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Steven Hawking's wild adventures

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Steven Hawking has a wild time with his new inventions.

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Steven Hawking was relaxing in his apartment using his exo-penis to retrieve his coffee for fun. It was the only thing that could entertain a man with 300 IQ. his exoskeletal cock flooded with artificial hormones, he extended it a full 26 inches. But Hawking wasn't done, his genius allowed him to split his penis in 3. He had once got it stuck in a claw machine. He extended his metallic tentacles to get a hot drink. He ended up burning his sloppy nipples however due to his face working worse than a dead walrus. “Dick in my ass!” the robot translator yelled. Steven longed to use the world's most advanced penis for something more. He had already experienced the magic of pussy, which was better than the magic of Disney Pixar's cars, before he caught the universe's worst case of Alzheimer s B. But he wanted some new magic, man magic. And not any man magic. The world's smartest man needed something unique. In 5 minutes Steven crafted a device called the cock creator. His favourite show as a 3 year old was Yugioh. Which was much better than cars. He pressed a button and instantly Yugioh was summoned. “Yugi” i need you to summon your exodia in my ass” shouted Steven sexually aroused computer voice. Steven realized he could not feel his penis however. Steven came to the conclusion that he must create more. Woody from toy story appeared out of thin air from the power of the world's least retarded leukemia patient. Woody your name says it all boomed the computer voice of Steven. Yugioh yelled “ it's time to duel! His engraved Egyptian member burst through the constraints of his khakis. Now blue eyes white dragon attack, Yugioh ran around the world once having enough force to break time itself. He was about to ram Woody in the ass. But Woody paused looked him dead in the eyes “ you got a friend in me” dropped his pants revealing his solid cowboy cock. 12 inches and made of pure wood. Woody did a 360 lactated battery acid and then Yugioh smashed their cocks together at terminal velocity. A dragon spirit wrapped Woody's cock and it snapped directly in half battery acid spraying everywhere. Steven realised what he’d done. With Woody's member in pieces, Jesse the cowgirl had lost her cowboy. Without a penis there was no toy story 4. Morgan Freeman did not approve of this, an descended from heaven to rape Steven Hawking. Duel of fates played and Morgan Freeman shot his r8 revolver at Steven. Steven deflected with his exo-cock. It turns out Stevens chair was Optimus prime, Optimus Dick was stinging greatly from the rape attempt. Then Morgan Freeman transformed into starscream. Turns out it was a robot in disguise. Starscream clicked his ballsack twice and his penis extended ‘it was a cockfight’ the mighty genitals clashed and Optimus got on top. He Inserted his tri-wang into starscreams chest cavity. Ejaculating onto his energon source.With his energon drained starscream died like a Jew (hail intended).with the world safe again Optimus prime turned back into a chair. This gave Steven Hawking the idea, large robots fighting with large schlonga longs. Steven decided before he went any further he would make yugi cum in a mug so he could glad wrap it for later. He gave yugioh an ancient medicine from the southern hemisphere that allows instant orgasm, with the side effect of cars 2 flashbacks. Yugi now more disabled than Steven granted him access to his seed. The seed allowed Steven to manipulate time with his new invention The history was a lie machine. With this device Morgan freeman would become Morgan slaveman, James bond would become James bondage. But that's for later right now this thick juices were wrapped away under the world's 2nd most common condom replacement, second only to not giving a fuck and pulling out right on time. Now to make giant robots swing their penises, in Micheal bay drilling a hole in Megan fox and fucking it proportions.(Any reference to Stephan Hawking is purely Coincidental). Now back to the story.
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