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Rainy Evenings

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Mikey and Justin have a quiet night in one rainy evening. [EC drabble]

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Justin sighed in content as he and Mikey curled up together on the couch, watching The Book Thief as rain poured down outside. Mikey was half asleep, his head resting on Justin’s shoulder as the movie progressed. Justin’s arm was protectively wrapped around Mikey’s waist, his hand gently rubbing his stomach.

Justin smiled down at Mikey, pressing his lips to his lover’s forehead. “Tired?”

Mikey simply hummed in response, snuggling closer to Justin. He rested his hand on top of Justin’s, smiling. “This feels like a dream, Justin. I feel like I’ll wake up any moment and see that you’re not here.”

Justin brought Mikey in for a sweet and innocent kiss. “It’s real, Mikey Mouse. It really is.” He took Mikey’s hand and kissed the promise ring on his finger. “I love you, baby. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you.” He pulled Mikey close, gently stroking his fiancé’s hair. He looked down at Mikey’s stomach and smiled fondly. “And once the little one’s here with us, we’ll have a real family.”

Mikey rubbed his stomach, giggling a bit. “Yeah… I can’t wait, Just.” He yawned softly and snuggled closer to Justin, resting his head on his chest. Justin chuckled lightly and kissed his fiancé softly. “Neither can I, Mikes.”

It wasn’t much longer until Mikey had fallen asleep. Justin smiled lovingly and shut off the television, lifting Mikey up in his arms. He carefully stood up and carried Mikey up to their room, where he laid him down on the bed. Justin laid down beside Mikey and pulled the blankets around them, bringing his fiancé close. He kissed his forehead and held him tightly, slowly joining Mikey in the realm of sleep.
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