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Desert Sunsets

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It's just not Kobra's day.

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Kobra Kid’s hazel eyes scanned his surroundings, looking for any possible means of finding water while avoiding any conflict. He sighed in frustration at the Draculoid patrol that stood a mere ten feet below him. BLI had changed up the patrol times /again, /and Kobra was forced to wait before heading down to Chow Mein’s supply shop.

To make matters worse, Kobra’s transmitter was malfunctioning. Really, Ghoul was to blame- he had been rough housing with Poison earlier and sent it falling onto the floor when he bumped into it. There was a fifty-fifty chance that it would work, and even if it did, the volume handle had been broken off, which would result in whoever was on the other line to be heard from all across the Zones.

So, Kobra couldn’t call for back up, and he couldn’t take on ten or so Draculoids without risking injury… what was there to do? He couldn’t afford to stay out all day, especially since it would soon get dark. Which seemed like the better option?

Kobra let out a frustrated sigh. Lately, there just hasn’t been much to do around the diner. Kobra had been stuck with the other Killjoys for the past few days without so much as a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W passing though, which led to even greater frustration. Kobra loved the guys, he really did, but there was only so much of Poison and Ghoul’s rough housing and Jet’s endless lectures that he could take. He sighed again and determined that this would be a great opportunity to let off some steam.

Kobra didn’t dare to take out his ray gun just yet. He really wasn’t one to kill, even if it was the enemy. Instead, as swiftly and quietly as his namesake, he cautiously leapt down the rocky slope. The Dracs didn’t even notice until his fist met the side of one’s face.

“Killjoy!” Suddenly, white guns were trained on Kobra, who was just as prepared to face their onslaught as they were to react. Kobra quickly put the years of boxing lessons that he had been forced through years ago, the movements that were so ingrained into his muscles coming with little thought. Cobra-like reflexes and his no-nonsense attitude soon put him at an advantage.

“Stop messing around and shoot him!”

One Draculoid heeded the advice of the other and took careful aim, hitting Kobra in the shoulder. He winced, but wasn’t willing to go down to easily. He grabbed the offending Draculoid by the throat with his power glove-clad hand and punched one of the buttons, sending a powerful, but relatively harmless, electric shock coursing through the white-clad creature, rendering him unconscious. He then swung the unconscious Drac at another, sending them both tumbling down a steep dune.

Kobra felt another white-hot blast from a ray gun, and another, and another still. Deciding that now was the time to take off the kid gloves, Kobra removed his cherry-red blaster from its holster and shot a Draculoid in the foot. He howled in pain and fell backwards down the dune, leaving the Killjoy to hold his own against three more Draculoids. Kobra knew, though, that he had to work quick- a Draculoid patrol this big was sure to have a S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W chaperone somewhere nearby.

It wasn’t his favorite method, but it was the fastest one there. Kobra aimed at the first Draculoid and shot him dead between the eyes. The second proved to be much trickier and had managed to graze his arm and cheek, but he, too, soon was dead with a bloody hole in his chest.

Draculoids, being creatures that learn from each other’s mistakes, grew harder to fight if they were in groups. This final Draculoid was no exception to that rule. Kobra felt his heart pound against his chest and the familiar anxiety and fear that built up in his gut, but he dared not let it show. The Draculoid, in the blink of an eye, fired a white-hot blast of light that hit Kobra square in the chest.

Kobra wasn’t moving.

The Draculoid cautiously approached the motionless Killjoy. He shot him in the leg, noting that there was still no sign of life. The Draculoid put away his ray gun and grabbed a spare mask, prepared to-

Blood splattered across the sand as Kobra shot the Draculoid in the chest, surprising the man. The Draculoid fell, motionless.

Now, Kobra had managed to let out some pent-up frustration and had solved a problem… but something was wrong, now. It was dark out, and Kobra was injured. This was, indeed, a very serious problem.

Kobra went for his transmitter and found Poison’s frequency. “Poison? Poison, are you there?” Nothing. “Is there anyone out there? Ghoul? Jet? Pony? Anyone?” Still nothing. Kobra sighed again, anger filling his veins. He slowly stood up, wincing at the shooting pain in his leg. Oh, this was bad.

