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Chapter 2

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Postgame, PreAC. Tseng, by Rufus' side in the hospital waiting for news on the President's condition. Starts from when Rufus was first injured and continues from there... R&R?

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Disclaimer: Same as in part 1...

Coming back to the present, he looked at Rufus to see if anything whatsoever had changed. A hand in a different place then before, his head tilted more to the left, to the right; anything possible that would be a sign that Rufus was still in there somewhere. But there was nothing.

The same as it had been for the past 22 days.

Come on Rufus. You're in there somewhere, just wake up already.

'Please Rufus, just a twitch of a hand, a moan, something, anything. 37 days Rufus, 37. You know, you've slept through a lot of interesting things, which I'm sure will irritate you when you find that out after you wake up. Sephiroth has apparently been defeated, meteor didn't fall, although while stopping meteor, the Lifestream damaged a large area, if not most, of Midgar. From what I understand, the top portion of the Shinra building is destroyed. Hmph, if there was anything in your desk that you wanted to keep Rufus-sama, I'm afraid it's probably turned to ashes.'

He talked to Rufus all the time, hoping that hearing his voice would help to make him recover quicker. It didn't seem to be working, although the doctor encouraged talking to him just so Rufus knows there's someone with him. 'Some people in a coma can hear you talking to them. Even if there's no sign that he hears you, talk anyway.' Is what the doctor told him.

'Anyway, it's getting late Rufus. I'm going to lie down. I'll just be a few feet away from you though, so if you happen to wake up and need something just yell for me ok? Goodnight Rufus.' Sighing, he got up from the chair and made his way to the bed on the other side of the room.

When he was able to come see Rufus, Tseng made it a point to let them know he would not be leaving the room, even to go to sleep. He said he'd sleep in the chair if he had to. They had tried to convince him otherwise, but injured or not, Tseng was still strong and they couldn't overpower him enough to forcibly make him leave.

The other Turks themselves didn't even try to get him to leave; they knew it would have been pointless. As he was still injured, and there was an extra bed available, they ended up having a bed brought into Rufus' room for him. He made his way to that bed, pulled the covers and drifted to sleep.

Waking up the next morning, he prepared himself for another day of hoping something positive will happen regarding Rufus. As was his routine, he made his way from his bed to the chair by Rufus' bed. As usual, he heard the door behind him silently open and close softly behind the new person in the room.

'Good morning Tseng-san, here's your morning wake up call.' Taking the coffee from the other's hand, he smiled at him.

'Thank you Reno.' Glancing down at the coffee in his hand he looked back at Rufus and idly mused. 'You wouldn't think that putting some of this in Rufus' IV would wake him up do you?'

'Probably not sir, but hell, anything is worth a try at this point.' Tseng let out a dry laugh to his comment. 'Yeah, anything probably is. Day 38 Reno, and nothing is different. I talk to him everyday hoping something will wake him up. Nothing does. Absolutely nothing.'

'He'll come around sir I'm sure of it.'

Looking away from Rufus for a moment, he glanced up at Reno. 'Do you really think that Reno or are you just saying that to make me feel better?'

Reno pulled up the other chair that was in the room and sat down beside Tseng. 'In all honesty sir, I don't know what to think. He should be dead, but he's not. At first I thought he wouldn't make it; I was 100% sure that we were going to tell you Rufus died. Somehow he didn't die and it through the surgery that the doctor said Rufus had a 10% chance of surviving.'

'When he pulled through that, I started thinking that he wouldn't die and that he was going to be alright. Now it's over a month that he's been in a coma. Now I'm not so sure anymore. Yes, he's alive, but is he ever going to wake up? That's the new question. And when he does wake up, how fucked up from his injuries is he going to be?'

Turning away from Reno he leaned back in his chair and watched Rufus. 'I don't know Reno. Hopefully he'll be alright and not too worse for wear. I'm sure he'll have a long recovery ahead of him. But he won't go through that alone, I won't let him.'

'We won't either Tseng. Hell, we stuck by him this long, we won't leave him now. Besides, we don't want to leave him alone either.'

He turned back to Reno and smiled at that. 'I'm sure he'd thank you if he heard you say that and of course if he could speak at the moment.' Turning back to Rufus he spoke to him. 'Wouldn't you Rufus? You wouldn't ignore something like that would you?'

He was looking at Rufus' face but he could have sworn he saw something move on the bed. He thought maybe it was Reno that put his hand on the bed so he turned to look at him.

Given the look of utter shock and then the smile that appeared on his face, it was safe to assume that it wasn't his hand.

'Reno? What's wrong?' Reno couldn't really give a straight answer, he was too busy smiling. All he could say was 'Holy fuck'.

Tseng turned his head to follow where Reno was looking and found himself looking into a pair of deep blue eyes. 'Holy fuck'.

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