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Doctor Who Srs 9 Ep 2: Return of the Time Lords Pt2 - The Battle For Gallifrey

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In the second part of a four part story, The Doctor and Clara, U.N.I.T and others battle the Time Lords for the fate of Gallifrey.

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The Daleks were invading the U.K and strangely they died. The Doctor found out it was the Time Lords, and Gallifrey has been taken over by Missy.

The Return of the Time Lords Ep2 - The Battle for Gallifrey
The TARDIS lands inside of UNIT HQ and the Doctor asks to Kate-Lethbridge Stewart, the daughter of the legendary Brigadier-Lethbridge Stewart,
"Hey Kate. Send lots of UNIT soldiers with me. The Time Lords and the Daleks are declaring war on Earth. I'm going to Mondas to find the Cybermen and explain I need them to help us. They hate the Daleks, so they could help."
"Sure, Doctor. We knew anyway." Kate replied. 200 soldiers and Kate entered the TARDIS. The TARDIS landed on Mondas.
"DELETE!! DELETE!!" they yelled.
"Woah, woah woah!! Calm down! We need you. The Daleks are invading.... your twin planet!!" The Doctor told them.
"Ea..Earth? We have a twin planet?" The Cybermen asked.
"Yes, and that planet is toast if you don't help us defeat the Daleks and the Time Lords. So, what do you say?" The Doctor asked.
"Yes. We will help you, Doctor. But, this doesn't change things between us." The Cybermen said.
"I'd be disappointed if it had!" he replied. All the Cybermen from Mondas entered the TARDIS.
"So, Clara, check. UNIT and Kate, check. Cybermen, check. Me, check!" the Doctor said. He did a head count. "Perfect!" he said "We have 1000 soldiers ready for battle! Right, here's the plan. 100 of the UNIT soldiers take out the Time Lord's ships that are planning arrival on Earth. The other 100 go and find some Daleks and battle them. ALL Cybermen forces battle the Daleks. The TARDIS has upgraded your armor to match the power of the Daleks' and your weapons can also defeat a Dalek in two shots. After your guns have shot 10 times, you'll need 2 seconds free to recharge. Clara, as for you, I would like you to join one of the team. The 100 who take out the Time Lord's ships, the other 100 who battle some Daleks or the Cybermen who... battle Daleks, as well. Choose your team. As for me, I will go face-to-face with Missy and her guards."
"Doctor. I choose your team. I'll go with you to face Missy. You can't have a team with only one person." Clara said. The Doctor cracked a smile and yelled.
"Thanks, Clara. Right, everyone battle stations!" He clicked his fingers and the 1000 soldiers split in their teams. The Doctor clicked his fingers again, when all the soldiers had left and started to play around with the console. He eventually landed on Gallifrey again.
"Well, well, well. If it isn't the wanted fugitive The Doctor!" Missy said. "I hope you enjoy your final moments alive. My army is no match for yours!!"
"Oh yeah?" The Doctor said. A screen popped up with the last remaining Time Lord standing right next to the dead Time Lords and Daleks. Blood, guts and gross things were on the floor, so kids, look away!
"Oh no. I just wanted the Cybermen to stun the Time Lords and Daleks but, look. A good man goes to war, and his army commit genocide to the Daleks and the commanders own race." The Doctor sadly said. A tear slid down his face.
"Oh and the best thing is, 10,000 humans died in the battle, too! Oh, and the army thought they could help! So cute!" Missy said. "Throw him in jail, and kill Clara!"
"Clara! No!" The Doctor yelled. But, it was too late. Once, who was mighty had fallen. The Doctor was behind bars, Clara was dead on the floor and worst of all, I have to make this a three parter. Nuts! Anyway, The Doctor had fallen, and even though he and his army won the battle, he felt like he lost. Will The Doctor escape? Will Missy be stopped? Was Clara really killed?


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