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The Growing Popularity Of Reborn Baby Boy And Girl Dolls

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Sojirbai Satpute, a 45-year old woman with three children to care for, learned to drive a truck when her husband needed help driving his bullock-cart

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Sojirbai Satpute, a 45-year old woman with three children to care for, learned to drive a truck when her husband needed help driving his bullock-cart delivering ice. Soon Sojirbai became a familiar sight in the town, riding behind the bullocks with a cart full of ice. She became known as "the ice lady." Their business grew, and the couple soon decided to seek a bank loan to buy a real truck. The bank manager required that she have a license to drive heavy equipment before he would give her the loan. So she learned. Now she drives back and forth with ice all day, and is pleased with her business. Her only regret, she says, is that she was never able to get a formal education.

Reborn Dolls became so popular that companies began to emerge that produce doll parts... simply for the purpose of reborning. This is also called "newborning" (since the parts have never actually been assembled into a doll prior to being "reborn"). The techniques used for newborning are the same as reborning... only the stripping part is skipped since the doll parts come in vinyl/silicone free of paint.

The TV bombards us with the latest flashy battery-powered toys. Truth be told, the child's fascination with the toy lasts about as long as that first set of batteries. So what is a parent to do?

Despite the realism and the rarity, most media attention on the dolls is centered on the treatment of them by their owners. Reborn Baby Dolls boy and girl dolls are treated like real infants by many of their owners. They are dressed, pampered and spoken to as though they were real babies. Many take them out in bassinets or on shopping trips in car seats.

At the time of dressing the dolls try not to force any of its parts or they might come loose as the joints are attached lightly and are also quite brittle. As for example, hair strands are rooted individually in scalp & it is easy to pull them out. Other delicate parts of these dolls are the eyebrows, eyelashes & fingernails.

Customized Reborn Babies these days may have a mechanically beating heart and realistic hair and even veins that, at a casual glance, make it very difficult to see the difference between a real baby.

The dolls can also be very rare. Artists from around the globe work on one doll at a time, sometimes pouring hundreds of hours of effort into a single piece of work. Their unique work and high level of craftsmanship have created a market where quality dolls can go for as much as $5000.

Since my earlier coverage of reborn dolls, a documentary called My Fake Baby aired on Channel 4 (a television station located in the UK) and has gotten lots of buzz. You can find out about that and possibly catch clips of the show here.

You can get her a gift package that contains accessories for her baby doll. It can come in the form of diaper bags, bottles, and all other stuffs that she will need during playing time with her baby doll.

With so much skill needed to create a fine collectible baby, you can see why the art of reborning has gained such ground in the art world. Very few people can master all of the elements needed to create a genuinely realistic looking doll. To add to that, many artists have begun sculpting their own dolls from clay to get an even more precise look they are after. Silicone dolls poured from such molds are in high demand recently. It is easy to see this art form taking yet another pathway in the doll market.

If you really want a baby and are truly a caring mother, why not adopt? Instead of spending so much money on something fake that will never love you, you'll actually be helping a real child. You could even just volunteer for a program that helps children. It's just a little ridiculous to be a loving person who wastes all your love on something that can never love you back (I'm seeing a great storyline for a modern-day version of Pinocchio here).
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