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you are the reason.

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i. what did we do?
love to look out on the sea when the sky forgives---it's black and golden for days.

you once said---remember as it latches onto to you---that the burden of hope eases the pain.

well, wherever you are---under the stars, folding out rhymes on the highway, telling jokes with the earth, laughing with buddha, not functioning not existing---i hope you're right.

falls short of forgiveness, beams yellow and muck, strips candles to the stones---begs hope for the losers.

you once told me that it was okay---i hope you're okay---remember how to get back to us?

thank you, wherever you are---soaking up the sun, laughing in the rain?

you made the funny faces on the television; offered me a world of medicine i really needed.

i'm just so sorry you were immune to it.

ii. what can we learn?

it's a long story, but i want you to stick around for it.
live's a basket of cider and leaves, spilling to ice over the sidewalks
creatures digging at the soil, we're born to run back home
home to the feeling of so this is it
maybe it's gratifying
but it's vines and prickers, all the way down to the promised land

1---december wouldn't be right without you---800---i'll pick up, i swear---273---foxglove, everything will fall into place, if you just---8255---breath.
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