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such as this type.

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My friend told me he was high today. He put his arm around my shoulder and giggled, moaning on about the meaning of the universe and how the best of minds are stuck floating in an endless pool of uselessness. I had laughed at him.

“True to my word! The bible says it so,” He had started, grinned like a Cheshire. It was a long while before he said anything else and I had assumed he stopped breathing. “Life is for the living, my friend,” He stated very seriously. I don’t think he was high anymore. “And if you’re going to be antisocial about it, you should invest in a plot in the graveyard.”

“I’m not dead.” I had defended. It was a lame argument. He scoffed.

“But you’re not exactly living, are you?” He patted my shoulder in his way and stood up. “Okay, you be you and I’ll be lucid for once.” And then he ambled away cautiously until he was out of sight.
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