’s got all this energy, but Mikey’s so clumsy-”

“They’re /fine/, Gerard. You worry too much.” Lindsey sighed, “But, if it makes you feel better, we can skip desert and-”

“Check please!”

Bandit glanced up at her sleeping uncle and sighed. In the back of her little mind, she wondered if this was what it was like if a grown-up missed their naptime. Bandit ran up the stairs and into her parents’ room, where she grabbed the Batman-print blanket that daddy kept on the couch. She came back down with the blanket, and, as best as a four-year-old could do, laid it on top of her uncle.

“Goodnight, uncle Mikey,” Bandit whispered. She then ran across the room and grabbed her crayons and the drawings daddy gave her to colour.

“Gerard, I get that you’re worried,” Lindsey said, gripping the dashboard, “/But could you please not drive so fast?”/

“I’m sorry, I just really need to make sure they’re okay!” Gerard turned sharply onto their street, parked the car, and hopped out, running towards the door whilst searching for his keys. He fumbled with the keys before successfully unlocking the door, preparing himself for the worst…

…only to be met with the sight of Bandit colouring, and Mikey curled up on the couch, sleeping.

“I… I, uh… um…”

Bandit put a finger to her lips. “Shh, daddy. Uncle Mikey’s sleeping.”

Lindsey gave Gerard a smirk, silently telling him I told you so. Gerard rolled his eyes. “Did you behave, Bandit?”

“Yes, daddy,” Bandit said, grinning. “We played Avengers and watched The Little Mermaid and uncle Mikey taught me how to put on make-up!”

Upon closer inspection, Gerard could see eyeliner and eye shadow decorating her eyes. A small chuckle escaped him- nothing was on fire, nobody was hurt, and best of all, his daughter was smiling.

Okay, so maybe he had worried a bit too much.
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