“Shit,” Kobra cursed under his breath. “/Shitshitshitshit./”

He then remembered something from a little while earlier- he had recalled seeing something a good ten minutes back down the road or so. Since he had come out on foot, it shouldn’t take much longer, even with an injury. Carefully, Kobra packed up his transmitter and limped back in the direction he came. If nothing else, it would suffice as shelter for the night.

Kobra found an abandoned cabin in which he could spend the night without fear of being seen by any Draculoid or S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W patrols. Sighing softly, the opened the door, which made a loud creaking sound. Wincing at the noise, Kobra stepped inside, welcomed by the silence and the dark that wrapped around him. Kobra searched through his bag and found a small lantern that he had filled with kerosene before he left and a small tin box that held a few matches. He lit the lantern up, illuminating the dark cabin.

Judging from the interior’s appearance, Kobra determined that it had only recently been abandoned. There was a cot in the corner with a worn blanket and filthy pillow on top, a small stove in another corner, and a door that Kobra assumed led to the toilet. There was a radio on a nightstand next to the cot, as well as another kerosene lamp. A spark of hope went off in Kobra’s chest as he tried to turn on the radio. Alas, it was out of power.

Sighing, Kobra took out his transmitter and found Poison’s frequency. “Poison? Can you hear me?”

There was a long pause. Kobra let out a small sigh, knowing that he had probably been cut off altogether. He wouldn’t be able to-

“Kobra? Is that you, kid?”


“Thank God you’re okay, Kobra.”
Relief was evident in Poison’s voice. “Are you okay? Are you hurt? Dehydrated? Have you-”

“One question at a time, Poison,” Kobra sighed. “I’ve found an abandoned cabin near the border of Zones One and Two. I got caught up in the middle of a firefight with a small Draculoid patrol and I’m injured. Right now, the injuries are fine, but I’m going to need a little help getting back.”

“Okay. We’re on our way, kiddo. We need to know where you are, though. Can you give us any information?”

“Hold on a second, Poison.” Kobra stood, wincing lightly. He moved to the window, looking outside. “I see a junkyard… and an old Chrysler warehouse. There’s a sign in front of the junkyard, but I can’t read it from where I am. The cabin I’m in isn’t that big- if nothing else, it’s big enough to be a prison cell.”

“Got it. I think I know where you might be… there’s only three warehouses within the border of Zones One and Two, and the only one near a junkyard in a couple miles away. We’ve already got a head start, Kobra. We should be there soon. In the meantime, stay put. Stay out of sight until we can get to you, okay?”


With that, the line went dead. Kobra sighed softly, making his way back to the little cot. Suddenly, he felt very tired. A mix of blood loss and possible dehydration was sure to make him feel a little woozy, but he really shouldn’t fall asleep… at least, not until Poison, Ghoul, and Jet get to him first. He needed to stay alert until then. He needed to keep his eyes open for any S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W or Draculoid patrols.

Then again, sleep was inviting, especially after the little sleep he had received over the past few weeks. Kobra decided to rest, just for a little while.

Kobra laid down on the cot, hoping there weren’t any radioactive spiders or disease-carrying rats in it. Sighing softly, he curled up, letting sleep claim him.

Kobra woke to sharp pinpricks of pain, followed by the familiar feeling of surgical thread sliding through his pale skin. He winced lightly as his eyes opened, greeted with the sight of Ghoul stitching up his shoulder.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack when you didn’t answer your transmitter, Kid,” Poison sighed, sitting down next to Kobra. “I thought you lost too much blood and died.”

“Sorry,” Kobra mumbled, “Got tired.”

Poison chuckled softly, running a hand through his brother’s hair. “I would think so. Once Ghoul is done stitching up your wounds, we’ll get you home, okay?”

Kobra nodded, sighing softly, waiting for Ghoul to finish stitching up his wounds. As soon as he was finished, Poison helped the younger put on his shirt and jacket. He then helped Kobra out to the Trans Am, where the younger took his typical seat. Poison started up the Trans and started driving in the direction of Zone One. As the Killjoys drove off, Kobra looked out the dirty window, seeing the beautiful desert sunset in the distance. In mere minutes, it would be completely gone, replaced by tiny flecks of silver untouched by the city’s blinding white lights. Hues of orange, red, pink, and purple lit up the sky in a way that reminded Kobra of his brother’s paintings. His lips curved up ever so slightly, forming a smile that only he knew was there. He watched as the last light of day faded into the inky black of night, closing his eyes as the stars came out.
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