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Young Man Considers NudityFor Comfort & Asks Why Get Naked?

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Guest Blog by: Daniel JacobsOne Man's Thoughts on Why Get Naked for ComfortWhy Get Nude? I had never given much consideration to being a nat

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Guest Blog by: Daniel Jacobs
One Man's Thoughts on Why Get Naked for Comfort
Why Get Nude? I had never given much consideration to being a naturist. My girlfriend and I had discarded the idea around a bit, but I Had never taken it too seriously.
More often than not, I wear clothes around the flat. To be fair, that's because I get chilly. If I am warm, I take them away.
I 'd thought about becoming nude around people when I was a freshman in school, but that was in the context of a party where folks are getting drunk and doing crazy things.

Why Get Naked?
However, I've always had a border. I figured being in your knickers isn't any different from what you wear at the strand, so that is no big deal, but I wouldn't go beyond that.
At some time, it was one of several prudish ideas I 'd. As I grew older, it became more a matter of simple bashfulness. I had never been nude around anyone I was not having sex with, and the notion can be scary for a first-timer. Like doing karaoke!
But I also do not feel any special aversion to the naked idea either.
My body has its imperfections, but those can be found when I'm in my knickers or a swimsuit along with when I'm naked. I have come to terms with those and am not embarrassed. In fact, overall I am pretty happy with my body.
Getting Naked and Being Unclothed Is About Comfort
I just find myself caring about the problem less and less. It is not a fire for being nude that draws me to nudism, but ambivalence about being clothed. For some people it may be about a thrill, or a movement, or even some sort of cause, but for me it's just about being comfortable.

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