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Sing Me to Sleep

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Even as a child, Gerard's singing always calmed Mikey down. Unfortunately, it's also one of the last thing he hears.

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Gerard grunted, a bit frustrated that he had been woken up. He wasn’t necessarily angry, as he could never bring himself to be angry at the precious little creature that had interrupted his peaceful slumber. “Another nightmare, Mikey?”

The tiny child of five years let out a small whimper and nodded. Gerard moved over, prompting Mikey to crawl into bed with him. Gerard then proceeded to wrap his arms around his little brother, holding him to his chest. He used his thumb to wipe away a few tears that cascaded down the child’s cheeks and asked, “Do you wanna talk about it?”

Mikey shook his head, opting to simply clutch his brother’s shirt. Gerard gave a comforting smile to his brother, gently running his hand through his soft brown locks and offered what comfort he could. “You wanna stay here, Mikes?”

Mikey nodded. Gerard laid down, bringing his younger brother with him. He pulled the blankets tightly around them before draping an arm protectively over Mikey’s tiny body.



“Will you… will you sing to me?”

Gerard smiled fondly at his younger brother. “’Course, Mikes.”

A beam of bright white light whizzed past Poison’s ear, nearly singeing it. Had it been a few inches more to the left, it might’ve been a lethal shot. Poison chanced a sigh of relief before aiming his ray gun at the Draculoid that had shot him. He pulled the trigger and turned into the direction of his younger brother, missing the moment of impact that the Drac faced.

Kobra, being a more hands-on fighter, was currently holding off a few BLI troopers through the use of melee combat. His boot smashed into the face of one trooper, his fist connected to the chest of another, and he roundhouse-kicked a third. Poison smirked, knowing very well that the younger could hold his own.

At age eight, Mikey was still as shy and scared of the world around him as he had been at age five. It was understandable, though- abusive parents had made the child so afraid, the only person he truly felt safe around was Gerard.

After a particularly brutal beating, Gerard took Mikey up into his room, locking the door and gently leading his brother to the bed. He wordlessly held the poor child as he cried into his chest.

Gerard rubbed his brother’s back gently, the eleven-year-old struggling terribly with calming his crying brother. He was about to lose hope when inspiration came. He gently laid the whimpering Mikey down on the bed, lying next to him as he began to sing softly.

Jet’s throat had been slashed, earning a cry of anger from Kobra’s throat. Jet had become something of a mentor towards the younger, teaching him quite a bit about mechanics. As Ghoul tried to stop the bleeding, Kobra ran towards the offender, drawing his weapon. With a swift kick to the face, Kobra cocked the ray gun and pulled the trigger, hitting the BLI trooper in the leg.

Kobra didn’t have the heart to kill. Poison understood and respected that, but knew that, eventually, he would either have to kill or be killed. With that, the battle ended, the surviving troopers leaving their comrade to die in the sand. Ordinarily, the Killjoys would’ve shown some mercy… but the death of a good friend destroyed what mercy they may have given to the offender.

It was a quiet night in the house, and Mikey was simply restless. Sleep just didn’t want to come- he wasn’t upset or hurt or anything. He had tried everything to fall asleep, from watching a documentary on plastic to listening to NPR. Eventually, he gave up and went to the one person that he knew would be able to help.

The fifteen-year-old felt rather childish. Really, he was afraid that Gerard would laugh at him. Rather, though, Gerard gave him a small, loving smile, a kiss on the forehead, and started to sing softly to his brother.

The Killjoys had barely put Jet into the ground when Kobra felt something hot singe his back. It burned at his insides and made his heart bleed, making it hard to process what was happening. He registered what he was in Poison’s arms, and that the leader had his ray gun out, a feral look in his eyes. He made out the forms of two people- an exterminator and a single Draculoid. He felt something slide across his skin, slick and sticky, and could see little clear droplets falling from Poison’s eyes.

The Draculoid fell, and then the exterminator. Kobra saw the smoking gun in Poison’s shaking hand. He dropped it and held Kobra to his chest sobbing.

“M-Mikey…” he whispered, his hazel eyes wide with fear, “Hold on. Please hold on…”

“I… I feel really tired, Gee,” Kobra whispered, his eyelids growing heavy.

“Don’t go to sleep… Mikes, /please./”

Kobra curled up against his brother’s chest, a small smile on his face. “I don’t want to run anymore, Gee. Please understand.”


Kobra looked into Poison’s eyes, pleading. “Gee… will you sing me to sleep?”



Poison swallowed hard, nodding. He took in a deep breath and, shakily, began to sing. /“/These are the eyes and the lies of the taken, these are their hearts but their hearts don’t beat like ours…”

Kobra’s small smile grew slightly wider as his eyes slowly slid shut. He rested his head onto his brother’s chest, listening to his heart beat out a steady, soothing rhythm. His death wasn’t going to be that awful- painful, yes, but he’d die with a smile on his face.

“That the world is ugly, but you’re beautiful to me…”

Kobra’s vision began to blur, darkening the world around him. He felt Poison’s tears splatter onto his skin, but it was a very faint feeling. He was starting to lose his hearing, but he was determined to make sure he heard his brother’s soothing voice clear until the end.

“I love you, Gerard…” Kobra whispered, “See you on the other side.”
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