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Chapter 3

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Postgame, PreAC. Tseng, by Rufus' side in the hospital waiting for news on the President's condition. Starts from when Rufus was first injured and continues from there... R&R?

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Disclaimer: Same as before; don't own them...

A/N: The italics are thoughts

'Rufus!? Finally! Reno, go get the doctor, tell him Rufus woke up.'

'Gladly boss.' Getting up from the chair he looked up to Rufus and smiled. 'Welcome back chief.' He then made his way out of the room to find Rufus' doctor.

Seeing his expression, Rude and Elena knew that something was up. Reno usually didn't leave Rufus' room in such a rush.

'Reno! What's going on? Is Shachou ok?' Elena asked him. Seeing that he wasn't stopping, Rude stood in front of him, hoping he'd stop long enough so that he could figure out what had Reno so high strung.

'Move Rude, I have to get his doctor.' Hearing that, Rude moved out of the way and allowed Reno to rush past. 'But why Reno? What's wrong with him?'

He glanced back at them for a brief second to reply. 'Nothing is wrong with him. Shachou woke up!'

Rude and Elena stood in shock for a moment. Rude spoke up first. 'I didn't think he was actually going to pull through.' Elena nodded in agreement. 'Yeah, me neither. Tseng must be happy to see him awake.'

Curious as to what was going on in Rufus' room, they quietly opened the door and slowly entered. Elena was first to break the silence. 'Tseng-san, is he alright? Has he said anything yet?'

Tseng looked up from the President to acknowledge them both and then shook his head. 'No, he hasn't. I think he's still in a daze from being asleep for so long.' Glancing back at Rufus, his eyes were open, but still unfocused.

'Think he'll come around?' Rude asked out loud, knowing that no one in the room could answer his question.

'I hope so Rude.' They were unable to continue their conversation as Reno re-appeared with the doctor in tow.

'Sorry it took so long, I couldn't find him anywhere.' Tseng nodded his head and left his seat, giving the doctor room to look at Rufus.

'Everyone out please, I have to examine him.' Tseng glanced at the doctor, shaking his head. 'We can't leave him alone; someone has to stay with him.' 'He's right yo, we can't leave Rufus by himself. We still have a job to do.'

Seeing that they wouldn't leave, and that arguing about it would be a lost cause, the doctor sighed in annoyance. 'Fine, one of you can stay. But please stay out of my way.'

Turning to the other three, Tseng informed them that he would stay with Rufus and that they could wait outside. Knowing there was no point in arguing, they exited the room and returned to their usual place in the waiting room, hoping for positive news from the doctor.

About 20 minutes later, the doctor exited the room, Tseng close behind. Hearing the door, Rude glanced up and asked the question that was on everyone's mind; 'Is he going to be alright?'

'Yes, he should make a full recovery from most of his injuries. He'll snap out of his daze in a few days. Once he's more coherent, we'll be able to really have a look at him and give a proper prognosis about his legs.'

Reno, usually upbeat, seemed more somber at the mention of Rufus' legs. 'So there's still a chance that he won't be able to walk again?'

'It's a possibility. Everything looks like it healed correctly, but in the end, the only way to know for sure is to have him try to move his legs himself. It's a 50/50 chance at this point that he will walk again.' At least it's a better prognosis then before, even if it is only 50/50. Tseng mused.

After a few moments, the doctor left, leaving the four Turks with their thoughts.

'What happens if he can't walk again, yo?'

'Nothing Reno; he'll still be the President, whether he can walk or not. He'll have to, actually, we'll all have to, just adjust to the change.'

Having no reply to Tseng's comment, Reno sat on one of the chairs in the waiting room.

'So, what do we do now?'

'We wait Elena. There's nothing really that we can do until he comes around.' Tseng told her while making his way back to Rufus' room. 'I will come and see you guys when he fully wakes up.' With that, he closed to door behind him, leaving the three Turks in the waiting room and sat back down in the chair next to the bed.


'Reno, stop pacing, you're making me dizzy.'

'Then don't look at me Rude.' Rude raised an eyebrow at his friend's comment. 'Sorry buddy, I'm just getting impatient. He should be pretty much back to normal by now shouldn't he? Unless he did get hit harder on the head then we thought, then he might not ever get back to normal.'

'Rufus will get back to normal. Just give him time. He hasn't even been awake for 2 full days yet.'

'Yeah, you're right.' Sighing, he pulled out a cigarette, sat down and waited.

In Rufus' room, Tseng found himself back in the same position that he was in for what felt like an eternity; sitting in a chair beside his bed. This feels so familiar. Oh yes! I remember why. I'm back in the same place I was yesterday. The only difference now is that I'm waiting for Rufus to snap out of it and talk to me instead of wondering if he'll live.

With a sigh, he looked at Rufus who now appeared to be just sleeping. He figured he'd try talking to him again, not just to get him to wake up, but to help him pass the time.

'You know, the quicker you snap out of this, the quicker we can get you the hell out of here and the quicker you'll be back working. I'm sure you miss working, it's all you ever do.'

He looked at Rufus for any signs that he had heard him. Nothing. Tseng leaned forward, elbows on knees, head leaning on his chest and let out a sigh.

'I'm sure you're enjoying the fact that there are people here nervously waiting for you to wake up. You always were an attention seeker. Although, I must admit that this is going a bit too far for attention. A simple concussion would have been more then enough to have our, or at least my, full attention Rufus.'

A weak, groggy voice replied to his last comment. 'But that would have been too easy and you know I don't do anything the easy way.'

His head shot up, relieved to finally hear another voice in the room. 'Good afternoon Rufus. Glad to see you back among the living.'

'Heh. Thanks. I think.' He smiled weakly up at Tseng, trying hard to keep his eyes open.

'Get some rest Rufus. I'll go tell the others you're awake.' Tseng found it difficult to hide the happiness in his voice. 'I'll be right back.'


'Yes sir?'

'Could you go and tell them tomorrow? I don't feel up to talking at the moment and I figure they'll want to talk to me right now if you tell them I'm awake.'

Smiling at Rufus he returned to his chair. 'Alright Rufus, I'll tell them tomorrow. Do you want me to leave you so you can sleep or would you like me to stay?'

'Do you mind staying Tseng?'

If you only knew how long I've been staying here Rufus, you'd know the answer to that question. 'No Rufus, I don't mind at all. Get some sleep sir. You can wake me up if I'm still sleeping when you wake up.'

A small smile appeared on Rufus' lips. 'Thank you Tseng.' He then closed his eyes and was quickly asleep.

A/N part 2: I did do some research on what happens when a person comes out of a coma and it does take a few days at least for them to be aware of their surroundings. Just thought I'd mention that in case people were wondering why I put Rufus totally out of it at the start of this chapter. Please R & R! Positive comments and "wth are you dragging this on for?" comments are welcome too...
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