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A/N: Sorry I've been so inactive. Work has been crazy and my schedule is all over the place right now. I decided to whip up this chapter for you guys. Hope you enjoy it. :)

Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners.


"Get out!" A girl's voice shouted in exasperation, unbelievably audible, possibly even heard across the city. Squealing boyish laughter followed it, clearing feeding off of it. "I said to get out, Rex! Get out of my room!"

Rex laughed again, louder, nearly giggling with gleeful abandon. "I am out Emma!" He howled back at her triumphantly. "I'm way out here in the hallway!"

Shayera didn't need to get out of bed to see what was going on. She could visualize the scene from where she lay, nursing a migraine from being knocked over the head by Bizarro the previous night. Her head pounded as she grimaced, hoping the two could peacefully work it out themselves.

Rex stood grinning in the hall, gawking at his older sister through her open door, the tips of his sneakers defiantly resting just over the edge of her doorway.

"Go away!" Emma yelled, her piercing cry prompting her mother's migraine to worsen. "Just get out of my room! I don't like you!"

Rex only laughed harder, his small fists slapping like drumsticks against the hollow-sounding wall much to the Thanagarian's chagrin.

"I mean it! I don't like you!"

"I don wike you eiver!" He hurled back indistinctly, still chuckling. From the muffled sound of it, he probably was sticking his tongue out at her.

'You're not supposed to interfere,' she reminded herself forcibly, massaging her temples in a futile attempt to flatten the pounding that radiated from her skull. That's what the parenting books said: let them fight it out amongst themselves. "Easy for them to say," she grumbled under her breath. "They didn't have to suffer through the screeching."

Shayera sometimes missed the more simple days. The ones where she and John didn't have children. Sure she loved her daughter and son with her entire being but sometimes she just wanted one day where she didn't have to worry about how much trouble they were going to cause or get themselves into. There were also the fights that began between the two, such as this one. On many occasions Shayera was the one pulling referee duty between Emma and Rex whenever they fought. Their fights reminded her so much of the earlier Justice League days and how she and John would bicker to no end.

"REX!" Emma shrieked suddenly, her voice rising to a pitch that pained Shayera's ears. "I don't want you in my room!" She erupted, nearly breathless with childish fury and indignation. "Get out!" Apparently he had crossed the line in teasing her; trampled the border between her space and his.

"What?" He yelled back with mock innocence. "I'm not doing anything." Shayera heard rigorous, rhythmic tapping noises and pictured her son performing one of those human slap-happy-dance-routines in the hall by his sister's bedroom door.

Suddenly there was a loud thunk and a loud yelp, one of astonishment and pain. Shayera groaned, now came the trouble.

"Uh-oh, Emma, you're gonna be in so much trouble. I'm telling Mom."

"Good," she retorted scathingly, ostensibly unperturbed by the formidable threat. "I'll tell her what you did, too."

"Oh no you don't! Mom! Mom!" Rex yelled, bursting into her room with all of the sound and fury of a string of firecrackers going off. "Emma threw a shoe at me! Hit me right here on the head!" He pointed cheerfully at the "nasty" wound, a small pinkish tint barely visible on his skin.

"Looks more like a sandal," she contended calmly, leaning closer to examine the visible results of the near-fatal blow. "You don't seem hurt."

"But I am," he expounded happily. "Mom, you should punish her!"

"He started it Mom!" Emma yelled, exploding in turn through the doorway as if a catapult was parked right outside. She glared at her little brother.

"No, I didn't, you did!"

"Oh yes you did; you know you did you nuisance!"

"I know what you are but what am I?"

"I'm rubber and you're glue-"

"Both of you shut up!" Shayera shouted suddenly, her infamous temper igniting, as she snatched up her pillow and clutched it over her head. Her head felt like it was going to explode.

They stopped and turned to glance thoughtfully at one another and hushed, suddenly remembering that their mother had asked them earlier to keep it down since her head was killing her. They silently looked at her apologetically while Shayera scolded herself over her own childish temper tantrum.

"Some mother I am," she mumbled as she removed the pillow from her head and looked at the two. "Look guys I'm sorry but can you just please keep it down? I can't handle the volume right now. Alright?"

The two siblings once again turned to each other and then back to their mother as they both nodded and proceeded to quietly exit the bedroom.

An hour later Shayera gingerly walked out of her room, still feeling a little guilty over her impatient outburst and considering whether she ought to compensate them later on with a massive amount of ice cream as an apology.

Standing just behind the doorway she could see Emma and Rex laying serenely next to each other on the living room floor, companionably assembling a rather large Lego creation of some sort. Their argument was as long forgotten as Shayera's angry outburst. Their renewed friendship ensured as long as the delicate balance between sibling love and sibling rivalry was carefully maintained. A balance that might be upset by the smallest act, the tiniest sound, the most frivolous word, the most meager interruption to their peaceful co-existence.

She ducked unnoticed back into her room, returning to bed with the same migraine, reassured that her children were safe, her family once again loving and intact. She then wondered how long the new found peace might reign within the household before all hell broke loose again. Before all of the chaos of being a mother started up again.

Shayera couldn't lie though; she enjoyed the quietness.
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