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To Love a Monster

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Christine births a beautiful boy to Raoul, but later discovers things aren't always as they seem. She questions his fatherhood and later runs into someone she never expected to see again.

Category: Phantom of the Opera - Rating: R - Genres: Angst,Drama,Romance - Characters: Erik,Raoul - Warnings: [R] - Published: 2016-12-24 - 753 words

The de Chagny manor has grace and charm, with every resident down to the few scullery maids in pristine fashion. There is an extravagance to the place to which one resident, in particular, does not care for. She stands before the mirror, swollen with a child, as she feels birthing pains start to settle in. The physician has gone on holiday, the midwife is gone and her husband - she does not know. It is up to her to take care of herself and she does so in the washroom, in a hot tub of water. The child is coming and she can feel the numbness in her legs as something starts to spill out. She recalls everything - thoughts are clouding her strength to push...

He rests her on the comfortable bed as his deft fingers graze gently over her torso. She does not really want this, but she cannot help but feel enticed. She shivers at his touch at the realization that his suave nature has worked its way around her. Christine fears for her marriage and she cannot stop the man above her from working his magic...

Christine is in tears. Her hips convulse in spastic, painful contractions. The water is beginning to get filthy and she horribly frightened by the red that is floating up to the surface - is the child alright, is all she can think. Is my baby safe?..

Her eyes are closed as she cannot bear to look at him. Something has taken hold of her and she doesn't know how to say no - or how to say anything, really. She trusted him with everything, yet he lays atop her pounding ruthlessly into her. She is fully convinced he has gone mad...

The pain is taking her in thralls and she feels faint, but she has to keep up strength for the child. Christine squeezes her arm to keep herself awake and she stifles a cry as she feels the angry wrath of her pelvic muscles. There is more blood and tears stream down her face. She looks to her nightgown and feels a swelling sensation, her eyes clenching shut. Please, she mentally begs...

"Please! Stop!"

She finds the words, but he continues. He wouldn't dare... would he? She trusted him with everything and thought that he would treat her accordingly, but to no avail. She attempts a scream, but he covers her mouth quickly and still loves her body. Tears run down her cheeks and she is heartbroken by his actions, but he cannot stop...

Christine gasps and her body finally tastes relief. A small being enters the water and she reaches up for the scissors, setting them onto the rim of the bath. She pulls the small creature out of the water and he cries; her son is born. Christine gazes at her child's beautiful face as he cries up to her and coddles him into her chest. She slices the cord and dips the bottom half of the infant into the water which has become lukewarm...

He finally lets go after tightly clinging to her form post release. Christine shudders under his weight until he stands up and once again tosses the gown onto the bed, "I hate you!"

Her child is dressed in white from head to toe and she is dry in her nightgown. She sits in close proximity to the fireplace as her infant son nurses and looks hopefully into the burning flames. Her boy's little hand jerks up feebly and she rubs his hand in between her fingers. He seems to smile at his mother's closeness and nuzzles into her breast even though he has finished nursing.

Christine hears the front door open and hears giggling, a girl dressed in a red ballgown goes into the bedroom of the maids. She sees her husband enter the parlor and he cocks his head at the child as if to question why. Christine slowly stands up, covers her breast, and brings the boy to his father. Raoul accepts the child, but the boy tenses up for a moment until Christine reaches out to caress his tiny face. She looks to her husband and notices his furrowed brows, "I'm," she shakes her head and takes the child, "Christine?"

Christine stops at the head of the staircase and cocks her head to face him, "I apologize. I should have been here."

With a scoff, she shakes her head, "Do not worry. I suppose it is my duty to mother him alone."
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